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Just a speck of an entry this time, by way of contrast. ^_^ (Assuming I can actually submit this.. looks like today may have seen the threshold met for RFI disrupting DSL connections, due to locals using Mr Hertz' popular new invention, Old Sparky Brand Lights of Seasonally Flickering Illumination) I also wanted to post this before it went stale: tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 7.30pm, Asifa Hollywood members can see The Incredibles. With a Q&A session with Brad Bird. Moderated by Matt Groening. Not such a bad way to spend an evening, ne?

An interesting glimpse inside North Korea (11MB QuickTime), portraying an atmosphere of fear of an outside attack, and continued reverence for their leader.

A curious cross-marketing agreement should see fruition in the coming summer, between the California Tree Fruit Agreement and Apple, offering iTMS tracks with the purchase of peaches, plums, and nectarines.

Interesting inclusion in the 2005 Meeting of the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association: "[F5] Pervert Studies: Considerations of the Social Life of Sex, Pleasure and the Erotic"

A look into the one possible future of DVD cryptography, as explained by the scheme's architect.

Finally, for the otaku with not enough music in their life: Bandai's limited run of 2000 units of the Neon Genesis Evangelion iPod. Meet the end (or rebirth) of the world in style!

And tonight.. I'm making toast!'ll be seeing the aforementioned flick. At last!
I admit, that caught my eye too.. I'd simply assumed it was the obligatory publication to illuminate the administration in the best light, even if perhaps remarkably concisely. So, off to visit the mighty Wizard of Google I went.

First stop, this link, which yielded only, perhaps somewhat incongruously, a minor mash of Oracle errors. (Or, in Department of Homeland Security terms, a cyberterrorist attack)

Undeterred, I then came across an article from The Spectator, wherein we learn the Times has, in the past, been quite voluminous by comparison. Given the changes in the region, it's something of a time capsule per se, being written in 1983. Yet, plus ça change.. "Gaddafi looks more than ever like an eccentric Jewish gangster from Atlantic City: designer shades, over-the-collar bush of hair touched up with Afro-Sheen, Sergeant Pepper uniform and enough gold braid to hang an entire opposition party." It does, however, provide confirmation that the Times is "an English-language weekly newspaper".

Next, a passing reference to said organ as one of the "two" publications permitted whilst being held captive.

Aha! Here we go: The Pyongyang Times. (You'll notice the generic .net TLD. It seems North Korea shares something in common with only one other country: the lack of any delegation of their ccTLD, .kp, as is also the case with Western Sahara's .eh. Thus, for now, the ccTLD simply doesn't have any records in the DNS root. Whether this is for lack of computing infrastructure, or a political issue of refusing to accept a separate code from South Korea, I'm not sure)

FWIW, the headers say they're running SuSE/PHP/Apache 2.0.48. (Interestingly, a traceroute hops straight from a backbone provider in Berlin to the final destination)
Interesting. I'll admit, my first thought was "This can't be real." I thought it might have been, as you said, a big ol' propaganda pamphlet specially pumped out by a government institution upon this journalist's arrival-- just because North Korea is the sort of place where that's not at all out of the question.

And hmm... the ccTLD trivia could be the subject of a very good Quiz Bowl question in the near future. =;)