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Toy store mascot of the year must be that of Action City in Singapore. I'm guessing Toys'R'Us won't be adopting a flak-jacket teddy bear in a gas mask any time soon. (Well, maybe in Arizona) One item to look out for is the smoking bunny, as noted by skylerbunny.. ^_^;

From the TMI department, more from the keyboard of James Wolcott: "I had a colonoscopy yesterday, an experience I highly recommend to anyone and everyone who should be tested. The Demerol drip alone was worth the price of admission. As the room began to float and time melted around the edges, I regretted even more keenly never having visited an opium den. Me and the hookah would have made a helluva team. But there is no point in mourning what might have been."

As noticed by avon_deer, The Fly Who Loved Me. (2.5MB Flash) And, the trailer for Appleseed has been posted here. (12.9MB QuickTime) Quite a few animation styles wrapped up in there.. and it sees a limited North American theatrical release on January 14 2005.

Track for the day: The Harvey Girls - Blue and Green Lawnmower. Love that drumming..

Eep! October 11 2004 saw the R2 DVD release of Bucky O'Hare! And at £10 (including UK delivery) for the two discs, with all thirteen episodes, too. And the magic of BitTorrent has finally brought a series into my paws that I never got the chance to see originally: The Century of the Self, a four part documentary on the promotion and psychology of consumerism and politics.

Some quite interesting little bits of LiveJournal statistics.

Yanked pitilessly from NTK: "How about Hector, the Protector Dolphin? Hector, says NETSAFE NEW ZEALAND, is a "friendly, smart dolphin" which swims in the corner of the computer screen. "If a child encounters something frightening or upsetting", Netsafe writes, they can just click on Hector, who will "swim down and cover the screen until an adult comes to help". Hector is sponsored by Microsoft New Zealand who, we suspect, have finally found a use for the annoying Clippy technology. Together, we'll beat goatse.cx!
- Skrrrkt! What's that Hector? Thai women want to do what, how? Skrrkkrrrt!"

The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood, is having a free holiday bash on Friday, Dec 17th - if you're within reach of Burbank, you might feel like wandering along. "Live music! Food! Cartoons! Fun! Join us!"

A look at Pixar's "Sketch Tool", as used in the production of The Incredibles.

"A world opened up by communications cannot remain closed up in a feudal vision of property," he says. "No country, not the US, not Europe, can stand in the way of it. It's a global trend. It's part of the very process of civilization. It's the semantic abundance of the modern world, of the postmodern world - and there's no use resisting it." - Gilberto Gil, Minister of Culture of Brazil.

Music Thing asks: Are white synthesisers cooler than black synthesisers?. Oh yes. ^_^ (And one could make a good case for the same applying to computers, as with the iMac G5 - although, black can also be extremely stylish too, as the NeXTstation showed) Or, for a supremely cool guitar amp, how about the Zvex Nano Head?

Miss Kittin and the Hacker "1982" - nicely minimalist, along the lines of Kraftwerk. Starts off with some heterodyning, which didn't hurt it in my eyes, as that evoked memories of playing with the ol' FT-290 well into the early hours, trying not to disturb anyone else in the house with my talking. ^_^; Occasionally, when conditions were just so, I'd flip over and play with SSB rather than the usual FM.. being a digitally tuned device, of course, you can't get that neat, smooth whine of "manually" tuning in a sideband signal, but y'could still get some cool sfx, such as listening to the sprog garden put out by many a poorly shielded computer.

This scheme seems like an eminently sensible notion for humans, too.

I like this Rat City Rollers poster.

No sign of Br'er Rabbit, unfortunately, but this model sheet is worth a look if you've enjoyed Song of the South, descendent of the "Uncle Remus" named thereon.
*views LJ stats*

Old people have livejournals? o.O
What do you define as "old", though? I'm 29, and I feel ancient on LJ sometimes. =:P
55 year olds!

29 isn't old :)
I think they're only counting people who give their age. The peak may be at 18 because that's the age you have to claim in order to gain membership in "adult" communities.

twoolfe is 68, as is ozarque -- and she posts 10 times a week!
Yep, only 42.17% of total accounts gave their age.
But it still makes me feel old...
Of those that gave their age, 5.83% are 30 or over, 1.32% are 40 or over.
1.32% are 40 or over

When I was a lad, there were very very few of us who had a clue about computers. Now there's 28,000 LJ-ers older than me!
Youngsters are quite entertaining sometimes. The silliness runs strong in this one.


I'm not poking fun or anything. I like that post and the comments.

I was stunned when I learned I was older than the overwhelming majority of (age-admitting) Livejournal users; I persist in thinking everybody I hang out with online is about the same age as me.

I was also surprised to see there's many more females than males. Either a lot of people are writing ``in character'' or it turns out this is where the Internet hides all the women.

White might look okay on synths, but for computers, it's gotta be black, all the way. NeXT's boxes, as you mention, were second only to the Connection Machine CM-1 in terms of sheer spoogeworthiness. Though of course the granite-textured Pixar Image Computer was pretty sexy in its own way. (Notice a cube motif here?) The mention of white computers just conjures up unpleasant memories of the Mattel Aquarius, Spectravideo 318 and Coleco Adam. In my formative 8-bit years, white had this tendency to correspond to chicklet-keyed plastic crap.

Got your email. Are you not receiving my replies or something?
...and the Tandy Color Computer 2 and Sinclair ZX-80.

SGI developed a really cool mystique around their purple or teal Indigo, Indy, and Octane graphics workstations - so I made mine dual-color.

...and another larger pic

Ugh, that ZX-80 keyboard.. definitely one of its more memorable features. After using that for more than a few minutes (seconds?), the ZX-81's seemed like paradise by comparison. I never got to play with his last computer, though, the Sinclair QL, based on a 68008 (a 68000 variant with a multiplexed data bus appearing across an 8-bit path), and perhaps best remembered for its use of "floopies" - tiny tape cartridges. *cough*

Hee! So we've both got Frankenputers - just mine's a little more on the dinky side. ^_^ I need to try taking some framegrabs of it sometime - unfortunately, its two-tone nature isn't really all that visible in normal use, as it's only the underside of Dormouse which is now blue, so the only indication Dormouse isn't a regular tangerine iBook is where the undercase curves up around the sides. (I wonder if its PMU problem might have an analog dimension? In both the original and replacement boards, it seemed to be a degenerative syndrome, as if perhaps a capacitor were going gently flaky, preventing the PMU microcontroller from completing its startup, or falsely indicating an undervoltage crisis)

I wonder.. there's got to be a good, solid article on the rise and fall of SGI somewhere. A well-researched story, not merely an extended Slashdot comment, looking at how the markets shifted from under them, leading to the exodus of much of their graphics talent to form the nascent graphics card industry. Might they yet be able to rediscover their groove? Certainly, the fruit company showed that can happen - gods, just look at some of their awful case designs from the early/mid-90s. (foofers will remember the joy of attempting to add memory to one particular design) And now, systems deserving of being enjoyed even when turned off.
Good gods. I don't think I'd actually seen a CM-1 before.. wow. That's almost divinely inspired, as if the will of the universe had shared the secret ".. and this is what a Computer should look like".

I'm trying to recall the name of a machine of similar vintage, and also quite striking design. Unusually, it wasn't a tower or other upright configuration, but (*very* roughly) 3' tall, 6' long, 2' wide, making for a sort of conference coffee table. The upper surface was clear, and I think, filled with a cooling fluid, from beneath which rows of blue lights could be seen. I only caught a glimpse of one in some documentary years ago, so my recollections could easily be mistaken.

The Coleco Adam 3 actually doesn't look too bad, to be honest. ^_^; Reminds me of an Amiga 1000 - not that I was lucky enough to be able to use one; my 32-bittedness had to wait until the release of the Archimedes A310.

Of course, for chicklet keyboard syndrome, one must pay homage to that most famous of keyboards, as found on the PET-2001. Ah, ergonomics!