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Rather a cool idea - Rabbit Valley's set up a "wish list" test account for the Lifespan Hasbro Children's Hospital of Providence, RI. (And Hopster's Tracks is in there! I wish there'd been more than just the two issues..) Thanks to foxxfire for pointing that out.

More from the Gloriously Insane Speakers Department: this 50s robot set.

A novel approach to reducing traffic accidents: remove all signs and traffic lights. "In Denmark, the town of Christianfield stripped the traffic signs and signals from its major intersection and cut the number of serious or fatal accidents a year from three to zero." "When the city (West Palm Beach) of 82,000 went ahead with its plan to convert several wide thoroughfares into narrow two-way streets, traffic slowed so much that people felt it was safe to walk there. The increase in pedestrian traffic attracted new shops and apartment buildings. Property values along Clematis Street, one of the town's main drags, have more than doubled since it was reconfigured."

Adorable furry form of the month: Denver the Shetland pony. Awwww!

Chengwin: half chicken, half penguin.

It's annoyingly catchy novelty record time! Or, for just some particularly playful dance music, Spray's downloads page has some entirely free tracks for your delight and edification. (The name may be familiar for their highly nifty remix of the theme from The Raccoons) One shouldn't overlook those on the Spray City Ranchos page either, including the superbly upbeat, happy "You Eat One Lousy Foot And You're A Cannibal". ("The album 'Songs Of The Spray City Ranchos' is a CD that has never been released, yet if you're reading this somewhere between Blackpool and Hull you are likely to own it. Five out of seven homes in the north of England has had a bootleg copy burnt for them by a friend of a friend.")

According to this Outpost Gallifrey page, the new Doctor Who series will be coming sometime in the first quarter of 2005 (yay!), produced by BBC Wales, and be composed of thirteen 45 minute episodes. (ie One hour, when padded by - egh! - commercials. Or two hours, if on TBS)

Hopkin green frog - found. (Caution: only follow the latter link if you want to find out the story behind it all)

A look at the level of *cough* literacy in email..
Or, for just some particularly playful dance music, Spray's downloads page has some entirely free tracks for your delight and edification.

Er...the only problem is, when I click on it in my Friends page, it links to my journal. =:o And if I click on it from your journal, it links me to...er...your journal again! =:S
D'oh! I am but a panda of very little brain. I'd left an href tag unfilled, intending to fill it in after I'd pasted in the other one.. duly fixed, anyway. ^_^;

That reminds me - I need to prowl the usual suspects (N.1 in Belgium, Aurgasm, Fat Planet, Telephone Thing, Dozer) and see what's new. Maybe I otter peek into IUMA again - last time was a few years ago. I recall they had a lot to choose from, though obviously, of highly variable quality and appeal. My connection may not be quite Entei-rah grade, but 512kbps works so, so much more nicely than dialup for randomly checking tracks out.
literacy in email

Or "e-mail" - it's interesting that North Americans still tend to hyphenate that word, whereas the great majority of Britons no longer do. I haven't done so in years, certainly. Whether this has any relevance to anything at all I know not. =:P
Hmm. Now I'm going to have to try some searching to see if that's indeed generally the case. ^_^ Maybe AltaVista, as I suspect Google can't distinguish between the two.. wonder if AV's syntax is the same now as previously? I used to enjoy its "near" operator, ~, quite a bit - made it simple to require a specific phrase occur within 20 words of some other phrase. Indeed, I think the only factor which propelled me away from AV was the onset of the Age of Portals, where every busy site felt they had to offer everything on one page, including weather, news, banking and insurance, stock quotes, ISP offers, and free email, whatever their actual business. Ironic, really, that Google should have then become so popular, given AltaVista began with just such simplicity of layout, back in its Digital days.
It is neat to finally see the family tree of chicken, penguin, skunk, and Richard Nixon. :-)
and Richard Nixon

Ah, that must have been such a beautiful wedding. ^_^