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He's got to be good-looking 'cause he's so hard to see

Rather nifty news of a pod of dolphins who rounded up some humans, apparently in order to shield them from a great white.

Pic for the day: Kyoht's White Rabbit. (Perfectly safe, and utterly adorable)

If you need more satire in your life, have a look at Confusion Road.

SANS Internet Storm Center's Follow the Bouncing Malware series continues: part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. It's a very detailed examination of just how Windows malware actually goes about its business, from the first page view onwards. (Thanks to eliki for prompting me to rediscover the series!)

Yay! New Enter the Cow-orker entries! Sadly, these may well be its twilight days, owing to the star's departure for another department.

So, Howl's Moving Castle opened recently in Japan, though sadly without a release date in the UK or US as yet. It's been doing particularly well, with reviews as uniformly glowing as for The Incredibles. It's based on Diana Wynne Jones' book of the same name, with the screenplay and direction by Miyazaki himself, with animation direction fulfilled by the same individual responsible for Kiki's Delivery Service. A TV capture of one of the trailers can be found here (6MB AVI). Meanwhile, this page goes into considerable detail regarding the similarities between Tezuka's Jungle Emperor Leo and The Lion King.

Via loganberrybunny, rather spiffy news that one Mr Lister is hoping to reintroduce wolves, bears, bison and lynx to his 23,000 acre estate in Scotland, all long since absent from the British isles.

Stupid Driver Tricks, from Norway. Or, just hack the sign..

Has pandaguy seen this neat pic of a giant panda doing a handstand, I wonder?

Protect your banana!

Quite a good interview with one of the senior figures in IBM's POWER family of processors, with a comprehensive set of resource footnotes.

How extensive is the BBC's website? Sufficiently so that you can find Flash recreations of test cards, clocks, and other interstitials from their history. Now you too can witness the evolution of the clock from a mechanical clock (they've taken the trouble to simulate the second hand's slight judder) through to the fully computer generated ones, plus a variety of school programming countdowns.

airpwn. This permits the interception of a WiFi connection, replacing some degree of a browser session - everything, all images, background, etc. - with the infamous image.

Rather a cool article on using gdb to detect kernel-level Linux intrusions.

When a judge permits himself a sense of humor, you can wind up with a ruling like this. ^_^

Swiss sushi robots. Do you have stairs in your house?

CherryOS' release has been pushed back; a trial version had been due on Nov 25, but it's now due in Q1 2005. Who'da thunk it?

Rather a peculiar change was seen recently in the appearance of Viktor Yushchenko, leader of the Ukrainian opposition.

Non-sequitur of the day: a google image search. (Perfectly safe)

Quote for the day, from ibneko: "::winces:: I just managed to whip my eyeballs with my own hair"

Finally, I noticed Play's offering DS9 and TNG season box sets for £38 and £35 each, compared to Amazon, between $104-116, although used ones are listed as available far cheaper.

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