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Woohoo! More Fur-Piled! Pages 86-91 were added recently. ^_^

Has anyone heard from thunderhoof lately?

Fancy working for EA?

Ye gods and little fishes! Thanks to terminotaur's diligence (and scanner), I actually have a piece of my (very!) old artwork again. ^_^ There are plenty of problems with it, certainly, but anyway: Canine Surprise.

Bovril is dropping the beef. (So, it's what, Vegemite II now? That said, some German yeast spreads are really tasty, without going to the caramel extreme of said tar products)

From jagafeh, by way of marko_the_rat, news of a forthcoming Aardman feature, Flushed Away: "The feature tells the story of an uptown British rat named Roddy (Hugh Jackman) who is flushed down the toilet from his penthouse apartment into the sewers of London."

H.O.P.E. "and Rhino Records are offering the good people of America who have been duped into buying Ashlee Simpson's CD a reprieve; the opportunity to turn in her CD for one of a higher entertainment quality. Elvis Costello, The Ramones, X, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Aretha Franklin, Mr. Bungle, Ray Charles, Abe Lincoln Story, Neil Hamburger, Joni Mitchell, and Brian Wilson. [...] Starting immediately we will also accept any Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Lachay, Jessica Simpson, Creed, Paris Hilton, Limp Bizkit, and any boy band albums for trade."

Software for the day: imgSeek, for OS X and Linux. Let it index your porn collection furry artwork, and then you can find images based on drawing a thumbnail - it'll return possible matches. If nothing else, it'd be a great party game. ^_^

Ugh. If you felt your teddy was a friend you could confide in, how would you feel about this?

Does Word turn out HTML far too compact and optimized for your liking? Try That's Not A Picture, which handily converts any image into an HTML page of tables. With one simple step, you too can turn a 116K JPEG into a 10MB HTML file. At last, you can enjoy professional image manipulation in vi.

Some rather cool astrological icons, by way of bodypainting. Not strictly safe for work, although they'd have to be paying attention first. ^_^

A bizarrely cool shape-shifting robot. The perfect Yuletide gift!

A small rumor-piece on the possible adjustment of Kim Jong-Il's image also mentioned that "Mr Kim is said to be an avid surfer of the internet". Now there's a browser cache it'd be fun to rummage through. ^_^

Its entry on IMDb had piqued my interest, but, I'm afraid The I Inside didn't succeed in pulling me in - given the nature of the story, a fatal flaw, as none of the characters caused me any real intrigue, all being either cyphers à la NPCs, or a few clichés. It's certainly not without its visual merits, but overall, not one to seek out. Memento, Serial Experiments Lain, or Paranoia Agent are considerably superior options.

Yay! This page summarises all the (to use their term) CherryBS in one convenient location; apparently, the trial version is due to be released on Nov 25. Vaporware: the gift that keeps on giving. ^_^ (And now, buy the shirt! It doesn't get much geekier that this, folks)

This could be handy.. a perl program to print your own checks. (Only supports US checks, though assuming there's no legal issues involved, presumably it'd be possible to include support for other countries' systems as well)
Thanks for the accreditation, but it was actually jagafeh who found out about "Flushed Away". I usually don't read entertainment publications, so I rely on you guys for information about rat-related movies!
A perfectly fair point; I've modified the entry accordingly. ^_^ I was thinking in terms of whose journal, and thus, how I discovered the news, but the original credit does lie there. (Yay! Another journal to peek at and see if the author's happy to talk!)
(Deleted comment)
when I move back to Canada someday

That might happen, you think? I certainly wouldn't blame you.. Canada's a country I'd take no persuasion to move to. Sort of an elder brother version of the US, far more pragmatic, and from my perspective, much more genuinely peaceful. *sigh* (I admit, I've pondered the prospect of an independent Pacific coast nation, of California, Oregon, and Washington.. seems to make quite a lot of societal and economic sense)

Just out of random curiosity, how did you and the fox first meet?

It's really sad to read of such goings on at EA.. so needless. When you've got hot developers like that, why not treat them like people? Why force them into positions where they're likely to simply leave, forcing them into the fun of finding a new job (even in those times when new work's easily found, it's still a wrench, let alone the prospects for needing to move - a problem for those with a family to consider), and the company into the expensive process of hiring someone new? All I can think of is it's simply a power trip, seemingly ingrained into the current corporate ethos. *sigh*

At least my experience in the gaming industry was a lot happier. ^_^ Ah, Graeme was a cool guy. I wish Trilobyte had been able to stay around.. much as I wanted to escape Medford, it was such a fun company to be with - we pretty much all realised we could head down to California and make twice the money, but, who cares? Where there's that much enthusiasm, it's a time to treasure.

They were pretty condescending in their replies.

Eek! Are you at liberty to share any examples? ^_^;
A Pacific coast nation could be feasible--California, by itself, has the world's 5th largest GPN (so, we could have better armies and stuff than most nations! ;) Also, CA pays more in federal tax than it brings back in, in effect subsidizing other states. The other two states are cool enough by way of Portland and Seattle to be allowed in as well ^.^

(Besides, the way the rest of the US views Cali, it might as well be its own nation :p )

As for the corporate mindset? Yeah. Remember when we used to make fun of the Japanese for working so long and hard? Well, we've been #1 in the world for that for the last few years now -.-
Cali, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, and heck even Baja California (N and S) and British Columbia should all get together and make their own country: Theres enough diversification and a whole slew of resources along that stretch of land to Easily support a pacific-coast nation! All these states all seem to be shunned by their current nations anyway, as they all are "Fringe" states...
If I can get imgSeek to work, that might be the coolest program, ever.
Shouldn't be a problem - Qt/Mac's just a binary installer (although a fairly amazingly hefty one, at over 200MB!), plus a few additions to one's shell. If a red panda can do it.. ^_^

I'm going to have to see what it really responds to, as I tried a quick test of one rabbit ear, and that brought up several bunnies; adding another ear removed all of them, and offered up some interesting matches, but not what I'd actually been aiming for.

It's utterly fascinating, nonetheless. ^_^
Two rabbit ears = bewbees!
Vegetarian Bovril- Don't even go there. All the bad parts of Bovril without the beef. **Yucky Yuck yuck** I will be looking for a store that sells proper beef extract! And I can remember when Bovril contained real beef extract rather than powdered bone stock and lean beef.

I'm sort of curious as to how one would go about preparing beef extract, but I'm not entirely confident I'd want to know.. ^_^;

I was a little surprised to notice that Walker's "slow roasted lamb and mint" do indeed contain powdered lamb. Now there's two words I hadn't hitherto expected to see adjacent to each other.

Wonder if Oxo's gone vegetarian too?
Beef extract is basically the concentrated stock that is left over from cooking Corned Beef. It is'nt yucky or anything and looks and smells like bovril.

I think Walkers are having trouble with market share, in the UK they have just launched a pringles like product. I wonder what part of the lamb the powder :(

I think Oxo's still non-veggie, but will have a look perhaps its become vegixo?
Wheee~Fur-Plied looks pretty. I should try drawing. I really want to be able to draw...

::blinks:: is it legal to print your own checks? Like, will banks accept it and stuff?