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The Onionbird, Ratatouille, and the Coconut Monkeyrocket

The focus of this Brad Bird interview was his earlier work, The Iron Giant, whilst this recent submission from The Onion looks more, surprisingly enough, at The Incredibles (director of both, and writer of the latter): 'It's easy to blow up a city in CG, but it's hard for a character to grab another character's shirt. You could have some really spectacular scene, and [the animation staff] would just go, "No problem. How many of those do you need?" But one character touching another character's hair: "Aaah! No! Isn't there anything else you could do?" I mean, I had to budget shirt-grabs.' Oh, and the Incredibles trivia on IMDb is sorta geeky fun, too.

Disney's answer? A Pixar-less Toy Story 3. And then there are the other studios.. and Pixar's first post-Disney (if they do indeed wind up parting) feature, around November 2006, will be the tantalising - and furry - Ratatouille.

Most of us have one particular species we "belong" to; but, if it came to be that you could be anything else, what might you otherwise be? Could there be any alternative?

Have some free music, resampled from 1950s big band and jazz LPs, from the Coconut Monkeyrocket. ("Illogical Boogie" is particularly fun) What a brilliant site name. ^_^ And I really ought to link to the abovementioned spy music/orchestral uptempo jazz track, courtesy of Aurgasm.

Super Plusha, via discopanda.

A collection of recent election anomalies.

UK Online launches an 8 megabit service, courtesy of local loop unbundling, available within 2km of 230 exchanges.

There's a 50 second new ending to Eminem's Mosh video.

Baby skunk! An' a baby hedgehog! (Of course, now I'm wondering how schwitters' hejji is doing)

Not actually a continuation of the Mixerman Diaries, but, along those lines, someone else has been posting (and annoyingly, removing) a Canadian version.. part one of The Depths of My Stupidity. This is a Montreal not endorsed by the tourism board. ^_^ (Part 5 can be found here)

The return of Ellen Feiss. (Actually, it's one of a set of ads Errol Morris prepared for Apple's "Switch" campaign, but never aired) Of course, nothing can really top the original.

Snack for the evening: a frikadelle (heated) in a lightly toasted crusty roll, on a thin bed of coleslaw, top with some Thai shrimp sauce (ingredients: shrimp, salt. Delightfully stinky :) and a little tomato sauce. ^_^

I'll have to admit, the live action Cutie Honey movie, based on a long-running manga by Go Nagai, is a positive pile of fun. Some superhero movies try, and miss the mark horribly; some work well, but remain deadly serious; some discover a dark playfulness, as with Tim Burton's take on Batman; here, we have a storyline that's unabashedly lighthearted, yet still played perfectly straight, and is all the more fun for that. Hideaki Anno's direction proves he's not only adept at directing animation, and rounding it off, costumers who really got into the groove. Well worth it. ^_^ (Whether Warner Brothers will bring the film outside Japan remains to be seen; given the depth of their inept style, including their lethal handling of the domestic Cats Don't Dance, I wouldn't wait too long)

The British soap EastEnders will be coming to the US, in a new version set in Chicago.. ^_^;
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