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Way back when I was but a kit, I remember reading a collection of fairy tales from around the world - and thanks to the mighty Google, I've found one story in particular. So, even then, the notion of transformation was awake within me..

Did you know there actually is a (legitimate) two disc set of Lilo & Stitch? The catch - for reasons known only unto Eisner, it's only available in Italy; but it does come with full English soundtracks. And, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow comes to DVD on Feb 1 2005.

Piccie goodness for the day: Strider Orion's Digital Seraphim, a Tron-like equine. Shiny.. And thinking of shiny, AndyE has a few new gallery entries posted now, including a rather wonderful black PU-coated catsuit. *purr*

Musically, I probably have to point out Kiiiii!'s cover of the old Boney M single, Brown Girl in the Ring (2.1MB MP3). It's.. a little different. ^_^ Fat Planet's description: "all i can tell you is that appear to be two very mad girls from japan making that insane blend of experimental psychedlic pop-rock that japan does so well."

An interesting glimpse at the new Willy Wonka movie.. actually looks quite promising. (But why have they made the Heart of Gold spherical in the new HHGTTG movie? I liked the BBC version. Wish they'd post an actual trailer, though - so far, there's still only the exploding Earth teaser. Being in post-production since September, hopefully one will be forthcoming soon enough)

A BBC Micro emulator for the GBA. ^_^

Rather gruelling in places, but mycroftb pointed out that jackalopes do indeed exist, albeit under tragic circumstances - infection with the Shope papilloma virus.

Behold the cuteness!. ^_^ (Courtesy of Benny and his servant, quentincoyote, and photographer satunian)
A BBC Micro emulator for the GBA. ^_^

That's really rather good. =:) Shame it doesn't run Elite, though - if only a way could be found around that, I'd be even more impressed.
It doesn't? Eek! Well, that's no fun.. still, it might be happy with Sentinel, though I imagine positioning the cursor for boulder/robot creation might be a teensy bit awkward in GBA resolution. ^_^;

So, must be a different code base to other BBC emulators.. hm. I forget how much memory the GBA has - that might, conceivably, be a limiting factor. Still, pretty nifty.. maybe I'll look at trying to pick a used one up sometime, though a DVD-R drive is the next (comparatively) major purchase, at some point - per meg, CD-Rs are now 2-3 times the price of DVD-Rs, not to mention a little faster than my coal-fired 4x CD-R drive. (ie about 30 mins for a full 700MB write, plus verification)

Wonder if there's a PET emulator somewhere? Seems inevitable.. ^_^
I believe it's a timing problem that doesn't let it run Elite - presumably that affects the mixed-mode graphics Elite needs, though I'm not certain.

PET emulator for the GBA? I don't know, but wonder if someone's working on a GBA version of VICE?
Ahh, yes, that mode switch.. MODE 4 above for the wireframe, MODE 5 for the instrumentation, wasn't it? Very nicely done. I'd have to check how they accomplished such a stable timing.. possibly a 6522 countdown timer. (The 6845 was indeed quite a versatile device)

VICE! Now that I'll have to look into. So to speak. ^_^ Looks like there's an easy-open OS X binary, too, even if X11-dependent.. hopefully the requisite ROMs are either included or not too awkwardly obtained.

Now, of course, I'm also looking around for a GP32 emulator for OS X, to see what Super Plusha is like.. looks like quite an interesting, very open platform, though not desperately cheap. Quite intriguing!
(Deleted comment)
And austin_dern down vv there notes his viewing of a chicken in a sink. ^_^ (I may have to try drawing that someday)

Oh, now, one time when I was down at the Singapore Zoo, in the Children's Zoo, resting in the sink one was to use to wash up after handling animals with, was a chicken. Unfortunately this was before I had the digital camera, and I was out of film, but it was just one of the most wonderfully funny things I've seen.

Now, I challenge anyone to read that and not get giggly. ^_^ "Chicken in a sink" - it's either a surrealist snack food, or the name of a really good avant-garde electronica album.

That's got to be one of the nicer side-effects of using a digital camera - if necessary, you can always erase a previous shot. (Aside, of course, from having many more "exposures" available than 24 or even the heady heights of 36) It's just a pity that SLR body digital cameras are still fairly pricey, given the fairly weedy zoom factors available on most, until you begin to spend Real Money™. Then again, I'm probably spoiled by the camcorder's 10x (optical), which is ideal for letting a red panda occupy most of the frame, whilst still leaving her happily nestled on a favored branch some distance above. On the other paw, your zoo visits have yielded some very good photos.

I must visit their gift shop again someday, and pick up a pair of those raccoon binoculars. ^_^

*chuckles* Thank you most kindly for pimping mah pussy! ;)
*giggle* It had to be done.

It did seem he was wondering why you'd chosen to bother him, though. Did you actually insist on turfing him out for your mundane needs? ^_^