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Wondering what Terry Gilliam was up to, I turned to the usual font of all cinematic knowledge, and found The Brothers Grimm is his next, coming out in 2005: "Will and Jake Grimm are travelling con-artists who encounter a genuine fairy-tale curse which requires genuine courage instead of their usual bogus exorcisms." How can you not love a film with "Genre" listed as "Comedy / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller"?

The opening page is a genuine lost pet notice. Click through for more.. him name is hopkin green frog

The music noted above can be found here (6.4MB MP3). It's an odd one to describe, with passionate Italian vocals, not quite orchestral strings occasionally devolving into Plaid-like digitalia, with a goodly dose of 80s pomp.

Welcome to Hello Kitty Online World. ^_^ And the desktop backgrounds are worth snagging, too. Currently, the site's not very forthcoming on when it'll actually be launched, or what will be necessary to play, by way of system or money, but it's worth a look anyway.

Like Fat Planet, Aurgasm brings forth a wide variety of styles of music, from Polish house DJs through to Argentinean folk music. And, Jaga Jazzist's Animal Chin video (14MB QuickTime) is a little odd. ^_^

A rather differently styled TV, though you certainly pay handsomely for it.

Superb "attack" ad (11MB QuickTime) on the "wolves" theme. ^_^

Rather a good little piece aimed at the knuckle-draggers on the subject of gay marriage.

Noses! Noses!

More yaoi imagery than you can shake a.. (Absolutely not even remotely work-safe, yay!) And while we're at it, this pic is also worth a look. ^_^

Feel like recording an MMS stream? majormms has the rabitguy seal of approval.

A prescient voice of anxiety over Ohio's adoption of touch-screen voting. Fraud or not, who on earth can lend security credibility to a system wherein the central collators store the results in a perfectly open, unprotected Access database? ~boggle~

W00t! Whilst the series has never been released in any medium (aside, that is, from three tapes holding two episodes each, and How I Spent My Vacation), I'm finally - possibly - laying my paws on about 70% of the run of Tiny Toon Adventures. Certainly, it suffered from uneven animation, courtesy of three animation houses - Tokyo Movie Sinsha, Akom, and Kennedy - adhering to the models to varying degrees, but it still had a great sense of fun to it, and laid the way for Animaniacs. And it was the series which led to me falling in love.. ^_^ (All in the past, sadly, but so it goes)

And the Spork fansub group has released their (soft-subbed, unusually - very handy, as that permits the subtitles to be moved around or resized depending on what display you have, rather than being compelled to put up with whatever choice the fansubbers made. Mostly fine, but occasionally you wind up with someone thinking 8pt type would be just peachy) version of the live action Cutie Honey movie. Yay! (As directed by Hideaki Anno, he of Evangelion, though he proved he's not limited in versatility in Kare/Kano) The trailer suggests it'll be a lot of silly fun; perhaps I'll make it a double bill with Miike Takeshi's superhero spoof, Zebraman.

Bleah. I read of some wondrous dreams here and there, and I get stuck with a nightmare.. I shan't bother sharing the details, but if it'd been a movie, I'd have walked out in disgust. Still, I woke up instead, which probably amounts to the same thing. (Unfortunately, I can still remember the imagery; I'll let that fade)

And, by way of coyo, some quite priceless Diebold advertisements. ^_^
I saw that movie on everyones LJ but never had a chance to watch it until now. That was QUITE humors...and so erotic too =p

Speaking of erotic are you TRYING to turn me on by all the yummy yummy yaoi? Mmurr! ^.^

Gilliam making a new flick?! I'm there. I havent seen enough of his works. I keep hearing about Kafka...though I have never seen it.....truth be told...>.>..<.< I have no clue who Kafka is! >.< (is ashamed) =p hehe

Nightmares? Really? (is interested in dremas and nightmares etc.)
Which movie, though? ^_^; Cutie Honey? I've been looking forward to it for a while now, despite the negligible chance it'd see a release outside Japan, so I'm really tickled to see a fansub released.

Now, if only yaoi artists knew of red pandas.. *grin* I'm happy enough with these furless sorts, but, you know.. ^_^

Ah, that reminds me.. the Chapter's going to be showing Tarkovsky's "Nostalghia" soon. I might not be able to get along to it, but I ought to see it nonetheless.. Stalker was sheer visual poetry.
HEhe, the gay wolf Kerry movie =p

Yeah, ive seen some red pandas in the zoo, looked like a fox yiffed a racoon ^^

Umm as for those last 2 sentecnes.....umm....i have no clue what you are talking about. o.o;
Yaoi..? What's with all this skin-fetish stuff? ;)
It's the latest furry fetish, dontchaknow. ^_^

(Sadly, catgirls - who, equally to my remorse, greatly outnumber catboys - are almost uniformly furless, just possessed of ears and tails. Still, that does serve to propagate the furry meme..)

Memo to self: once drawing again, register hotredpandas.com. ^_^ If I can only manage the same level of feeling Charon2 managed with sweatysoccerbunny and swimbunny.. bah. I shouldn't talk of such things without anything to show. (Time to beat down the 'brazzle and FNC admins for copies of my old submissions.. typically not too bad technically, but just stiff in their poses)
Welcome to Hello Kitty Online World. ^_^

Well, you had my full attention by there. Hopefully it won't be massively expensive, or I'll soon be massively broke. :P

A rather differently styled TV, though you certainly pay handsomely for it.

That much for a 13", it ought to have a button to set it to B&W. Heck, I'd pay extra for such an option - I suppose if nothing elsean external 'decolorizer' box could be made, and just its output shown on the TV (Wouldn't even need an RF tuner in the box, just run a VCR into it and use its RF tuner. Oldskool Bakelite casing around the box, of course.)

W00t! I'm finally - possibly - laying my paws on about 70% of the run of Tiny Toon Adventures. It had a great sense of fun to it, and laid the way for Animaniacs. And it was the series which led to me falling in love.. ^_^

Oooh, cool. What format? VHS? DVD? XSVCD? Beta? U-Matic? 16mm? Super 8? Something I haven't mentioned? It's been so long since I've seen that...
I suppose the only minor snag with HKOW was that it gave the impression you had to have a human as one of your characters - myself, I'd be giving far more attention to my angels. ^_^

That much for a 13", it ought to have a button to set it to B&W.

Reminds me of the extent to which Pixar made Woody's Roundup seem authentically "fifties" - not just adding the "puppet" strings, but also giving the image that saturated contrast look of early transfers. (One of those rare occasions where I'd even say the sequel surpassed the original - I enjoyed the first well enough, but the second properly caught me. Maybe having all the characters already known helped, I dare say)

TTA? DivX 3.11 (!) for the video, MP3 stereo for the audio. Just okay compression, but fine for normal watching - I'm perhaps just spoiled by the superb quality fansub groups turn out these days, with seemingly noiseless cable originals and seldom any obvious evidence of artefacting. Irksomely, they're all about 140.7MB each - so, five would make for 703.5MB, a hair too much for most CD-Rs I've come across. Still, swallowing the modest wastage of putting only four on per CD doesn't add up to more than a couple extra discs. It's not a complete set, unfortunately - 67 of some 98 episodes, it looks like, but that's no big matter.. far better than my current total of zero. ^_^ (I did have either all or two of the three tapes, but, move casualties) I'm still a little surprised Warner's not bothered with any TTA at all on DVD, nor even Animaniacs. (Come to think of it, whilst my VHS tapes from TV were pretty good quality video, they only ever had mono audio, and the distributor fouled up by putting the same ending credits on every episode, so these are perhaps better than those I originally recorded. Plus I don't actually have a VCR handy :)
(Deleted comment)
Dammit! Now I've got a verbal snippet running through my mind, "T - I - Gu - Gu - Uuuuhhhhhh.."