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Video joy for the day: Free as a Bird (5.5MB QuickTime), by dv_girl.

UPS introduces Fully Comprehensive Continued Tracking. ^_^ (From the same origin, your daily moment of eww)

Two new trailers of possible interest: Dreamworks' Madagascar, and with what looks like quite a promising voice cast, Robots, from Blue Sky Studios, they of Bunny and Ice Age. Madagascar looks like it might be visually appealing, but, just going by the trailer, they might be straining with the script, along the lines of Father of the Pride; I might plump for Robots instead, particularly if Robin Williams' role isn't just a bit part.

Sonic the Hedgehog - implemented in Flash.

Altermeta may be in guest strips only at the moment, but that doesn't stop some gems from turning up. ^_^

'In the general population, men have a “digit ratio” of 0.98 on average - the index finger being slightly shorter than the ring finger. Women have a digit ratio of 1.0 on average, meaning the two fingers are the same length.' So, now, thanks to modern scientific research, you can check what gender you are just by looking at your hands. Don't say science never did anything for you.

Has anyone got opinions to offer on Willard (remake or original)? I've just noticed there was a sequel made, Ben, which featured that Michael Jackson track..

Yay! Episode 3 of Yakitate Japan is out. (Yakitate translates here as "freshly baked", and "pan" being the Japanese imported word for bread; given the premise is about the creation of distinctively Japanese bread, you can see the wordplay)

VLC 0.8.0 is now out, with quite a few new features and enhancements; at the moment, only OS X and Windows binaries, plus the source, are available - the others will be following in due course. One nice addition is, it seems, VobSub support. There's been a report on xlr8yourmac noting very slow performance, though it seems fine here; probably as well to keep your existing version until you've verified it on your setup.

Heh. Seems Tiger's date & time preferences include an option for what calendar system to use: Gregorian, Buddhist, Hebrew, Islamic, Islamic (Civil), or Japanese. I suppose there's emacs for everything else..

A handy guide to setting up chroot on Panther, so you can offer sftp to users, and have them confined to their home directory.
Addendum: I almost forgot! Back around 1982-3, I paid a visit to the lady who had formerly done my river otter newsletter. She had a new office in an old mansion on Wilshire Blvd in LA, a few miles west of the civic center. I entered this grand old house and almost immediately, I had an overwhelming feeling I had been there before. I recalled precisely the layout of all of the rooms relative to each other, the living room, the dining room, where the staircase to the second floor was, even the location of the old kitchen where my friend had her new office. It was only after I entered the kitchen and looked out into the back yard that I realized where I was. I was in the exact same house that the film 'Willard' had been made! When I had the revelation, I spake it out loud: "This is the Willard house!" "Yes," said Jan, "it is! How did you know?" "I've only seen that movie about a million times!" It was uncanny how little the place had changed. I left utterly amazed. I'd always assumed that the Willard house was just a set, but it was a real house after all! If I ever get to visit LA again, I will make a point of it to see if the old manse yet stands...
Good grief.. ! That must have been a most odd sensation indeed.. ! *chuckle* I still haven't got around to either movie, I'm afraid (if someone could deport akira114, for example, that would help tremendously. Thanks. A good film's always so much more fun with good company), but I certainly intend to - possibly even today.. the mood seems right.

Are you now able to digitise your ottah footage, btw? That seems like a fabulous resource. Do you ever record yourself making notes or comments, or only them?
I'm in the process of turning my VHS and Hi8 otter videos into DV right now. So far, I'm up to June, 1988. ;-) I have audio tapes of all my dictated field notes, but the videos are far more entertaining. ;-)