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Come back soon, huskyteer.

Greg the Bunny is finally out on DVD!

Just in case you want to carry on prognosticating on the likely outcome of Tuesday's close of polls, this statistical analysis page goes into considerable detail, but the author (a prof at Princeton) is careful to make clear his reasoning, and highlights the various factors in play. Despite its length, it's still very digestible.

It's been confirmed: Pierce Brosnan will not be continuing as Bond. *sigh* A real pity, in my view - Goldeneye relaunched the series dramatically, even if subsequent storylines haven't really served to advance the series beyond pyrotechnicians' wilder dreams.

A look at the differences people have in accepting, or not, children who cross the usual gender lines of "normal behavior".

Meet the Gameboyzz, a Polish sextet who perform using eight GameBoys of various vintages. ^_^

I hadn't realised the Iridium satellite phone network was still operational; I'd thought the sats had been abandoned a year or two back. But, no, it seems to be alive and well, and surprisingly affordable. Hardly competition for most celullar networks, but then again, if you happen to stray outside their coverage, and into the dread lands of roaming.. and providing you're not shielded from the signal, it's available literally anywhere on the planet. Kewl. ^_^

James Wolcott is on good form today.. "Up early to vote. The polling place--the gym of a local school--was packed, but I have no idea if this meant higher turnout because normally I vote in the dead of the afternoon, not pre-rush hour. But I sensed from the questions being asked that a lot of people were voting who hadn't voted before. I was somewhat surprised to see a couple of the wolves from the Wolf Pack for Truth site standing in line with voters' cards clenched in their jaws. I didn't realize members of the animal kingdom were allowed to cast ballots, but this is the Upper West Side, after all, bastion of liberalism, so perhaps the artificial barriers between human and non-human are legally dissolving. I feel it only fair that animals be enfranchised, given how many decisions made by two leggers impact their lives, and applaud the progressiveness shown by my wing of Manhattan."

The lighter side of attempted suicide, San Francisco style.

What a wonderful quote: "I do not need to explain why I say things. — That's the interesting thing about being the President. — Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation."
(Deleted comment)
I must've run that opening scene and titles at least six times a month back home.. gods, that came through in Surround so well, even on a humble setup like mine. (The front speakers predate me :)

So many brilliant moments, but I just about lost it with the tank chase in St Petersburg. ^_^ And then, of course, Onatopp.. (huh. According to its IMDb entry, Ace of Base was originally meant to provide the opening theme)

Ah well - we'll see what happens now. I recall Brosnan had offered support for the idea of Tarantino being given a shot, but whether they'd really consider that.. who knows? Maybe with Kill Bill's success, they might be less frightened of the idea of a grittier Bond.

It is about fuckin time!!! ^^ whee!

They say Orlando Bloom or Jude Law is up for the next JAmes Bond...personaly I hope it is Jude Law, he'd be perfect, I cant see how Orlando could do it.
Hee! I've not seen either in that much, really, but on the basis of Sky Captain (plotholes? Who cares? It's just so much damn fun!), I think I could really enjoy him as Bond - wonder if he'd look old enough, though? But my, wouldn't he be cute.. ^_^

I have to get that DVD somehow. ^_^ I've only seen a couple clips of his original show, plus one (whine!) of the Fox series - the opening episode where he meets the Sweetknuckle Junction crew - and I'm hooked. Agh, Fox is such a weirdly run outfit.. they'll come up with some genuinely creative, off-kilter series, then cancel it after 13 episodes. And then there was the weirdness of Futurama, where they kept on shuffling it around in the schedule, pre-empting it if a snowflake fell in LA or suchlike, then wondering why the ratings weren't stable. Pity - they'd built up some real characters, and with actual backgrounds and continuity, such as Leela's past. (I want her boots from the second Tales of Interest, where they wind up in "Oz") Couldn't they have axed the Simpsons instead?

(Still, I suppose they fared better than the animated Clerks.. thirteen contracted, six made, two aired :)

I thought Brosnan was a pretty good Bond.

"Goldeneye" was a damned good Bond film.

"Tomorrow Never Dies" was pretty awful, even if it did feature the Skunkworks Sea Shadow stealth ship.
(Which was never actually built, it was just a stealth warship research project. Nevertheless, here it is,
in this movie. It's also in Tommy Yune's "Buster The Amazing Bear" comicbook from back in da daze!)

"The World Is Not Enough" was rather ho-hum.

And I enjoyed the hell out of "Die Another Day", even though it seemed like they were trying to kick
"xXx" and Vin Diesel's ass (and who can blame them, considering the opening sequence in "xXx",
where the dapper, tuxedo-ed spy-guy gets offed in the middle of a performance by Ramstein.
Real subtle, guys! Fast and furious indeed!)

I noticed that a lot of people on that DVD-Times page don't seem to like "Die Another Day". Well, screw 'em! (grin)
I think it's pretty good, especially because poor James gets captured and put through the wringer for over a year.
I mean, DUDE!!

Mmm, Goldeneye I even had the pleasure of seeing for free - Graeme rented a screen for a company outing at the local megaplex. ^_^ It'd been a few years since the last Bond, at that point, and I'd never really taken to Timothy Dalton - not bad, just sort of.. Bond Light, much as I hate to say it.

TND I didn't mind much, but it seemed so much plainer than what had preceded it. TWINE I really thought I'd get a kick out of, with the media megalomaniac at the heart of the yarn, but it just didn't quite get that same sparkiness either.

DAD, though, whilst still no Goldeneye, I did wind up enjoying quite a bit - for me, easily the second place of the Brosnan Era. ^_^

It's really unfortunate, as he's apparently been wanting to nudge the stories back towards being gritty and hard-hitting, with a mite less reliance on the gadgets and pyrotechnics. Indeed, it seems he'd even lent his support to the idea of Quentin Tarantino being given a shot at directing a Bond movie..
(Deleted comment)
Awww, I loved the show! Well, the tiny bits I managed to catch of it. ^_^ (A couple clips of the original show, and one of the Fox episodes - I'd imagine it's the latter that are on this release) He was just so adorable.. of course, being a bunny, he has something of a head start. I'm really pleased to see it's gained a proper release, but maybe they've been encouraged by how well other more "fringe" series like Zim have done on their DVD releases. And the Amazon entry makes mention of puppet commentaries, too..

But I do have a very high tolerance for cuteness. A need, even. ^_^
Did you know that i used to do P.R. for Globalstar? Which is, amazingly, still somehow in operation, despite seeing its stock fall from something like $60 to a few pennies, and declaring bankruptcy. I ran their reviews program: At one point I had a couple dozen Globalstar phones in my office closet. Ah, to be back in the boom again...