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In the spirit of both the day and the forthcoming US event, enjoy this Flash: The Presidential Horror Show. Don't worry if you're tired of it all.. ^_^

Priceless coda to the superb Everyone else has had more sex than me: here. Not at all safe for work.

See? Raccoons can get into the Halloween spirit as well as anyone. ^_^ (Via fairybear)

W00t! Dormouse now lives. ^_^ The tangerine iBook had been suffering from a dead power manager, causing it to only boot if it really felt like it, refusing to wake up (hence its name), and not always remembering it has a battery (a problem when it's running off it). Courtesy of a surprisingly cheap main board replacement and a few hours taking 3,000 screws out, it's as good as new - better, even, as it's now a very rare two-tone tangerine/blueberry iBook, as the board came with the underside casing. ^_^ I wonder if it'd boot as a disembodied unit, no display or keyboard? It wouldn't have been designed to expect everything to be missing, but if it could be encouraged to boot one more time, it'd be able to serve as a ferpectly good router. Then again, I'd still need to add in some sort of drive, and 32MB would seem to not even let OS X think of booting.

Sign for the day.

Some wonderful cosplay pictures from fans waiting for a Dir en Grey concert in Japan. Definitely panda approved. (The link contains a few dozen pics, so be warned if you're on dialup)

A company already operating in the UK will shortly be expanding to offer its ringtones in the US, all on the theme of wildlife sounds.

Lurchi needs a new pair of shoes. Yay salamander! (Even if not red - but very cute!)

Three Fleischer Superman cartoons, free, and in the public domain: The Magnetic Telescope, Billion Dollar Limited, and Arctic Giant.

Great little Berkeley Breathed cartoon featuring John Kerry's hamster. Didn't know about that?

George Bush wins Total Film's Movie Villain of the Year for his role in Fahrenheit 9/11, beating out Dr Octopus, Leatherface, Elle Driver, and Gollum.

A newly discovered police photo of Rosa Parks - a true hero.
That hamster comic strip is definitely a keeper!
*grin* Definitely. It's great to see Breathed still has it.. I should try catching up with the Opus Sunday strips he's been producing, if I can find where they are. ^_^ Like many others, I adored Bloom County, but wasn't really that taken by Outland. Ah, if I'd only thought to digitise the Billy and the Boingers flexidisc..

(Am I the only one who has to close that Everyone else Flash slightly early, to avoid the poor bunny's teary eyes?)
Is Dormouse my former iBook?
That's the one. ^_^ It had been working fairly well until about April, failing to wake from sleep about one time in three, but usually just requiring either a forced restart or a reset. After that point, it wound up being nearly impossible to revive, and later, even once it was booted safely, even disconnecting power would cause it to either power off immediately, or after a few minutes. So, I wound up looking on eBay, and stumbled upon the exact item - the main board, plus lower casing, which akira114 very kindly managed to lay his paws on for the princely sum of £18 plus postage.

Fitting it took a bit of effort, as that guide makes clear.. basically entails removing the upper case, memory, AirPort (my card which used to be in Ocelot), modem, CD drive, EMI shielding, clutch cover, display, and drive. Then, applying all that to the replacement board instead. ^_^ A bit hair-raising dealing with so many screws and delicate printed ribbons, but against all odds, it powered up just fine, aside from not recognising the additional 128MB at first (also on loan from Ocelot, which manages fine with 512MB instead).

There might still be some more subtle problem, as I managed to make it die after a few minutes on battery, running just SETI@Home, but it seems fine just left doing lighter duty - indeed, I was quite happily watching Everyone else... and a few music videos for an hour or two in the bath the other night, before it eventually died. Came back immediately once it was on power again, though, so it's a far less troublesome matter than before.

Now I just need to get a WLAN up, and it can finally serve as the family net.system. (This room's a bit on the small side for tethered use that way :) And for my use in the bath, of course. ^_^ (Much as I love to start the day with a shower, this is definitely one advantage of having a bath instead)

Thanks so much again.