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::.Hat-Squad Security Group.::
... نام کامل : W32.Neroma.B@mm نوع Mass-Mailing : WORM حجم : KB 5 ... و حمله
سرویس Webdav GET /scripts/nsiislog.dll صورت گرفتند . ...
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I found that googlism while looking for what particular Microsoft worm was responsible for querying "GET /scripts/nsiislog.dll", and wondered - how, if you can read both languages involved, do you read that line? Have current Arabic languages accepted a left-to-right reading order when mixed with English like this, akin to the now common left-to-right layout of Japanese text? I hope so, else reading one word r-l followed by a few l-r, then r-l would seem a teensy bit jarring..

Yes, I'm easily puzzled. ^_^
Email's about the best, really, although my response time varies from minutes to years.. ^_^; I'm not really much for IM, and being a red panda, and thus actually quite shy, I tend to faint when presented with a phone. :) (Not literally, but it's been known that I'll defer the ritual of the Ordering of the Pizza to someone who likes phones; my use for a line is to engorge it with bitstreams)
hehe, no worries friend, shall try to email you something then .