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... نام کامل : W32.Neroma.B@mm نوع Mass-Mailing : WORM حجم : KB 5 ... و حمله
سرویس Webdav GET /scripts/nsiislog.dll صورت گرفتند . ...
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I found that googlism while looking for what particular Microsoft worm was responsible for querying "GET /scripts/nsiislog.dll", and wondered - how, if you can read both languages involved, do you read that line? Have current Arabic languages accepted a left-to-right reading order when mixed with English like this, akin to the now common left-to-right layout of Japanese text? I hope so, else reading one word r-l followed by a few l-r, then r-l would seem a teensy bit jarring..

Yes, I'm easily puzzled. ^_^
If I remember right, you'd have to switch from l -r for Englisha nd r - l for Arabic. I don't think it'd be that bad for single words like that, but having to switch for sentenes would probably suck more.
As Pyesetz' reply below indicates, it does look like the real world scenario is about as awkward as it could be.. ^_^; I'd probably agree, though - switching just for a word or two probably wouldn't be a big matter, as I imagine the case would be in the original search result. Seems like one of those things one would just become accustomed to, like the fluid mingling of kanji, hiragana, katakana, and romanji (and plain English) in modern Japanese.