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Which Famous Leader Are You?

I thought it was about time something went here, so I'll start. ^_^

Dinner? Yes! Yes, food is good. I cheated slightly, using some of the whole grain brown rice I'd prepared the other day and (mostly) frozen down, but everything else was freshly prepared. ^_^ It began life in a small Lapland village.. no, that's not right; as two thirds of a can of cheap vegetable soup, to which I added four or five finely sliced chestnut mushrooms (nothing exotic, but they've got a little more of a nutty flavor than the usual), and let those simmer away gently for a few minutes. Then, set about steaming some fine asparagus to go alongside, and added a small block of said (defrosted) rice, and two sliced green onions, a dash of rosemary, a little pepper, and some sriracha. That all got to enjoy each other's company for a little, while a fresh chicken breast grilled beneath, quickly prepared in a splash of fish sauce, pepper, and lemon juice. That went atop the risotto, beside the asparagus (served with just a couple drops of lemon juice). Definitely not so bad.
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