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From kiroo, an excellent set of webcomics, reminiscent of the clean simplicity of Jimmy Corrigan and Beanworld, also reflected in the site's design. There are various free works to be enjoyed, plus some paid, at the princely rate of $3/year. Highly recommended.

And continuing the German theme, someone has taken it upon himself to build a physical version of Pong. Don't miss the short video showing it in action; a supreme geek achievement. ^_^

"Greenwald has announced that he is making much of the Outfoxed unedited footage available free of charge, under a Creative Commons license, to the public for remixing and re-using in nearly any manner imaginable." Gentlefurs, start your editors.

How widely did this appear globally? A Levi's TV spot, "Ransom" (4.4MB AVI), featuring morphic rats, albeit sadly tailless, courtesy of Michel Gondry. (Please forgive the bug in the top left, courtesy of MTV)

Apparently, Germany, Brazil, India and Japan are seeking positions as permanent members of the UN, joining the current five (France, the UK, the US, Russia, and China).

A synopsis of umbrella.net really wouldn't do it justice, so read for yourself. ^_^ An art "platform" establishing ad hoc networks over Bluetooth, with the umbrellas illuminating according to their network status; soon to be seen on the streets of New York.

This hotel, commissioned by Adolf Hitler, caught my eye by virtue of its sheer scale: it's 2.7 miles long, capable of accomodating 20,000 guests. Ah, to go there and watch The Producers.. ^_^

Oh my. This is what Gateway considers to be their iMac.. ^_^;; I think I may need to send Gateway some cookies in condolence.

plushlover may be interested in the forthcoming DVD release of Bambi, as the PR gushes: "This all-new digital restoration, done exclusively for this Special Edition DVD release, required a team of film, computer and animation experts to apply the most advanced technology and talent the studio has ever assembled. These efforts have restored Bambi's extraordinary artwork to dazzling brilliance. The groundbreaking technology employed includes detailed frame-by-frame work on over 110,000 frames, requiring more than 9,600 hours of work! This has resulted in stunning digital images with a far greater range of both color and density, allowing the quintessential Walt Disney classic to come to life for everyone like never before." Also mentioned is a new 5.1 audio mix, plus a variety of supplements.

Quote for the day, from austin_dern: "I have a perfectly moral and decent reason for showering with my trackball".

.. and via befrafa: "It is difficult to produce a television documentary that is both incisive and probing when every twelve minutes one is interrupted by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper." - Rod Serling

Who'da thunk it? Britain's second Apple Store will be located in The Bullring, in Birmingham; they're currently hiring.

New California antispam bill here (SB 1457), as apparently recently signed into law by Arnie. It would appear to provide for private right of action against spammers using forged headers or misleading subject lines, to the tune of $1000 per message. Fancy some easy money? (If you or your provider fall within jurisdiction, of course)

'For various reasons we needed to locate some Kosher dairy products today, which proved to be more difficult on short notice than I imagined. However, if anyone wants to set up a shop selling such things, it's obvious that it should be called “Jews for Cheeses.”'

This transcript of Jon Stewart on O'Reilly's show is quite amusing. Meanwhile, here's Kerry on Letterman's show, including links to audio and video (17MB QuickTime) of the whole segment, and of the Top Ten alone.

Speaking of whom (JS, not BO'R): "If the president is the head of the American body politic, Congress is its gastrointestinal tract. Its vast and convoluted inner workings may be mysterious and unpleasant, but in the end they excrete a great deal of material whose successful passage is crucial to our nation’s survival. This is Congress' duty."

Cool.. finally, the "main" presidential debates (although, with neither candidate permitted to talk to the other, it's perhaps stretching the definition somewhat) are underway:

"The two sides basically accepted the recommendations of the non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates, which called for three 90-minute Bush-Kerry debates:

Sept. 30 at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla.
Oct. 8 at Washington University in St. Louis.
Oct. 13 at Arizona State University in Tempe [...]

The campaigns also agreed to one debate between Vice President Cheney and Kerry's running mate, Sen. John Edwards, on Oct. 5 at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland." Regrettably, the two sides also agreed to exclude any other candidates. Still, if you're within reach of any of the locations, consider going along, and submitting a question, modulo whatever screening process is employed to pick the audience.

Amusing.. Blogbites is a sort of aggregation of "soundbites" from a wide variety of weblogs. eg:
"What was it Graham Norton said about hoping Britney's mansion was done in time for her marriage, but not envying the the builders who had to weld a thousand trailers together?"
"For those trying to work out whether the Bush Administration’s stated commitment to democracy in the Middle East reflects Wilsonian idealism or just a tactical choice, reflecting the fact that the Administration’s enemies in the region are mostly not democrats, Venezuela provides a useful data point."
"In a shock announcement that will reverberate through broadcast journalism, CNN has acknowledged that it can no longer vouch for the authenticity of host Wolf Blitzer."

Did you know sea otter milk is 25% fat?
News Felch
Merely a reminiscipackage.

He's being awfully quiet at the moment. Wonder what he's up to?
This hotel, commissioned by Adolf Hitler, caught my eye by virtue of its sheer scale: it's 2.7 miles long, capable of accomodating 20,000 guests. Ah, to go there and watch The Producers.. ^_^

Yep, and this resort and the Volkswagen Bug have something in common.
I might be misremembering, but I recall something about the autobahn system also being initiated by Hitler. I also have an "urban legend" tag on that neuron, so I might be mistaken.

That's an article well worth reading. I'd definitely like to visit sometime.. maybe when we're in Hamburg next, visiting relatives, I can catch a train over there. Obviously, I'd have to walk the entire length, just because. ^_^ (And while I'm thinking of travels yet to come, I also definitely want to return to Interlaken someday, and go up the Jungfraujoch funicular - highest station in Europe, at 13333 feet. Oooh, they have a polar dog colony! Oh, pretty..)
I looked at the Stewart/O'Reilly transcript. Ummm, where is he getting this "fact" that 87% that listen to The Daily Show listen to it intoxicated? Or is he making that up just like he made up the "facts" about the effect of his massive boycott on France (made up a fake publication that said that exports to the US had decreased. In fact they went up. :) ). I mean should I be viewing O'Reilly as a comedy show or serious political debate?

See I watch The Daily Show (completely sober I may add :) ), and its sad to say, but there has been more in that show to challenge general held beliefs and concepts than I've ever seen in the serious media.
Well, this is Fox we're talking about - the old Pravda reinvented. (Have you seen Outfoxed? Rather a good documentary, I felt; perhaps tedious to some viewers, as it is largely interview based, in contrast to Moore's much more personal style) I understand the tone was quite light-hearted, though, so it may well have just been a joke.

It's rather an unfortunate state of affairs, unquestionably, but yes, TDS does largely steer clear of the media's masturbatory love affair with itself (eg the flap over the CBS memos, all the while overlooking the matter of Bush's unorthodox service in the Texas Air National Guard, or even the matter that the facts pointed to by said memos aren't in dispute). The guest roster's also quite impressive. And despite the surreal nature of US politics and media at times, they still manage to maintain a satirical edge.. and that must take some doing. ^_^
On http://www.cyberniklas.de/pongmechanik/indexen.html , I saw a part stating:
"Contrary to today's computers, Zuse's machines did not hide their interior workings behind sheetmetal cases, but presented it in a showcase."

Obviously they haven't seen all the case windows everyone's using now. Hech, I've even seen pictures of completely transparent computer cases, with transparent psu cases, transparent fans, and even transparent hdd cases (masively voiding the hdd warranty, of course).
Heh! True, true.. and even Apple's in on the act. ^_^ One side of the PowerMac G5 can be taken off to expose the inner workings, which lie behind a transparent sheet. (Which serves to maintain the thermal zones' isolation; take that off, and it becomes a very sad panda)

One of the driver manufacturers ought to make a production run of transparent HDDs. That'd be rather neat, especially inside a clear external case.

I suppose there's always this speaker in the meantime. ^_^
Revamping Bambi, eh?

Witha happier ending where the forest realy doesn't burn and mom doesn't get gacked!
*giggle* I can just see it now: George Lucas is brought in to supervise the new Special Edition. ^_^
He'll go back into the archives and change a different film to mkae the "flow" correct so there's no inconsistencies.

Bleah. George? You've lost your touch dude....
And on the other paw, there's John Carpenter, who was persuaded to bulk up the original 68 minute cut of Dark Star to make it "suitable" for cinematic release. Apparently he later came out in favor of the original version, and the DVD offers both cuts via seamless branching.

(And if you haven't seen it yet, it's well worth it. ^_^ Very low budget, plenty of fun and dark humor)

Dark Star[...]Very low budget, plenty of fun and dark humor

Directed by Ridley Scott as well, IIRC. This is a profoundly warped work of SF humour. In highschool, a friend and I were able to crack one another up by cheerfully intoning "Congratulations! You have chosen to clean the elevator!" at inappropriate moments. I need a copy of this :)

Dark Star Writer/Actor Dan O'Bannon wrote Ridley Scott's Alien.
D'oh! I misread that as "designed by Ridley Scott".. which collaboration I definitely would enjoy seeing. ^_^

I think on the first Alien DVD release, it's mentioned that Ridley Scott has an art background and draws all his own storyboards. Certainly would make sense given the visual style of his movies.
Hmmm. Personally I think we'd do better to do away with permanent members of the SC altogether, or at least their veto-wielding power. Which is something that the BBC story doesn't make clear: if we had nine permanent members, would they all retain their vetoes? If so, nothing would ever get done!
I admit to not really watching the UN very much; forming an opinion on just the "headline" issues would probably be unwise, or at least, markedly incomplete. Good point, though.. I'll go sniffing around a bit, and see what's on the table, as it were. Of course, this is only discussing the idea of adding extra members - we're probably a way off a final proposal and acceptance. IIRC, this would be the first alteration to the Big Five since the formation of the League of Nations, but I could be quite sorely mistaken - so I'd imagine the whole veto issue would be up for negotiation.

Fascinating organisation, I feel, although probably terminally dull on a daily basis. ^_^
O'Reilly reminded me of something I was thinking about while watching Kerry on The Daily Show: No presidential candidate has ever won after appearing on TDS.  It's the kiss of death.  Carol Moseley-Braun announced her withdrawal from the race only hours after appearing with Jon Stewart.  You don't go on his show unless you think your campaign is already a joke.  So what is Kerry trying to tell us?

My favorite ego-maniacal quote from BO'R: "McCain's been on, Kerry's been on, I've been on -- so you've had the three most powerful people beside [Bush] on".  Excuse me, Bill, but I think Colin Powell is several orders of magnitude more important than you!
Yay! 'Bambi' on DVD! Actually, I've had it on DVD for several years - a bootleg HK release that looks quite nice (it's a dub of the old US laserdisc - the OLD old LD - the 1997 release was a total travesty). Still, I eagerly await the Platinum version. Am also eagerly awaiting the sequel now in production: 'Bambi II: Great Prince Of The Forest'. I hope it's 100% about the adult Bambi! IMHO, he is the sexiest hunk in the entire history of cinema!