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Normally, I'd just include this sometime later on, but WTH.. this My Little Pony is just too good to keep to myself. *giggle*

BTW, if anyone's having difficulty with the MPEG-4 files, you should find they work nicely in any of iTunes (for the audio files), QuickTime Player, MPlayer, or VLC; there are versions of the latter two for quite a broad range of OSs, including OS X, *BSD, Linux, Windows, and more, and both will handle almost any format around, straight out of the box.

Now what, huh?!
Well, for starters, that harsh contrast of black against white really doesn't work well, especially in the primary media of LCD and CRT. I'd strongly advise something taking into account aliasing, but without sacrificing the fundamental individuality expressed; that's highly saleable on the NYC art circuit, I understand. (And if it avoids Arby's, so much the better. Beef really should never have bubbles in it)

Come to think of it, that's not a bad line to live by.

And I see there's a Species III due presently.