The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit (porsupah) wrote,
The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

Miso-glazed salmon

I thought I should poke my muzzle back in, and confirm I've remained safe during the pandemic. ^_^ I've now received two doses of AstraZeneca magic, as of last Saturday, leaving me in a relatively privileged position.

I've also been getting back into anime quite substantially. ^_^ Two ongoing series I ought to highlight include:

- Odd Taxi, named for the taxi driver at the heart of it all. It's a very slow-burning story, with an exceptionally unusual approach to dialogue, feeling uncommonly natural. You'll find an anthro noir tale featuring a taxi driver, a wannabe idol group, a missing girl, two yakuza hoodlums, one wannabe hero angling to deal with one of the former, a programmer who got caught way too hard by gachas, a nurse who wound up stealing patient records for that hoodlum, and more; if that might appeal, this is very well worth checking out. It's currently up to ep.9, so, not long to go until it all wraps up.

- Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, about the first autonomous AI, who winds up being accosted by an AI from 100 years hence, who informs her she needs to help avoid an apocalypse in which all humans are very efficiently relieved of their respiratory duties. There's a great deal of character development involved, moreso given she winds up developing a second personality to accommodate this new duty. It doesn't all work out so smoothly. Last was ep.10 of 13.

Others I'm following this season include: Shadows House, Eighty Six, The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent, Let's Make a Mug Too, Mars Red, The World Ends With You (which includes a new mix of Twister that absolutely slaps), So I'm a Spider, Dragon Goes Househunting, and I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years. And I'm also gradually going through Penguindrum, an anime that makes Utena look straightforward. =:)

A Masto friend came up with a rather beautiful version of the modern Pride flag, which includes brown & black for BIPOC, and the trans colors, made using photographs of flowers. ^_^ (Did you know there are brown and black sunflowers?)

A rather cool, brief sci-fi story: Miles Away.

Did you know Peggy's made the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn available as a free download? But, there it is!

If you enjoy Doctor Who, you might get a tickling out of Xinjinmeng's answer to a rhetorical "You wake up as showrunner of Doctor Who. What do you do?". =:D

Finally, for now, I must share this truly glorious track by Mira: Make that Skirt Go Spinny. Naturally, it was my request on the next Ear Candy on CHIRP Radio, after which Nicole commented, "if that didn't make you get up and dance, I don't know if I can help you". ^_^ They've got plenty of other good DJs, but Nicole remains my favorite - her shows just have that energy I love. You can hear her twice a week, if you're so inclined, on Wednesdays noon-3pm, and Fridays 9am-noon Central (ie 1800-2100 Wed and 1500-1800 Fri BST),

I'll likely have plenty more politics to vent on in my next entry (not a year's wait this time, promise), but for now, here's an intriguing avenue to preserve UK citizens' freedom of movement in the EU. It's not merely a proposal, but a case that's indeed slowly grinding its way through the top layers of the judicial system. Needless to say, I'd be absolutely delighted if they prevail. It wouldn't undo the blitheringly awful move the Tories advocated for so strongly and destructively, but it'd at least reopen personal avenues.

So, I mused "As a cybernetic being, one would have to forego the simple pleasure of rubbing one's eyes. I think I'd substitute a similar sensation, accompanied by a degauss effect on my faceplate and sfx speakers.". Xinjinmeng provided an illustration. =:D


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