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A Year's End Soirée

That turned out very well indeed. ^_^ The roomie and I headed over to a friend's place nearby for the evening, and he'd become much less plague-ridden just in time. We enjoyed a good game of Lord of the Rings, despite the summary of rules being four sides of small type - once it's actually being played, it all fits into place. (Sauron won, though we at least succeeded in ensuring the ringbearer was last to be corrupted) Not a bad game at all, though I'd like to see the "corrupted" players then still be doing something, just no longer in the fellowship's best interests.

For dinner, a rather good homemade jumbalaya, accompanied throughout the evening with a fine range of Tasty Beverages(tm), including a bottle of Bomberosa, a good rosé, and surprisingly potent at 14.5%; an excellent farmhouse apple liqueur; a barleywine; and for midnight, Veuve Cliquot, which I found rather too dry for my taste - I'd still rate Moët et Chandon "White Star" as my favorite.

Good food, good drinks, great company and conversation.. not so bad. ^_^

And discovered a couple more wonderfully neat folks on LJ.

Followed on the morrow by much lounging around. ^_^ (Dinner: cooked some brown rice in the turkey stock, along with several sliced chestnut mushrooms, to let the rice soak up the flavors of the broth. Then, I simmered four cloves of garlic, some sriracha, asafoetida, oregano, sugar, paprika, finely chopped broccoli, and balsamic vinegar in a dash of new stock (always handy stuff to have around, if possible), for the "sauce". I'd picked the turkey clean of meat, and prepared some ground beef with sriracha, fish sauce, and pepper, using bran as a binder, which worked out very well indeed. Chopped that up, and added it to the rice, along with the turkey, and some plain malt vinegar. The roomie came up with the perfect final touch - a generous squeezing of about half a lime, which just nicely brought out the richer flavors of the dish)

Also noticed the trailer for "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow". Whether or not it'll turn out to have bearable writing remains to be seen, but it certainly seems to have style.

But that's not until summer. Coming this month, at least to Japan, is the live action Cutie Honey movie (needs Flash), directed by Hideaki Anno, whom some of you may recall as director of Neon Genesis Evangelion. ^_^ Isn't that costume just beautiful?

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