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First off, a huge thank you to jayblanc for making it possible for me to enjoy She-Ra Day appropriately. ^_^ It's a little sad knowing this is indeed where it all concludes, but I feel they've paced it well. As with MLP, there's no shame in bowing out when you feel your song is done, and everyone can leave happy. ^_^

I was drawn again! =:D This time, by Didn't they do a lovely job? ^_^

Another webcomic over on Webtoon that may be of interest: Bodies, a sci-fi strip with plenty to say on humanity and cybernetics. ^_^

A friend over on Masto pointed out a comic of interest - by an artist whose style strongly suggests it's Mamabliss under their RL name - but which was cited as being available for free using Hoopla. Unfortunately, it's only supported by North American libraries, but it does indeed work - and with my shiny new San Francisco Public Library eCard (albeit temporary, for now), I've been enjoying both the title and their setup. Login is simple enough: select your library, then enter your card number and PIN. As one might expect, titles can be read in a browser, or their iOS or Android app. Nicely, it transparently maintains your place in a title, so I can pick up on the iPad, then back on Hazel, and I don't need to manually keep track of where I've got to. The title itself? Unnatural, set in an anthro world under authoritarian rule, which enforces species and gender purity - no marriage or sexual activity outside your species, and only hetero sex. And if you reach 25 without having married, then the government steps in, with a mandatory dating programme, and heavily increased taxes as an "encouragement". Trouble is, our hero's just hit 25, and she's having repeated dreams about passionate love with a white wolf, and she's a blue-haired pig - not just a fantasy, but one that'd be hazardous to even discuss beyond her friends. On being inducted to that programme, her roomie begins sniffing around to find out if there might be some kind of significance to these dreams, given how repeated - every night - and unusually clear they are. There's more, oh yes. It's rather good, and I'll certainly be checking out the other volumes. Be warned, it's not a gentle ride.

(I'm now into a new - for me - series, The Wicked + The Divine, with an interesting premise: gods exist, and every 90 years, they incarnate into new hosts, young adults. You have godly powers, yes - but, in two years, you'll be dead, and then the cycle repeats)

Cheetolini was recently touring a Honeywell factory in Arizona, watching masks being made, when some employee thought of the perfect soundtrack for his visit..

Yet another reason I wish I still had the Rift setup: there's a Little Witch Academia VR game on its way. =:D (LWA's from the same studio as Beastars and their newest release, Brand New Animal)

Meet a dominatrix offering their services in AC:NH. ^_^

A Masto friend just finished a major, geeky cross-stitch project. =:D "I finished it! After 1 year of stitching (with a break for a minor WoW stint), I finished converting this pixelart scene to crossstitch. It’s the biggest stitch I’ve ever done, 8x10 inches on 18-count Aida, bringing it in at over 25,000 stitches. I stabbed this piece of fabric over 100,000 times." The original, and their version:

The excellent Bones UK: Unplugged is now free on YouTube! It's been available for purchase on iTunes and BezosCo for a couple months, but Sumerian Records have kindly uploaded it for everyone's enjoyment. If you like their album, this is well worth catching in addition - they've done a superb job of rearranging several of the numbers there, for an almost entirely acoustic performance in a small venue.

Remarkably enough, there may - once the current global fire's been contained - be actual progress on the UK's abominable Gender Identity Clinics front! Whilst much of this story about trans people self-medicating in the UK - due to current waiting times for a first appointment running around 2.5-3 years, plus another 1-1.5 for subsequent ones, largely thanks to gatekeeping - is all too familiar, this paragraph stood out: "Happily, some progress is being made. 56 Dean Street has been aware of the struggle to access treatment and medication for years, doing whatever it can to improve the situation by providing advice, support and blood tests. It wants to go further and recently approached NHS England for support in prescribing hormones in a safe fashion until patients can be seen by the GIC. 'After lots of discussions, NHS England has awarded us a contract to open a pilot gender clinic with strict inclusion criteria later in the year,' Tara tells Refinery29. 'The NHS is very, very aware of this problem and they wanted to rectify it so, later in the year, we will be the first new gender clinic in England for decades. A different type of model, more sexual health model than a psychiatric model.'"

Now that Steven Universe Future's run its course (I finally watched March's episodes, including the grand finale, a couple days ago), and with it, all of SU, I was delighted to find out about quite the trippy show now on Netflix, Midnight Gospel, from the creator of Adventure Time.

Now, a girl on a bike might not sound all that special. But.. take a look. It's impressive riding. =:D

With the sharply reduced pollution in the air, the Himalayas are now visible from much further away than mere weeks ago - quite an awe-inspiring sight.

The publisher Springer currently has 408 books available for free, on various scientific and technical topics, including cosmology, FPGAs, neurology, and much more. No account or registration required - just follow the links, and select the PDF or EPUB download.

Back in 2007, Ramón Pérez started a comic strip, Kukuburi. I followed it as I'd really njoyed his style on a previous strip he'd been involved with. And then, in 2012, it fell under the web cartoonist's curse: hiatus. And now, it's back! (Of course, just in time for the lockdown to interrupt progress on the strip, which he normally finishes at a shard studio)

Perfectly normal cat noises. *nods*

The "worm" NASA logo is back!

If you've ever been curious as to just what lies under the hood, so to speak, of Bluetooth, here's a superb article going into considerable detail about all that goes into making it work. Encouragingly, one of the comments notes that the next bump in Bluetooth will improve audio noticeably, including - finally - official support for one device to send to multiple recipients, so one phone could drive your headphones and a friend's, or a gym could broadcast streams to everyone.

Here's the fascinating story of the Alameda-Weehauken burrito tunnel.

Japanese animation studio TMS has been uploading entire series on YouTube, including Sonic X, Cybersix, Virtua Fighter, Sherlock Hound, and Little Nemo. =:D

Want something relaxing to listen to? SAG-AFTRA's Storyline Online offers a large selection of children's books read by their members. ^_^

Here's a really bad joke. ^_^

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