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"On a free vote, MPs came out in favour of the ban – by 356 votes to 166, a majority of 190."
shame it wont physically take effect till 2006.
Red tape yaaaaay.
Supposedly, that's a deliberate measure to attempt to placate the pro-hunt lobby. The previous (Independent) story also mentioned Blair might be able, somehow, to railroad it through the Lords, using the Parliament Act; I'd like to find out more about the scope of its provisions, as that's a very substantial power, potentially highly dangerous.

I'm still amazed. If there are attempts to overturn this overwhelming support for foxhunting's demise, those proponents will surely be hearing from the public in no uncertain tones.
Its certain that if the house of lords turn it down (Which they will) blair is gonna push it through regardless of their opinion because in the past they have poo poo'd the idea before. several times. And its getting rediculous., as the only people who agree with it, are people in the lords kind of class. I.e. the upper class.
I believe it would only be about the fourth use of the Parliament Act in this way in half a century; it is indeed a very strong measure. But it does seem that there is a consistent attempt in this case by the Lords to frustrate the will of the elected House, and that's what the Act was introduced to combat. So it probably is appropriate.
Sweet. :)
Isn't it amazing? That vote's been looming for years, but was apparently an election promise last time around. Finally, though, Blair seems to be wanting to appeal to the electorate for support, in the face a withering mandate for his party in the wake of the Iraq fiasco; the other night, he made quite clear overtures towards implementing and extending the Kyoto accord, and that Britain's presidency of the G8 would be used to those ends. Of course, it's Blair we're talking about, who's not exactly been true to his word, let alone public will, for some years now.. but either way, it's a wonderful turn of events. ^_^
It looks as if Blair finally understands Bush is no friend of his, so Tony's temporary flirtation with the Hegemon has ended - hence the renewed emphasis on Kyoto. Expect more departures from the past year's course; I expect seeing Hugh Grant as a more muscular PM in "Love Actually" must have some as quite a shock.

That, I beleive deserves a "huzzah" ;)