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I was feeling somewhat pointlessly melancholic last Saturday night, and thought a good way to help fend that off would be to watch the second season (well, really the first half - the second season was poduced as thirteen episodes, but Netflix only released the first seven episodes, keeping the rest until Aug 3 2019) of She-Ra. Surprisingly, for me, I actually got through all of it in one night - I virtually never binge-watch! Oh, how much fun that was - I was delighted to see they've managed to out-queer Steven Universe. =:)

Here's a WIP track by Ice Foxx - personally, I'd say it's pretty much complete as is, but she may have grander plans.

This is good praxis. ^_^ Radiohead got hacked, with the would-be malefactor demanding $150,000 to avoid some eighteen hours of unreleased material from being leaked. Their response? Upload it all to Bandcamp and donate all the proceeds to Extinction Rebellion.

I was a little saddened to learn one of the DJs I enjoy listening to, DJ Stranger Waves, over on CHIRP Radio is leaving the station at the end of the month - life's apparently getting busy, so she doesn't really have the time to dedicate to a regular show. Still, I did hear another, Lady Amelia, who was subbing a couple weeks ago note she was going to be returning, so maybe that's the balance? I'd be delighted if so - when she's been around occasionally, I've really enjoyed her Girl Power Hours - as with the rest of the station, the selections aren't the same old ones you've heard a million times before. I'd actually enjoy finding more stations like CHIRP, but where are they?

Speaking of good radio, someone tipped me off to WFMU, which at first glance, does seem worth a listen. ^_^ I'm always interested in adding good stations to my net.radio playlist, if anyone has suggestions! Things I enjoy:

- not just the same stuff everyone's heard a million times. There's lots of music out there, new and old!
- no/few ads, with the exception of the occasional community announcement or local sponsor.
- either a wholly diverse playlist, or one that maybe emphasises electronic. I don't tend to be much into rap or hip-hop, but there are exceptions, like Azealia Banks.
- little repetition. I quite enjoy some of SOMA FM's offerings, but they tend to have relatively small playlists, to the point you'll start hearing the same tracks after an hour or two.
- bonus points for sites that don't require JS. =:)
- bonus points for sites that also offer up an actual stream URL, rather than burying it away in some embedded player, as I never listen to radio stations via their sites, only through external applications like iTunes or Audials. (Which is, unfortunately, a victim of the current iPadOS 13 beta - dies on launch, every time. Come to think of it, other than seeking out a good alternative, I could just use Audials on the iPhone, which is necessarily stuck on iOS 12)
- few station idents. Radio Tananana (yes, really =:) has an annoying quirk of insisting on playing its ident after every track. Rapture Radio (club/dance) is a bit ident-happy, though they've abbreviated it from the full blurb, at least.

On that note, someone over on Masto pointed out 4ZZZ, a community radio station in Brisbane, that's very much my kind of thing - in particular, I'd have to highlight Kids with Class Kicking Arse, on from 1000-1200 local time on Saturdays, 0100-0300 BST. Their player doesn't work for me, but you can find the stream over here, which your own player will be fine with. As an example, their playlist this weekend included Sloppy Seconds "You Got A Great Body But Your Record Collection Sucks", Iron Reagan "Fuck the Neighbors", Supersuckers "Born With A Tail", and the brilliant Gutter Birds "Bag of Dicks", which, sadly, doesn't yet exist as an official release - I checked with the DJs, and they said this was only a preview, but they do play around town sometimes. Another thing which strikes me with 4ZZZ is they seem to often pair DJs up, leading to some genuinely interesting conversations between dedicated musicheads - one earlier today was looking at some outstanding female bassists, giving examples of their works, and in a couple cases, writing as well; this definitely isn't the usual megastation vapid chat!

An interesting call for exhibits with funding of between 1K-4K€ available: "What is real, and how are you sure it is so? How can you determine which experiences are "real" if they are digital, virtual or influenced by the chemistry and architecture of your brain? Scientific research uncovers ways that our minds and senses conspire to produce gaps between the actual and the perceived. How do we navigate these blind spots, which can be exploited by trickery like fake news, but then embraced willingly to escape reality, for pleasure in fantasy? And is our concept of the real transformed by biomedical science, which brings us new understanding of mental conditions like synesthesia, dementia, or phenomena like the placebo effect?

Science Gallery Rotterdam invites artists, designers, and researchers to explore how our concept of “the real” is destabilized by science and technology by proposing projects to be part of its first exhibition on site at Erasmus MC. The theme (UN)REAL addresses the questions above and also seeks to link them to the ongoing activity and cutting-edge research in biomedical science at the university medical center."

Quite an interesting look at how terms will migrate between languages, sometimes relieved of their weight in the original tongue - in this case, Angela Merkel using a term justly brought to prominence with Brexit, "shitstorm". ^_^
Quite an interesting look at how terms will migrate between languages, sometimes relieved of their weight in the original tongue - in this case, Angela Merkel using a term justly brought to prominence with Brexit, "shitstorm". ^_^

Interesting but not entirely accurate, specifically this—

"It generated quite a shitstorm," she said, using the English term — because Germans, it turns out, do not have one of their own.

You could say "Sturm der Entrüstung" in German. It's a (much) older term that's not quite so scatological, but it basically means the same thing. Of course it also is a decidedly more neutral term that does not judge whether said uproar is justified or not, and politicians who like to paint whoever disagrees with them as ipso facto cockamamie prefer the term "shitstorm", which implies just that.
Excellent point on WFMU ... thanks! It does look worth a listen at first glance... certainly lots of listings!
I haven't found any I like much thus far, but perhaps I'll try again soon....

I rilly misss the days of the RealAudioChannels .... I could usually find great stuff searching around those streams... and the codec had this funkyWILD interpretation of stereo that would WIDEN the channels throughout the song based on tonal frequencies... fascinating and captivating! I've got some recordings from them days to prove it! Not the highest fidelity sometimes, but always a treat, and I don't know what could be used to simulate that wonderful effect. I've sometimes wondered if there was a standalone RealAudio player that could re-mix local tracks... but I've never found a satisfactory answer.

Live365 used to be great also :9

I'd suggest looking through Y.T. for a little while for some tracks you like, and then look at who posts them and if they are consistent, you subscribe to their channel... *tailwags*

When Blockbuster Music was a thing, I bought SO much music because they let you listen to it in store and usually I loved it! Since them days, most of my discoveries have been through YT channel subscriptions...
4ZZZ is definitely worth trying as well. ^_^ Like CHIRP, it's all the work of actual DJs, so there'll be some shows that appeal more than others - it's definitely not a single format station. =:D Others I enjoy include:

CHIRP Radio (of course! Chicago. Brilliant station; I'm especially fond of Ear Candy, Fri 9am-noon Central)
WBER (NJ? NY? I forget)
RAAR FM (Amsterdam)
KLFM (Slovenia)
En Lefko (Athens. Fairly mainstream stuff, but reasonably diverse within that)
Radio Tananana (Romania. But does have that annoying love of playing their ident after every song)
SIBC (Shetland. Tends to be just mainstream dance stuff, but that's sometimes what I'm wanting)

Not sure I ever played with Real's radio! I wasn't really much into net.radio then, as I recall - I preferred downloadable music, so when IUMA came onto the scene.. !

Mm, I should explore YT more. I do sometimes nose through an artist's other works, and occaionally branch off into other recommendations, though their algorithm's heavily weighted toward popular stuff.

Wow, they did that? Whenabouts was that? I only knew them around 1994-2000, and the stores near me were purely video. Still fun, of course - I used to love picking up the odd cheeseball, which is how I discovered the wonderful Escape from Galaxy 3 (aka Starcrash 2), and the wonderfully awful "Armageddon: The Final Challenge", which Corn Pone Flicks reviewed wonderfully. ^_^ (There's no need to watch the thing after that, as they cut out all the filler)
haha! I looked at the Corn Pone Flicks... er.. most of it... heh! When ya are watching something SO awful, I think a little bit of skipping ahead here & there is allowed, yes?... :D
They make a good point though... how can anyone really name the *worst* one.... heh!

and YEP!... They used to have a "Listening Bar" with about a dozen seats, where you could pick a CD and they would open it for you to check out.... they if there was a slight chance you didn't like it, they'd shrinkwrap it up again, good as new!
Alas, someone somewhere decided that made them used, even if handled properly with kid gloves, and after a few years the music in Blockbuster music was defeated... but yes the video lasted quite a few years after that.

Thanks also for the international radio links!

Apparently there's still a few remnant links for the RealRadio, but I don't think the service fully exists now.. http://cache-download.real.com/free/windows/mrkt/help/mac-RealPlayer-SP/en/Content/Radio_Tuner.htm