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Beware the squirrel.

Do you know your alphabet?

Pons & Fleischmann, vindicated.

Interesting to see another sliver of furriness edge its way into the mainstream, in this posting about a SoCal schoolgirl wanting her next "look" to be that of catgirl, anime-style, with ears and tail. And on that note, Thompson Directories are using a catgirl to sell their wares.. (refreshingly, the TV spot's presented in downloadable MPEG-1 form. Quite good fun, and the costume gets my approval. ^_^)

If you're in NYC this weekend, you might want to peek in on some of the goings on at ResFest at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. One event which caught my eye was "3) RESFEST Live - Emergency Broadcast Network and Hexstatic -- our closing night event will feature an audio visual event from VJ pioneers NYC's EBN and UK's Hexstatic. EBN will showcase their Video Baby Grand Piano, while Hexstatic will preview work of their forthcoming Master View DVD album." Some of you might know EBN from their Commercial Entertainment Product, or from one of the members, who created AfterEffects.

Now this would be reason enough for me to get a PS2.. Okami, from Capcom, whose visuals are entirely in the style of old Chinese brush paintings. Be sure to take a look at the slideshow. (Or, if you'd prefer without all the *cough* GameSpot embellishments, curl "http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2004/news/04/27/okami/okami_screen0[01-12].jpg" -o "okami_screen#1.jpg" to download all twelve)

I thought freakylynx might particularly like this piece by Kyoht. Fluffy cheeks, yay!

The other three HHGTTG books are coming to Radio 4, and the game's seeing an update too.

To karmically balance that out, CNN reports that Yet Another Tired Crossover will feature Jason vs Freddy.. vs Ash (Evil Dead, not Pokemon, although come to think of it..). Wonder what's come of that Batman musical production I heard of a while back?

Some very nice hand-made puppets and backpacks by Senitt. On that theme, this auction is really calling out for a caption competition..

If you're familiar with Second Life, and in need of a job, they're looking for QA engineers. They're based in San Francisco.

I felt this was quite a novel way to encourage someone to wash their car. And, how's this for a novel method of deterring speeding? ^_^

W00t! Finally found English subtitles for Maratonci trce pocasni krug. Well, that only took a few months. ^_^; And that'd surely be a particularly appropriate title for a recently discovered underground cinema in the subterranean passageways of Paris..

Pic for the day: SuperTanuki's Revolution Concept 2. Some gorgeous lighting there, and simple, highly effective composition.


Apparently, the codename for AppleShare 3.0 was "Killer Rabbit".

Interesting graph, collecting a slew of Bush approval rating poll results against time, with "terror alerts" and other events tagged.

How different animation history might have been.. ! Who's heard of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit? Yet, if a certain Universal executive hadn't tried to twist his creator into accepting a budget cut, maybe his creator wouldn't have been motivated to create another star instead - Mickey Mouse.

From huskyteer, a site dedicated to pictures of dog noses. Hee! (Seen the photo at the bottom right of one of the Apple Expo 2004 photo pages?)

Good grief.. RateMyNetworkDiagram.com.

Remember the mighty organ once played by the Librarian? Some extremely dedicated loon's made an exquisitely detailed model. It's an overused word, but I feel it applies in this case: awesome.

A whole stack of World War II era propaganda-style posters in the key of Bush. (Lots of images on the page, so it's slow to load)

A detailed article on Cheney's background, from Rolling Stone.

From the bowels of Slashdot:
"...a few years ago, I was visiting a local videostore, suddenly feeling the need to see Peter Sellers again in his wonderful appearance of the mad german scientist. I asked the clerk if he could provide me with the movie 'Dr. Strangelove'. Immediately, the man points to the back of the store: the X-rated section..."

I may have to start an avocado fan club. ^_^ They're just so good in salads.. last night, they starred in one with Chinese leaf, spinach, sweet pepper, and sliced tomato (one of the smaller varieties, nicely tasty). With as good ingredients as those, who needs a dressing? The pizza, meanwhile, was another rendition of the variety I got hooked on in Sydney - began with a ciabatta base pepperoni, and added anchovies, capers, and sliced tomato, along with some piri-piri mix and some sriracha. akira114 would've been salivating at the salt content, if not the anchovies. I'm going to have to test it on him sometime. ^_^
I do appreciate the graph of Bush's approval ratings over the years.

The slightly spooky thing is, of course, it's a safe bet there are people analysing such data professionally, in both the main parties, along with psychologists both determining the effects, and aiming to put forward cause. (No surprise, after all, that the advertising industry is also a lively source of employment for the profession. But then, PR can easily be said to be but another branch of advertising)

As a side note, did you know the creator and manager of T.a.T.u. used to be a child psychologist?
I always knew squirrels were evil, but damn...

*grins* this post kept me amused for ages, thanks dudey!

SM -x-
*giggle* It had me in stitches.. I had to mention it here. ^_^

He survived, too. That's going to be one hell of a story for the grandkids.. of course, whether they're going to believe him is another matter. ^_^
Was it a true story, do you know? In the post you linked to, the writer seems to be quite enigmatic about it....
I took it to be genuine, yes, although I've no way to be certain.

Does it ultimately matter? ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Ooh, I'll have to seek them out.. they're a new name to me, I admit. Last time I was around for something like that (albeit on a slightly more modest scale :) was when Wobbly - a former Orban colleague - was joined by People Like Us (running her own music as well as EBN-style video) for an evening at some random space in the Mission, back in San Francisco. Very, very fun stuff, especially in those small, informal venues..

How'd the trip go, btw?
(Deleted comment)
Wah! That reminds me - I need to get my Detritus mailing list address updated, while my domain's down. So much Neat Stuff discussed there.

Ooh, sounds like there's a great Show And Tell coming. ^_^ I've really not seen anything of New York - the couple times I flew into JFK was specifically to meet up with a friend then living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, so it was just straight to the Port Authority, then onto the bus. I think I'm more of a West Coast sort, though.. mellow, you know? ^_^ (Well, Bay Area, really.. around LA, it's mandatory to be wedded to one's car, and living in Oregon requires either a great fondness for rain, or sweltering summers, depending on whether you're nearer Portland or Medford)

My God, that squirrel story was riveting!!! I'll have to keep that in mind next time I see those cute little furry critters in the park. :)
As we all know, the squirrels are merely in the rabbits' employ as a diversion, while the plan for lapine world domination is put into effect. (I'm cool with it, as long as I've plenty of tall trees to doze in. I could offer suggestions, too, though, being a panda, they'll be Taoist in nature.. I'm not sure how easily such sentiments translate between species)

As I though above, that's going to be one heck of a story to tell the grandchildren.. :)
A variable array of rather delectable oddities and niceties. ^_^ Killer squirrels, cold fusion, an awesome looking game, dirty cars, speed-seeking missiles, subtitles, big burgers, obscure characters, a shitload of posters, x-rated Strangelove, and salt. This one had everything!