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The view a short time ago..

Ah, poop! Not to worry - there'll hopefully be other opportunities later in the year.

I don't suppose you've encountered many leporids in the Bay Area itself? I tried searching on a previous visit, with about the only success being up on the hilly trails of San Bruno Mountain Park - trouble with those, though, is the buns are only visible on their terms, as once they're off the path, and into the scrub, they're all but invisible. =:/ Needless to say, I'd absolutely love to have a spot reachable by BART/Muni/AC Transit/SamTrans/Golden Gate where I have a fair chance of seeing buns go about their lives - I'd really prefer not to have to abandon rabbiteering! Especially not now that I finally have the lens back in action, and all but good as new.

As for tomorrow, maybe I'll just catch up on some tourism. =:) I'd like to snag some cannoli from Victoria's, up in North Beach, though I'd have to come back with them - I wouldn't want to try lugging them along to Crissy Field afterward. =:D But that's always a pretty cool spot, between the visiting seabirds and the paragliders, plus that bridge in the background. Maybe this time I'll manage a proper pano of it - true, it's a massively photographed bridge, but still, not so many from Crissy Field, placing it prominently, but not as the subject. Last time around, I messed up with insufficient overlap between the frames, so I had a couple missing slivers. =:P (Reminds me, sometime I need to pick up a good travel tripod - something light and collapsible enough to slip into a bag. Or a heavyweight drone capable of hefting a D7100 + 300mm f/4 =:)
I've seen rabbits in many of the local parks, but they're all like the ones at San Bruno, skulking beside the trails and running off into the bushes when you get close. The "hanging around in groups in the open where you can set up with a big lens on a tripod for photography" niche here is occupied by ground squirrels.

Sacramento NWR has a population of jackrabbits that are good for photography (from your car along the auto tour route). For more advanced rabbiteering I like to look for the pika when I get up to Yosemite.