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The view a short time ago..

It's actually pretty good, yes. ^_^ But then, I'm a bit odd - I actually quite like Heathrow, too. ^_^ Trouble there is it's just so huge, and set to grow further still - the government's currently in the consultation process for a third runway, given the place is very much at flight capacity, as you can see on FlightRadar24 and the like, with this constant stream of aircraft lining up, one after the other - it's incredible the system works so flawlessly! (And to think, only 100 years ago, humanity was still at the stage of biplanes being used by pilots dropping bombs by hand over the side, followed thirty or so years later by the first jet engines.. and only fifteen years or so on, the first jetliners. I wonder when we'll see SABRE on a commercial aircraft.. !)
Heh ... I think you're the first person I've met who quite likes Heathrow! :-p I could see where it would be a fun place for plane-spotters, but otherwise ...

It's hard to think of too many major airports these days that are cool architectural experiences, or are otherwise interesting in a human scale. (Seattle is probably my favorite in the US, just because of that cool central concourse.) Part of me really wishes I'd been a traveler in the early days of international air travel, when it was all glamorous and quirky. What I wouldn't give for a transpacific ride on a Pan Am flying boat!