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The view a short time ago..

Silly rabbit. Know ye not that I am Ye Olde Fart? I first flew in 1972: I went to Texas and spent part of the summer with an aunt and uncle (doubly-related: my mom's brother and my dad's sister). I remember it specifically because it was the Munich Summer Olympics and it was the year of the Israeli athlete massacre. 1980 was my high school graduation. In my junior year I was hanging out with a friend who was a senior. After he graduated, he and his mother moved to San Fran. When I graduated the following year, he called me up and told me he'd enlisted in the Air Force and had a couple of weeks until he had to report, so I flew out and we spent a week (mildly) terrorizing the town. I soon lost all contact with him, only to regain contact with him in '12, finding him in DC via Linkedin, of all things! I get to see him every year now that I'm in a study at NIH and conveniently, his mother, who had moved from SF to Hawaii, had moved again from Hawaii to Scottsdale! So my wife and I got to see her when we were in Phoenix for Thanksgiving.
Damn whippersnapper :P

There's always an older fart, you can usually tell by the smell. :-)