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The view a short time ago..

Oh HAI!!!

When you flying back to ol' Blighty???

PS: Sorry for the chilly weather, you missed a lovely week...
I'll necessarily be busy, of course, but I won't be heading back for a fortnight. ^_^

I did, of course, celebrate my (temporary) return with excellent sushi - an old friend's daughter celebrated her birthday yesterday with Big Sis, who lives not far from said joint, out in Pleasanton. Indeed, some particularly creative rolls, and beautiful too. I'll have to leave a TripAdvisor review. =:9
Ohs share the name if you please?

I am up to my ears in work++, unclear if I can make it to the City, magic 8 ball is saying unlikely... :-/

CYa! (Eventually :)
YAY! \o/
Oh, definitely. ^_^ Needless to say, I love seeing the outside of SFO again - even the sight of BART makes me happy. ^_^
Congratulationings upon makin' it stateside again, even if just for a bit, ..for now.. :D pip pip !
*hug!* It's always so good to see those familiar sights again, howsoever mundane they may be, like sitting waiting for the 23 back "home", and being slightly pleased with myself for remembering which stop to go for, as Glen Park BART sits at an intersection, and Muni buses have this delightful habit of showing their route as, say, "23 Monterey", regardless of which direction it's headed in, so if you're unfamiliar with the route and stop, you do want to check, lest you wind up rushing for a bus headed away from your destination. ^_^;
Welcome back!
^_^ It's so good to be back, even if just for a fortnight. Even for just the simple delight of looking outside at a bright blue sky.. gods, that's so welcome a sight. ^_^
The last time I flew in/out of SFO was 1980. I imagine it looked largely the same, but I really don't remember.

Have fun!
You were old enough to fly in 1980? ^_^ (Actually, I think the first time I flew alone was somewhere around then - I was going to visit my stepsister, then living in Napoli, where, if I recall correctly, she eventually met the guy who would become her husband) I think it's largely as it's been for a long while, modulo the highly welcome extension of BART to the airport itself, though the first time I saw SFO was around 1994 or so.

I should probably hold back from the temptation to go coding at the beach, though - not only because it's not hugely warm just yet, but mainly the way sand gets everywhere. ^_^; Still, if there's something useful I can do just with inspecting the code, that I could do on the iPad fine..
Silly rabbit. Know ye not that I am Ye Olde Fart? I first flew in 1972: I went to Texas and spent part of the summer with an aunt and uncle (doubly-related: my mom's brother and my dad's sister). I remember it specifically because it was the Munich Summer Olympics and it was the year of the Israeli athlete massacre. 1980 was my high school graduation. In my junior year I was hanging out with a friend who was a senior. After he graduated, he and his mother moved to San Fran. When I graduated the following year, he called me up and told me he'd enlisted in the Air Force and had a couple of weeks until he had to report, so I flew out and we spent a week (mildly) terrorizing the town. I soon lost all contact with him, only to regain contact with him in '12, finding him in DC via Linkedin, of all things! I get to see him every year now that I'm in a study at NIH and conveniently, his mother, who had moved from SF to Hawaii, had moved again from Hawaii to Scottsdale! So my wife and I got to see her when we were in Phoenix for Thanksgiving.
Damn whippersnapper :P

There's always an older fart, you can usually tell by the smell. :-)
I should have added that, amusingly, I'm using my ticket from the Monterey Aquarium from 2002 as a bookmark right now, which was my most recent trip to the area. Previously I was in the area in 1990 when I went to San Jose for an anime convention, then drove up to Portland, then down to Las Vegas and back to Phoenix.
You made it!


Best of luck with this project. :)
*hug!* Yep, I need to maintain focus, despite all the pulling back to old haunts like the Magnolia. There'll be time enough for those. =:) I think today's focus needs to be on looking at the optimization target the CTO has a yen to apply the treatment to, gaining a better understanding of what opportunities there might be for CUDA there, and then, how to go about that.
My typical first three words on a project:

Gimmie da hardware.

I always find that the sooner I start working with the target the better.

Best of luck!
Oh hey! I suppose you won't have time to go out looking for otters on this trip?
Oooh! Now there's a thought. =:D I'll definitely want to try making time for that - and I did indeed bring the newly-repaired bunnylens along. ^_^ (Now, if only Nikon would come out with a 200-400mm using the same Fresnel magic as in the newer 300mm f/4, halving its weight and length.. though the actual new 200-400mm f/4 is pretty spiffy, pulling a Canon, with a switchable 1.4 TC - that'd be ideal for me, but the price tag is predictably eye-watering =:)
Are you staying in the city somewhere? Ping me if you have time and want to go out for some otter photography.

Do you do Telegram?
Gah, it's been a busy time. ^_^; Might there be any chance of some otters on the morrow? The weather's looking like it could be good. I'm presently down in Sunnyside, near Glen Park and Balboa Park stations.

Nope, no Telegram/Discord/etc, though I have been dabbling with Mastodon, which doesn't consume much time, and has a really pleasant, quite inspiring feel - it's somewhat Twitter-like, but rather than being one monolithic entity, it's a federation of smaller nodes, each with their own particular emphasis, be it furry, photographic, LGBT, or what have you, so jerks don't get a chance to proliferate, and there's an innate sense of "local culture", as it were. Pretty cool!

Notwithstanding, email's easily the best way to reach me (and by extension, here) - when I'm "at home", Mail's always displaying any new email count down in the Dock, and on the move, I'll usually check email a few times an hour.

Edited at 2018-03-03 08:59 pm (UTC)
I need to make a run up to Sacramento area tomorrow, so won't have time for an otter expedition. Sorry. (Unless you want to come with me, which I wouldn't advise as most of it will be boring, but I plan on visiting the Sacramento NWR in passing, which has a small chance of otters and a larger chance of leporids.)
Ah, poop! Not to worry - there'll hopefully be other opportunities later in the year.

I don't suppose you've encountered many leporids in the Bay Area itself? I tried searching on a previous visit, with about the only success being up on the hilly trails of San Bruno Mountain Park - trouble with those, though, is the buns are only visible on their terms, as once they're off the path, and into the scrub, they're all but invisible. =:/ Needless to say, I'd absolutely love to have a spot reachable by BART/Muni/AC Transit/SamTrans/Golden Gate where I have a fair chance of seeing buns go about their lives - I'd really prefer not to have to abandon rabbiteering! Especially not now that I finally have the lens back in action, and all but good as new.

As for tomorrow, maybe I'll just catch up on some tourism. =:) I'd like to snag some cannoli from Victoria's, up in North Beach, though I'd have to come back with them - I wouldn't want to try lugging them along to Crissy Field afterward. =:D But that's always a pretty cool spot, between the visiting seabirds and the paragliders, plus that bridge in the background. Maybe this time I'll manage a proper pano of it - true, it's a massively photographed bridge, but still, not so many from Crissy Field, placing it prominently, but not as the subject. Last time around, I messed up with insufficient overlap between the frames, so I had a couple missing slivers. =:P (Reminds me, sometime I need to pick up a good travel tripod - something light and collapsible enough to slip into a bag. Or a heavyweight drone capable of hefting a D7100 + 300mm f/4 =:)
I've seen rabbits in many of the local parks, but they're all like the ones at San Bruno, skulking beside the trails and running off into the bushes when you get close. The "hanging around in groups in the open where you can set up with a big lens on a tripod for photography" niche here is occupied by ground squirrels.

Sacramento NWR has a population of jackrabbits that are good for photography (from your car along the auto tour route). For more advanced rabbiteering I like to look for the pika when I get up to Yosemite.
I do really love the international terminal at SFO ... though the rest of the airport might not be much to write home about. :)
It's actually pretty good, yes. ^_^ But then, I'm a bit odd - I actually quite like Heathrow, too. ^_^ Trouble there is it's just so huge, and set to grow further still - the government's currently in the consultation process for a third runway, given the place is very much at flight capacity, as you can see on FlightRadar24 and the like, with this constant stream of aircraft lining up, one after the other - it's incredible the system works so flawlessly! (And to think, only 100 years ago, humanity was still at the stage of biplanes being used by pilots dropping bombs by hand over the side, followed thirty or so years later by the first jet engines.. and only fifteen years or so on, the first jetliners. I wonder when we'll see SABRE on a commercial aircraft.. !)
Heh ... I think you're the first person I've met who quite likes Heathrow! :-p I could see where it would be a fun place for plane-spotters, but otherwise ...

It's hard to think of too many major airports these days that are cool architectural experiences, or are otherwise interesting in a human scale. (Seattle is probably my favorite in the US, just because of that cool central concourse.) Part of me really wishes I'd been a traveler in the early days of international air travel, when it was all glamorous and quirky. What I wouldn't give for a transpacific ride on a Pan Am flying boat!