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Further to my last entry, mondhasen kindly pointed out the BUNNY sign's origin: Bunny Bread, as seen in this old TV spot. ^_^

Well, that gets weird.. one of the new campers in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a rooster named Goose, one of whose requests to visit your campground is a roast turkey. ^_^;

Rather cool: Robin Williams is now remembered in Golden Gate Park, with Sharon Meadow - home to the carousel in the eastern end - now named after him. Appropriately, as it's also "the location for Comedy Day, a recurring festival that Williams often attended and supported behind the scenes as an anonymous benefactor".

Not bad! I was nosing around the iTunes Store, and noticed they've got a few TV shows' complete runs at quite palatable prices, including all of: Futurama ($30), B5 ($50), and Weeds ($48). If only buying B5 might encourage Warner to green-light an HD version.. ! True, that wouldn't be a minor effort, with basically all the effects needing to be not only re-rendered, but completely redone, with most/all the original files lost (and even if they weren't, I'd be surprised if they were still useful to any current VFX pipeline). But, crucially, all the live action was recorded on film.

Mum and I finally got back to the pub we enjoy. ^_^ It's a neigborhood pub in the best sense - it's filled with locals, and not in any exclusionary manner - it's a genuinely welcoming place for anyone. We wound up sharing some king prawns as a starter, of an uncommonly huge variety. =:9 Maybe Honduran? They were bordering on langoustine size. =:D For the main, I eventually opted for the steak & ale pie, whilst she was yearning for the fish & chips, which turned out to be a hefty cod fillet with house chips - she managed more of her chips than me. ^_^

For the main Crimbo meal, I found myself presented with something of a challenge - Mum's oven gave up the ghost recently, so I only had a microwave at my disposal. ^_^; Thankfully, I happened upon a pork shoulder in the supermarket that was pre-cooked, intended for shredding into pulled pork. Yay! And thus it was, along with some good pork chipolatas, cabbage, Brussels, peas, carrots, and battered potato slices (which, with a good bit of microwaving, actually turned somewhat crisp!). Hardly haute cuisine, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. ^_^

I hope your Yule or local equivalent has been going well. ^_^
That food looksand sounds delicious.
Thanks! I'm pleased with how it turned out. ^_^ Bit of a hassle having the equivalent of just a single cooker ring, of course - I had to keep cycling through the bowls of vegetables to keep everything hot, eventually finishing by plating up and then giving both plates a minute or so. And Heck always make great sausages. =:9 (And quite lean, too!)
Merry christmas and a happy yule!

The food sure looks good — though I'd advise turning down the DoF just a little bit in pictures like this. When you're trying to highlight a plate of food, but half of it is out of focus, well... :)

Still sounds delicious, though! I could go for some (or all) of that myself right now.
The DoF was deliberate, so as not to show off too much detail, as it wasn't overly photogenic. ^_^; Food presentation isn't something I'm particularly good with - I'm always in awe of pro chefs. (Reminds me, I've still got the final two eps of this year's MasterChef: The Professionals. So much gorgeous looking work there. I'm especially impressed by Louisa and Craig, who've made it through to the final four, at 22 and 21 respectively! Whoever wins, they'll both be chefs to watch out for in the coming years - to be cooking at such a high level so early in their careers is quite remarkable)

What will you be partaking of? ^_^ (Or indeed, already have)
Food preparation is overrated, if you ask me... then again I'm one of those weird people who eat with their mouths and their stomachs, rather than their eyes and their brains. :P

That said, your arrangement there looks very nice.

Myself, I had various "bits" that I don't recall in detail, ranging from smoked roe deer to goose liver pâté, from grilled peppers to (very tasty) shrimp, and from fresh blueberries to roquefort.

Looks delicious!

I'd recommend getting a plug-in induction unit. It sits on a countertop and is basically a stove element. It does need a magnetic pot, but you can take a magnet with you when you go shopping. And it's usually less than $60! I've only used my stove once or twice in the past year, after getting my induction plate.

(Although I imagine your mom would prefer to replace her stove, eventually.)
Most likely, yes, I'll just get a replacement along the lines of what she had - a sort of countertop oven/cooker combo, like an oversize toaster oven, suitable for a full roast, with a couple rings on top. But, that'll have to wait until February. =:P

Interesting to know there are such compact induction units, though! I admit, my cooking heart belongs to gas - I've always loved the perfect controllability, though I imagine induction's probably similarly nimble, without so much of the thermal "momentum" of electric rings, and presumably, a similarly "analogue" nature. (That said, I seem to use the current hob on full a lot of the time =:)
That's lovely about Robin Williams, always one of my favourite people. I hope I can visit the spot in due course.
He's certainly someone I really wish I could've known personally - he seemed like such a genuinely compassionate sort. (My introduction to him, of course, was Mork & Mindy. ^_^ Though I think it may've been Exidor who was the greater influence on me =:)

Golden Gate Park's a real delight - it's easy to spend a day there, just wandering around, enjoying the different nature of the various areas, especially if you're roving with a photographic eye. ^_^ And if you're there around the start of October, there's the completely free Hardly Strictly Bluegrass</i> music festival! (And with any luck, I may even be a local again by then =:)
Mork & Mindy for me, too - I still have a hankering to visit Boulder, Colorado.

I have heard of the festival and it sounds amazing. Maybe one year!

Thanks for the mention. I knew I knew that rabbit, but it took me a little while to dredge up the correct memory of from where ;o)

I may have mentioned this book in the past

but I'll mention it again. Such a wonderful starting point for hours of online searches looking for additional information on her topics! Mine is currently buried somewhere in the Basement of Wonders.

A link failed but amazon.uk.co carries it.

Edited at 2017-12-30 12:28 pm (UTC)
I think I'm going to be hearing that Bunny Bread theme in my head for a lonnnnnnng time.... (not that I'm complaining) .. ^v^
Yanno, that could make a wonderful, brief skit in a furry variety show.. of course, it would have to be introduced as "and now a word from our sponsors". =:)