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w00t! As a surprise, Capcom's kindly sprung the release of Ace Attorney Investigations - this time, starring Miles Edgeworth - upon the iOS gaming community. =:D Having finished off the recently released Spirit of Justice a little while back, I'd resigned myself to another long wait for anything else new (to iOS, that is). It's a free download, including the first episode, with the rest of the cases available for $4 each, or a $12 complete set.

And it came as quite a surprise to discover that, at long last, the BBC has made what looks like (at 665 mins over 6 discs) the complete run of The Adventure Game available on DVD. =:D It probably won't be familiar to many of you, and I ought to remedy that. ^_^ The Wikipedia page does a reasonable job of explaining it in text, but really, the best way to grok it is to watch an episode - I imagine you'll understand the appeal. ^_^ (And I do believe the Red Salamander may've been my first fursuit crush =:)

Yay! I just received notification from AmiAmi that my Revoltech figurine of Judy Hopps is ready to be dispatched. ^_^ That'll hopefully now be here next week sometime.

She-Ra returns! And courtesy of the creator of one of the niftiest comics around, Lumberjanes. =:D The new series will be coming via Netflix. And, MST3K has been renewed for another Netflix season. ^_^

Did you know there's a Ned Flanders-themed metal band, "Okilly Dokilly"?

AirPort PSA: there are new firmware versions out now. ^_^ Launch AirPort Utility, and it'll take care of updating it/them.

Music video of the day clearly has to be Blondie & Joan Jett "Doom or Destiny". =:D “We wanted to comment on the bizarre state of media and news in the current political ‘idiocracy’ we are watching play out in real time,” Debbie Harry, Blondie’s frontwoman, said in a press release. She described the video to i-D as “the most openly political video Blondie has ever done.”

I might have to give these folks a try for wasabi - as in, real wasabi, not the usual horseradish. The catch is that the real stuff doesn't lend itself readily to being pre-prepared - you need to grate it at the table, and the essential taste's apparently dropping off after maybe fifteen minutes. Intriguingly, not only do they sell the stems (technically, not actually roots, but rhizomes), but the plants as well, with a view to growing them at home. AIUI, they're a bit fussy to grow, but not unduly so. Though they note it's best to leave them for two years to mature fully. =:/

A distributed computing effort with a difference: Bail Bloc is a cryptocurrency project funding people's bail.

Yay! Contrary to my expectations, iTunes Extras were added to Tuesday's (US) release of My Little Pony: The Movie. It's the final bit that piqued my interest: "Take a deeper dive with exclusive and in-depth featurettes that showcase the voices and creators of the film. Also, watch a fun music video and watch scenes that didn't make it to the final cut." A commentary track would've been very welcome, but nonetheless, I'll definitely be wanting to see if the missing scenes would've added to the released cut. (I'd especially recommend the deleted scenes from Mystery Men) It doesn't seem to show a 4K release, but it'll be a little while before I could even watch that anyway. =:) Agh, by "scenes", Lionsgate actually means "scene".. ah, not to worry. It's easy enough to see why they dropped it - it's mostly just a minute's exposition about who the four princesses are, capped very nicely by a certain major character.

Yay2! More beer and cider! I've not had anything fermenting in a while now, and finally got that going again, with two more kits: a Scotch Export Ale, and a cider. The ale I've bumped up in strength a bit, and added a little more flavor by boiling 250g of raisins in about 1l of water for some 30 mins, and using some soft brown sugar and medium malt. So, maybe something like a barleywine at the end? We shall see. =:9 The cider was a different kit to the one I've used previously, so the flavor profile might be somewhat different. That I left mostly untouched, aside from more sugar, and a little soft brown when I discovered the OG was rather lighter than I'd anticipated. So, those should be ready to bottle somewhere around Christmas - which probably won't stop me from trying some fresh. =:)

Via CHIRP Radio, a couple seasonal selections: Nick Lowe "Christmas At The Airport", and Devil in a Woodpile "The Pagans Had It Right". ^_^

It won't be valid until Dec 2018, but here's the very new Tube map including the forthcoming Elizabeth line. ^_^

Speaking of London, I may just have to visit God's Own Junkyard someday. It's.. basically a mecca for neon signage. As their site notes, "Chris has made, installed and collected signs that have appeared behind some of the greatest stars. Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jack Nicholson in Batman are just a few that have appeared alongside the collection." (Fascinatingly, I noticed they have a BUNNY sign (820mm x 1270mm, sign number 271) in the roster of neon signs available for rental)

Fascinatingly, I noticed they have a BUNNY sign...

Bunny bread!

Ha! Oh, that's wonderful! Is that a current brand, or a glorious relic? I don't seem to encounter much lapinity in everyday shopping, though I have bought toilet paper with a (naturally) adorable bunny - not a well-known brand (indeed, I can't even remember =:), but it was cheap, and better than the usual brands, with a touch of aloe too.

Oo, I see they are indeed current! I don't recall ever seeing them out in California or Oregon. Maybe I'll have to try ordering some online, just for the sake of it. =:D

I grew up listening to the nonsensical refrain from the radio ads for Bunny Bread (That's what I said... ) as heard in this old tv spot https://youtu.be/aJyVtpLUDpQ

We don't have this bread locally now, so instead I buy Bimbo (actually pronounced Beembo) :o)

Hee! Well, that ad's gone straight into my next entry. ^_^ FSM knows, I'd far sooner have that ditty drilled into me than the Hovis theme (aka Dvorak's New World Symphony to those wot know such things =:) - and as the intro notes, the director of that spot was a certain Mr Scott. ^_^

Ah, now Bimbo I've definitely seen - might've been in Spain, actually, rather than California. Or both. (I am, after all, a bunny of very little brain)
I actually remember watching The Adventure Game.

But I don't think I've seen it since I was a kid.

Major flashbacks when I watched it.

Cool wasabi link. Dog and I were just musing the other day about taking a crack at growing some.
Did you know there's a Ned Flanders-themed metal band, "Okilly Dokilly"?

o_kill would love them I'm sure. ;)
'Fraid I'm not familiar with the name, but the band's certainly much more hardcore than the name might suggest. =:D

Ah, I just meant because of the similarity in name, not necessarily musically (though I wouldn't know for sure).
D'oh! in my defense, I have only had one mug of coffee today. ^_^; (I used to drink way more, probably due to having it so conveniently ready in the carafe. Back in Sussex, I'd usually put a pot on, whether anyone else wanted some or not - it'd get drunk either way =:)

Reminds me, I ought to pick up an espresso maker sometime - trouble is, there's very little space in the kitchen. Pity - a quad shot caramel mocha is an excellent start to any day. =:9
I have been very happy with my Airport. Before it, it was rare for a WAP to last more than about a year, regardless of whether I spent $50 or $150. When the last one died, I bought an Apple Airport, and I believe it is on its third year.

My only problem with it initially was that it only had one external Ethernet port. at that time, we had a satellite receiver and my wife both needing an Ethernet connection. Fortunately my previous WAP's failure was only a casualty of the radio, the wired router still worked fine, so I used that for the first couple of years. A year or so ago my wife's need for an Ethernet cable was eliminated when they finally got the lunar laser ranging control software running on her Mac and we could retire the old Sony Viao, and in October we cancelled the satellite subscription. So now the Ethernet port is all alone!
Yay, almost free of wiring! ^_^ And to think, how exciting it once was to have a multi-megabit wired network in one's warren. Indeed, at one place, I picked up a load of wiring and suchlike the office was throwing out, as it was 10Base-2, and they were moving to 10Base-T. So, we had coax snaking around the edge of the corridor, poking into and out of each door in turn. ^_^ Worked surprisingly reliably, too - I don't recall having any termination issue, which were always the bane of Trilobyte, until the office moved, and - of course - the IT guy took the opportunity to ensure everywhere was wired for 10Base-T.

Are you watching less TV now, or has the satellite been displaced by the likes of Netflix? It'll be interesting to see if satellite subscriptions wind up falling in price, or just go out of business. =:/ The unfortunate thing with the emerging media landscape is the sheer fragmentation - bit by bit, we seem to be heading toward this multitude of services, all clamoring for their $10/mo, with Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney (especially with their Fox partial acquisition), and soon, Apple Video. (And to think, some people still fret over how expensive the BBC is, at something like £15/mo.. I still don't get why they haven't opened up international subscriptions yet. Probably rights issues, as usual, with geographical territoriality still reigning supreme)

I've been very pleased with mine too - I had a previous one, and only replaced it when I bought Hazel, and wanted to buy a Time Capsule, so I gained that backup and 5GHz operation at the same time. The only thing I don't seem to be able to do is turn off 2.4GHz entirely - Hazel, the iPad, and iPhone are all happily on 5GHz, so I don't really need to be contributing to the 2.4GHz clutter. (Still, it's not that bad here - still several SSIDs around, and sadly, all on obvious defaults, with only the roomie's and mine renamed)

I actually have the other problem - a few ethernet ports on it, but only one USB, so it feeds straight into a small hub, and that fans out to the.. four drives on it at the moment, IIRC. Which I must remember to replace at some point - they don't see a lot of use, and it's only TV/film, but still, it leaves me a bit nervous when those drives are 3-6 years old.. ! Sometime in 2018, I'd really like to unify everything into an Unraid box or similar, so everything's protected against drive failures, and everything's available under a single hierarchy, rather than having to think a given file is this old, and so it's probably going to be on this drive. The photography goes onto two-drive RAID pairs, of course, and usually onto another drive as well.
Ferret <3 <3 <3 NEON!
Thanks for that find!
Definitely visit that neon place if it's not too far!