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This is going to be fun. =:D The creators of Ernest & Celestine have a new animated feature coming out, The Big Bad Fox. If you're inclined toward the golden age of Warner Bros, or indeed, Pixar's superlative short, "Presto" (and I am in no way biased =:), this will be one to see. ^_^ It's apparently been picked up for US distribution by GKids, and with a background like that, it's likely to see decent availability worldwide.

What's your "comfort food"? Maybe something you enjoy making for yourself, or simply ordering. For me, if anything, it's probably the fabulously healthy combination of crisps/chips and good beer and cider. Or maybe chicken nuggets, chips/fries, a couple sauces (usually oyster sauce, and something tomatoey), and definitely mayonnaise for the chips. =:9

Egad! I've long felt there's a lamentable lack of sci-fi from British television producers (and, I suppose, there still is), which makes news of Channel 4's Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams all the more surprising: "an anthology series of ten, epic standalone episodes, each set in a different and unique world. Each episode is inspired by one of Philip K. Dick’s renowned short stories and has been adapted by an exciting list of leading British and American writers and directors. The series also features an all-star cast who head up this thrilling, audacious and emotional journey into the far reaches of imagination."

A rather nifty Judy Hopps figure is now available for pre-order! AmiAmi's listing it for 4990¥, which comes to about £35/$45. It's scheduled to be released in December 2017.

Yay beer! Just bottled both the Winter Warmer and stout on Saturday, having added a water brew to the WW of ground cinnamon and cloves on Tuesday, lending it a nicely spiced nature. It finished at a FG of 1.010, which was sweeter than I'd intended, but I think that'll work well with it - it doesn't really seem like a beer that wants to be too dry. That'll be about 7.9%. The stout ran to 1.004, putting it around 8.9%. ^_^ And now there's another cider going - same kit as before, made to a similar strength, with some cinnamon infusion added, and a little more tannin than I've used before.

And they have turned out well! Still very young, of course - they do change in nature quite a bit over the course of a fortnight, let alone a month - but the stout's delightfully rich, without being in the least cloying, with those lovely vanilla notes, and the chocolate hinting at its presence. The barleywine, meanwhile, shows off its Winter Warmer character well, with the clove and cinnamon notes pleasantly evident, without being forthright. If there's any problem with them, it's simply the stout's proving a little on the vigorous side in its secondary fermentation - opening a bottle two days after bottling caused a bit of a fountain effect, leaving me having to stop the bottle with one hand, whilst finding and retrieving the cap with the other. ^_^; Notwithstanding, I'm delighted with how they've both turned out! I'd be happy to be served either of them in a good pub - and even moreso when they cost about 50p/500ml or 70¢/pint. =:D

And Wednesday saw me start another cider - this time, from some rather nice apple juice (Copella), which I noticed was marked down to the point of rendering it not much more expensive than a kit. To drink as is, it's a superb blend, so I'm hoping that'll translate to a noteworthy cider. And it's all being delivered to my door with no delivery fee, along with the rest of the groceries. Yay! (I love shopping, but still, when it comes to hefty purchases, there's no beating having it all brought to the doorstep - usually, I'll tend to place an order including a dozen or so 2l bottles of each of sparkling water and diet cola. Even if I drove, that'd be a chore, let alone hefting that much back on multiple bus trips) Although, minor oops - I'm so used to making up kits that I added 2kg of sugar, forgetting about the juice's own sugars.. so it wound up with an OG of 1.080, so it's liable to be north of 9% ABV. Oh well! And wow, it's turning out very nicely! Not even halfway done yet, at a gravity of 1.054 on Saturday, but it's fizzing away merrily. If you're familiar with Copella's apple juice, it's much as you'd expect, with that lovely mild tartness. I'll have to see when that offer ends - I might well get another batch going once this one's done, if it turns out as well as it's hinting. =:9 (Aha! The offer expires on Sep 5. The issue being that as it's just juice, no preservatives, it's unsuited to just being left at room temperature - unless it's fermenting =:)

Here's a fun music video, from a band I'd never heard of before: Calamari Tofu Party - MARS. The video's a sort of homage to classic sci-fi serials, if they were produced with current day production values. For a zero budget indie production, it's all the more impressive. ^_^ And if you're interested, here's a quick making-of video, and its own site, including video logs, and its own (HTML5, not Flash!) game. =:D

Am I correct in thinking there's currently no way to buy Sense8, only streamed from Netflix? At least, it seems to be absent from iTunes and Amazon, which feels like a bit of a clue. Rather frustrating, as I'd happily give them money for a download, even moreso if it came with commentaries - for a production like that, I'd love to hear from the cinematographers just as much as the actors, writers, and directors. At least there are 2160p 10-bit H.265 copies of season 1 out there..

Aahh, I've definitely got plenty to look forward to with Sense8, no question - even just midway through the second episode, I'm struck by how many of the characters I actually care about, in a few instances, resonating with me personally. And the presence of San Francisco definitely doesn't hurt - seeing so many places I'm so familiar with helps bring an additional bond. Perhaps by the time I finish it all, there'll even be more Steven Universe. =:)

I don't know if you'll receive the same mailshot if you sign up for their mailing list now, but a couple days ago, Packt Publishing sent out a mailshot with a 90% off code on all their ebooks. If there's a programming-related subject you're interested in, you might want to take advantage of that. ^_^ The promo lasts until - well, they're being a bit coy, but "48 hours" suggests only the weekend.

The monitor arrived safely, yay! Though the supplied cable seems a bit twitchy, occasionally dropping the signal. =:P Not to worry - I also ordered a longer cable, with use downstairs. (Which, curiously, got delivered in a separate dropoff from the monitor, a couple hours later. Same consignment, same courier) Overall: I'm delighted! The panel appears to be perfect, so I don't have to suppress any eye-twitching on seeing that stuck pixel every time I look at it. =:) The menu UX is nicely thought out, too - there are simply five tiny, unmarked buttons on the lower right edge. Press any of them, and the menu appears, along with icons showing the current function of each of them. The speakers are much as you'd expect, and now muted. The resolution's good, but I can easily see why folk go for 5K and higher on displays like this, and larger, as it offers 2560x1440 in 23.8", whilst Hazel gives 2880x1800 in 15", and the iPad Air 2048x1536 in 9.7"; being able to see pixels again is a bit of a surprise. =:) The quality of the panel is very pleasing. I haven't run any kind of calibration or gamut test on it, but colors are as rich as you'd hope, with good contrast, whilst maintaining actual blacks. The finish is a gentle matte, which nonetheless doesn't take too much away from the vibrancy, and works well for my purposes, as I currently have to have the window behind me as I work, leaving the window only showing quite vaguely. I'll be looking forward to trying it with Aperture sometime. (Who knows? Maybe I'll get some travel photos up someday, like the ovens at what was the Italian-French Bakery in North Beach, dating from before the 'quake)

Though it does have an interesting concept of brightness, with 0 being a comfortable level for me. ^_^; And wow.. does color calibration make a difference! After putting it into sRGB mode and running macOS' calibration on it (System Preferences > Display > Color, and option click on Calibrate to bring up the advanced options), the two displays are actually quite nicely matched. =:D Not perfect, but I'm comfortable with it. ^_^

Where, beside LJ, are good places for discussion and discourse? I'm not looking for anywhere real-time, like Telegram, Discord, Skype, and so forth - forums would be welcome, or indeed, simply discussions by email. (And whilst I've just said "no chats", I do wonder about SL as being an option, given the wonderful immersivity of the environment, and the ability to be present as an av more congruent with your nature)

Has anyone tried RedBubble's shirts? I'm curious to know how their wares are for quality of the shirts, and the durability of the printing process they use. I love the designs offered by WeLoveFine, but the shirts are often quite thin, and prone to acquiring holes spontaneously, as happened to two of the ones I received in January. =:P (Yay, they finally showed up! Quality looks fine, and made in the US, so hopefully not the absolute cheapest they can get away with. Happily, the fit seems accurate to what their sizing chart indicates)

Here's rather a neat little article on Siri's voice, from a technical perspective, going into some detail in the methods used in the synthesis systems used in iOS 9, 10, and 11. If you simply want to hear the changes, there's a little table of sample phrases spoken by the US female Siri in each OS - it's quite remarkable just how much it's changed in but a few years! (It's worth noting, perhaps, that the base human voice used in iOS 11 changed, so she does sound different, in addition to the substantial upgrade behind the scenes)

Out of geeky curiosity, I sort of need to find out why O'Reilly's "Learning FPGAs" has varied so widely in filesize over its release. =:) I bought it last November under their "early release" banner - essentially, still a work in progress - and the first download I saw was 5.4MB, followed in Feb 2017 at 6.5MB. Then, June's update swelled it to 62MB, and the first edition release now weighs in at 28.2MB. ^_^; Perhaps text compression was turned off for the third, and maybe more diagrams and photos in the actual release? In any event, it's a fascinating work, though with the significant caveat that it's based around Mojo, not Verilog.

A friend wants me to point out their online business, which has been running successfully for several years now: PantySalad, with literally thousands of lines of panties to choose from. ^_^

Via aurifer, this WIP furry 2D adventure title looks like it could be rather good fun: Winds of Change. Interestingly, the developer's helping funding its development by way of Patreon. However, there's no information as to what platform(s) it's for, which leaves me with that sinking suspicion it could be Windows-only.

Ooo.. if you're within reach of London, the Prince Charles Cinema is showing Oxide Ghosts: The Brass Eye Tapes, a retrospective on Chris Morris' seminal satirical news show, pieced together by the director of the series, who'll also be holding a Q&A session after the screening. Only two showings, and the 1830's already sold out, leaving the one at 2100. And, I'm informed the same shindig is on in Oxford the following day, at the Ultimate Picture Palace, which looks like a perfectly snug setting for such a Q&A. ^_^

Pony! Triple Threat - the problem with this ep was, unfortunately, its foundation: why did Spike feel so strongly that Ember and Thorax wouldn't get along, to the rather extreme extent of endeavoring to keep them separated and unaware of each other's presence in Ponyville? So, there was a lot of time frittered away on the nervousness of that situation, until the final third, which was actually handled surprisingly well. It wasn't a disaster of an episode, certainly, with enough good comic moments to keep it afloat, but it felt rather a weak use of two particularly enjoyable side-characters, with the viewer inevitably feeling their mounting frustration.

Bah. I finally realised that, having used my domain for LJ image hosting (there's LJ's own, of course, which I suppose I otter use more, but it's nice to have it under one's own control) over 2017, if I set up a commercial site again, and point my domain there, all those images will break. =:P So, I finally picked up another domain - only my third ever, so far: bunnycore.com. I haven't set anything up with it as yet, but I may well get it set up with the same hosting provider, given that works out all but free. Email I'll have to think about. I'm not overly enthused about using Google's services, but if I can add it to my mail hosting there, that'd make the most sense, given I don't really intend to use it, so much as provide a contact point for the domain.

All that said, I may simply try commercialising my photography with a site like etsy, to begin with - that way, I'm not out $25-35/mo just for their service, meaning I'd have to sell several prints before even turning a profit. But are prints even something I should focus on? I'm wondering about more "practical" items, like phone cases (c'mon, "Momentary" would make a brilliant phone case =:) and t-shirts. I also feel it could make an amazing bag, but I'd prefer something a bit more special than just the usual tote bags you see around. And how about a coffee table book? Rather than buying just a framed print or two, you could see a good selection of bunnitude. What might pique your interest?

On that note..

Poll #2071850 A domain of our own

How many domains do you own?

6 or more
Where, beside LJ, are good places for discussion and discourse?

Depends on what you want to talk about, I'd say...!

Has anyone tried RedBubble's shirts?

I have one shirt they made, yes. It's fine, really — not the best shirt I've ever owned, but not the worst either. All shirts will deteriorate eventually (especially if wash them the wrong way), but this one's still holding up well.

O'Reilly's "Learning FPGAs"

Heh, if there was ever a book that was "you", it sure is this!
That's a very good point. ^_^ I think, in my case, it's less the subject, than the participants - or maybe, no, it's both, or either. =:/ Furriness is fairly central to my being, as you can appreciate, but I suppose I'd be open to sharing just what that means to me, and has brought me, to folk outside our fuzzy domain. =:) Indeed, SLU's proven to be quite a home from home, with at least as cohesive a community as here.

Mm, wear's absolutely to be expected - with the exception of the ASB shirts. I've got a couple from the original issue around 1999 which are still in very good shape, though the printing is getting quite mottled at this point. The downside, I suppose, is they do also feel quite heavyweight. That's encouraging word, though. I may well pick up a few more from them - I adore Peggy's designs, so maybe a couple spares or different cuts would be in order.

*grin* I'm really enjoying what I'm learning about FPGA design so far, no question - it's that ultimate pinnacle of perfect code efficiency, expressed directly in terms of gates, with all (to a reasonable degree) of the flexibility that entails, with the tradeoff being nothing beneath you. (And my understanding is that some popular SoCs even include some FPGA functionality, even in phones, for reconfigurable logic on the fly. In turn, FPGAs are becoming more hybrid, with some DSP and even outright CPU cores, so designers get to put together precisely what they need. And ARM's top of the list, yay! But there's still SPARC, given its licensing. Though ISTR at least some of that family lack out of order execution, which saves hugely on silicon - it's a complex task - but at the cost of compiler complexity for optimal code efficiency)
I happen to know he uses RPG Maker for a lot of his stuff, so it might be that you can use something like mkxp to convert the game into something playable on Mac and Linux. I'll have to experiment, sometime, to make sure.
Ahh, indeed! ISTR that's viable with RPG Maker, though I could be thinking of a different environment. Certainly would be nice, and being able to expand his audience for next to no development cost would surely be a win for everyone. ^_^ (By the same token, if I ever delved into 3D again, I'd go with Unity - being so readily deployable on just about anything from toasters upwards is so nifty, leaving the lower level mechanics to them, including the most efficient means of communicating with the underlying OS, whether that's OpenGL, Metal, Vulkan, or DirectX) I just hope it's not too male-weighted; but I'd probably enjoy it regardless. ^_^
It was developed by a gay male who seems to have a thing for thin guys with bare midriffs, so that's most of what you see. Thankfully, this title features a woman in an important role. (Though I have no idea how often, if ever, you'll temporarily lose party members during the story.)
You definitely win the prize for Most Eclectic Post of the Day. :)

And you still use Aperture! I remain annoyed with Apple for discontinuing that lovely program.

As for online discourse, Facebook has killed nearly all of it. One of the reasons I hold on to LJ so tightly ...
*giggle* It does sometimes sort of turn out that way, I'm afraid. ^_^; I'd prefer to post a bit more often, but it just never seems to quite work out.

Yep! Love it. ^_^ Everywhere I go, migrators lament how good Aperture was (is!) at organisation, and that's really my priority, though its processing features remain first class. I've seen rumors there was an Aperture 4 ready to roll, but was canned before its debut, perhaps to emphasise iPhone's role in photography. =:/ And indeed, it's amazing what small sensors can do now, especially considering how perfunctory the iPhone 3G's camera was - it took photos, and that's about as much as can be said for it. Now? You can get magazine covers off them. =:D And true, the DoF cheat is a huge hack, but it's a fun - and nicely effective - one.

Egh, The Place That Shall Not Be Named. =:P Thankfully, there remain good communities independent of voracious datamining operations. ^_^ (Another reason, perhaps, I love SLU so - it's a purely independent effort, maintained by one sysop, plus the help of some users who help keep it spam-free, as his google-fu is ridiculously good (political discussions may appear on that search engine's front page), and there's a very strong community feel to it, exemplified by a few folk getting into tough times, and being helped out by everyone chipping in)

I'm vaguely wondering what kind of SL av you might assume. =:) Other than human, hmm.. I'm leaning toward maybe cougar, or snow leopard. ^_^ Or indeed, somewhere in the wolf family.
Wolves are #BestFuzzies in SL after all! ;-)

Lovely post, the brewing updates are especially welcomed. I'm nibbling on a bit of Lagavulin atm, but dreaming imperial stout dreams, being tragically out of both Knee Deep's Tanilla (which is actually an imperial porter, not sure how that works TBH)and Ballast Point's Victory At Sea. A most horrible state of affairs, I assure you ;-)

I think I have 3 domains left, I've had quite a few over the decades.

caspeed.com for my motorhead stuff, very stale as I don't race any more
(redacted).com for my professional site from back when I was consulting and finally, and most germain to your post above:
awesomepub.com, which I've parked and left as a someday URL :)

Winds of Change reminds me sort of Morenatsu only adventure RP vs. romance, artwork looks familiar too? Could be fun if it's not too formulaic, I guess we'll see next year how that all works out...

I recall Apple hiring all but one of the voice team from the company I was working at ~7 years ago. It was a great for them moment, but jeesh what a hole it left for us to fill...

The Judy figurine is lovely, very nicely done. I'm going to hold off for the wolves though, sometimes ya just gotta Awoooo! :P


Edited at 2017-08-27 04:12 am (UTC)
Really slurprised to hear you rarr down to 3 domainz!
Comfort Food ... wow.. hmmm... well, one used to be those Almond M&Ms, but since I learned that almonds are one of the highest things in oxalate, I've cut them back severely (maybe 1 almond a week vs several dozens before) ... the next comfort food I can think of is cheddar or jack cheese sprinkled with Garlic-Paprika-Parmesan-Romano sprinkles (something our dad showed us).. This combo is found in the Schilling condiment "Salad Supreme" ... Surely I've got other comfort foods too... like the Old Spaghetti Factory's steamed broccoli with mizithra-olive oil-browned butter... :9 .... I also like ambrosia salad but I don't get to it very often... oh, and a really good Milk Shake is always a fave ^v^ ...

I'm guessing your monitor is solid at correct color temperatures? :>

re other sites for discussion.... Blogspot seems to have some good threads... can be very captivatingly consuming... I've got some pen pals on F.A. messaging also (when time allows).
Kudos on seeing the potential in S.L. as well.... in act I was quite hooked on there for many years, as indeed it's great to "be" a living avatar/cartoon as you interact. Similar to LJ though, the site itself has made changes such that it has causes quite an exodus over the years... but ALSO like LJ, there's still plenty about it to enjoy if you can find the people..

Surprised to hear you are only at your 3rd domain name! I guess I'd assumed because that one you had before was such a fine match and even lucrative, that you'd had more...
I would get into a mood and binge a bit on buying sites... not with the idea of reselling, but because I loved the name, to simply utilize them. This has only happened with a few though, and I did sell two of them so far (only for a couple hundred each... I guess some people make a lot more, but like I said, I'm not really into a business model mode of buy-to-sell). I do have about 25 or so.
At one time I managed a site that had about 60 names, so maybe that has something to do with having a few sites being in my comfort zone :}

Best of wishes with the Etsy!
I can not recommend more *AGAINST* using Red Bubble. Their quality control is terrible. They 'forget' to pay tax on international shipping after saying they will. And they are well known for lax attitudes about artists's copyright ownership or trademarks.
Sounds like you've been busy there lately. ^^

I've been watching Winds of Change and Major Minor.
Haven't really had much interest in playing either, but have enjoyed watching them develop and watching others play.
I believe both are PC only, but I can't say for sure.

Hope that your photography sales go well for you there.
I've been thinking about doing the same here, but haven't really figured out the best way to go about selling such here. Seems like it would be fun though.
I found out recently that Major\Minor is now free to play on Android. I haven't tried it myself, though I heard they had to change a couple things to make it work.
Urgh, the evil that is evilFB.

With apologies if you are already there under a different username and my memory for names is playing its usual tricks, but Dreamwidth.org is a fork of the LJ code and not doing evil things.

You look to be virtually the only person on my list who is continuing to use LJ rather than DW, so my visits here are going to get very occasional.

Quite shocked that there are only two people on six or more domain names...