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The game's afoot! The WSJ is reporting that Apple is allocating $1b to original television programming, supposedly for up to ten shows; a fraction of Netflix's current $3b budget, though even they're outspent by HBO, which budgets an estimated $10m per episode of Game of Thrones. ^_^; I'm pleased to see this, even if it does mean an increase in the fragmentation of TV programming - Apple's clearly got the financial means, and as we see from the likes of GoT and Westworld, TV can get very expensive if you're planning a major production, let alone big-budget cinematic offerings. They'd earlier indicated that's the kind of league they're aiming for - if the executives in charge of making the actual greenlighting decisions have a similarly broad mandate as in the past, there could be some good work ahead. I wonder whenabouts the first offerings will debut? Presumably, given the kind of production timescales involved, at least a year from now, for anything major. I wonder if they'd be up for giving the new Dredd a home.. =:D

BofA may be a somewhat evil financial institution, but, I'll admit, their Museums on Us perk is welcome - on the first weekend of the month, cardholders can get free admission to participating museums. In SF's case, that's the Contemporary Jewish Museum (which held a notable Kubrick exhibition in 2016 that I failed to get to see), de Young, and Legion of Honor. (In the de Young's case, that saves you $15. Only good for the cardholder, though, no guests)

Aah, got to love it.. I reported a pub locally to Apple Maps as being under new ownership, noting what they were currently listed as, and what they were becoming (and have now done so, with something like a month-long refit in the interim). I received notification the error had been corrected. Checking, I discovered they'd somehow regressed it to what the place had been before its previous incarnation, which began in 2008.. O.o;

Here's a comic to try: Mascot Hell, by Eva di Pace, set in the dense slums of a near-future Hong Kong, where all the "Mascots" were pushed away to, once their manufacture was outlawed. It does get quite dark in places, be warned - Blade Runner looks rather happy in comparison, at times, but there's also great fondness admist the dangers. There are only a couple dozen pages to catch up with at the moment, so you'll be able to get up to speed quickly. One caveat: some pages are tagged as "mature", requiring an account - they're easy to set up, thankfully: just email and password, and you're done.

I was looking around for a monitor (basically as a second display whilst programming), noticed one from a preferred vendor that seemed to fit my needs - the Asus VX24AH - and just for fun, thought I'd check the Amazon listing as well, mostly for the reviews. They list it, unsurprisingly more expensively - a 15% markup on the one I'd just seen. Amusingly, it's even sold by the same company. =:D I'd actually prefer something a bit smaller, but it's difficult to find much by way of smaller monitors that don't have horribly low resolution, often only 1440x900 - which is fine for video, but otherwise, on a 20" panel? O.o (Of course, what Hazel can actually drive is another matter - looks like something 4K or so is only at 30Hz, but I'm hoping more modestly - at least HD, if not 1.5x. Indeed, the Asus is 2560x1440, which'd be ferpect) Anyway, we'll see how it works out - there should be one turning up on the morrow. ^_^

Pony! "Fame and Misfortune" - maybe not a standout episode, but in the upper decks. It was perhaps a little slow to get going, but the degree of repetition involved didn't feel cumbersome, as the problem wasn't quite as directly outlined as in S7's early episodes, so when it was (of course) spelled out, it still felt reasonably natural a deduction. The song was one I've saved. And the ending was amusingly inconclusive - which I'm perfectly fine with, as it feels a lot more realistic than suddenly being able to convince everypony that they're missing the woods for the trees. It's certainly good for MLP to offer up lessons, but there's nothing wrong at all in also admitting that some situations are tricky to solve.
The SF MOMA is kinda my fav museum, fond memories of the amazing René Magritte show there some 17? years ago still linger :)

Ohhh beer! Which pub pray tell? Wolves need to know!

I'm still rather pleased with the Samsung 2K IPS monitor I got some 4 years ago (eep! flies time!), though it is a rather huge, if nicely thin, bit of glass. Seems like it's 4K or Bust now-adays. Time to uber-up on the graphics card I suppose...

I've watched exactly 0 episodes of MLP, just absorbed it through the fandom, in which is rather and happily, unavoidable. Leaves me cognizant of the characters and some of the story lines, but I miss out on the details and subtitles of the MLP fandom as a result.

That comic does look rather interesting, TY for the pro tip on that, I'll check it out :)

My current fuzzy comics list include Carry On, 21st Century Fox, Curtailed, Anaria, Jan's Nine to Nine + Swords and Sausages, Kaerwyn, Tamberlane and a few others, mostly via Patreon.


Edited at 2017-08-17 02:59 am (UTC)
I've still barely gone to the SF MOMA! ^_^; That was for an exhibition on wine through the ages, or perhaps, inspired by - it wasn't a historical retrospective, but an exhibition of sculptures and glasswork. I just always seem to forget about San Francisco's museums - something I definitely ought to remedy. And thus far, I don't believe I've ever been to the de Young, Legion of Honor, or the Contemporary Jewish Museum (and I'm still kicking myself at missing the Kubrick exhibition.. John Gruber's review thereof was glowing). Ah well. I sort of try to make up for that with the London ones, especially the V&A, British Museum, NHM, and Science Museum. (And all free, though they do reasonably request donations and invite memberships - FSM knows, their upkeep costs must be tremendous)

I doubt I could even drive 4K with Hazel. ^_^; It's amazing, to think only twenty years ago, if you wanted an external monitor, it was very likely to be a CRT, and probably as large at 17" - anything larger, and you were going to need to be (at least, in an office) a graphics-based professional, or merely an executive. And didn't those 24" CRT monitors weigh a ton? ^_^;

And the monitor's arrived, yay! Everything seems perfect, notably the panel itself. Quite a cool bit of UX on the controls, which are just five unmarked buttons. Press any of them, and up comes the menu, and icons above each showing their current function.

Ahh, I got caught by MLP fairly early. =:) I think it was probably loganberrybunny, maybe schnee as well. Steven Universe, I'm not quite sure - possibly jenn_dolari. I fetched some episodes, found it a bit confusing, left them for a few months, came back, and went through all of the first season, followed by everything else, over the course of the next few weeks. =:D

Hmm! Several there I'm not familiar with. (Not that I'm exactly lacking in comics to read.. =:) Of those, I follow Curtailed (ah, I hope it returns regularly someday), NtN & SaS, and Tamberlane. I'll take a look at the others. ^_^ Patreon's a great idea, but agh, it's difficult choosing which to support - it definitely adds up quickly, even with $1-2 pledges. I've pondered one for my photography, but I'm not sure what kind of arrangement or perks to offer, given I can't really conjure up a request, as an artist or writer can. Maybe postcards? They wouldn't be too expensive to produce (though good quality printing is never cheap, nor good paper/card), and much easier to send than full-size prints.. of course, whether anyone could be induced to subscribe is another matter. ^_^;