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Coens, Cornwall, and beep beep beep beep

Um. Remember that line about "doing better next time"?

Lisa Simpson will deliver this year's alternative Christmas Message on C4, calling for Freedom for Cornwall. Cornish is spoken by so few, yet such an elegant tongue.

Oooooh. The next Coen Brothers movie, Paris, je t'aime will be an anthology, featuring multiple directors' work. Those involved include Mamoru Oshii (Avalon, Ghost in the Shell), Jean-Luc Goddard (needs no introduction), and Michel Gondry (Bjork "Bachelorette", "Human Behaviour"; Chemical Brothers "Star Guitar", "Let Forever Be"; Smirnoff TV spot; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, etc).

The classic adventures of MixerMan as he struggles with an inept band, high on advance royalties from a major label, are at long last continued here. Highly recommended - no knowledge of the music industry required, although if you're connected, you might enjoy trying to guess who Marv Ellis, Willy Show, and the rest of the gang are.

Ye gods, talk about ubiquity.. in Taiwan, you'll soon be able to buy iPod minis at 7-Elevens. And look, here's a genuine Panaphonics, and Sorny, and Magnetbox! (Be sure to check out the Poly Station, the Cannon camera (with "Beep Beep Sound", apparently), and the Pocket Money shirt)

Here - have a (very small) picture of a hat. Yes, it's made of what you think it's made of. ^_^

This week's Slow Wave dream has a furry twist.. (archive link here) And Speed Bump has the meat industry striking back. Yummy!

An interesting glimpse at Vedic mathematics: "The controversy arises because some people question how a cryptic Sanskrit verse that means several things can be safely interpreted as an arithmetic shortcut. For example, there is a verse in the Vedas (scriptures) that praises Lord Krishna in the Vedas. If the Sanskrit words are interpreted, the verse gives the value of pi to 30 decimal points. My point is that a verse may extol a god, but ... if it also gives the value of pi to 30 decimals, it cannot be a coincidence or desperate translation."

Gundam mascot computer case: "The life sized replica of Haro, features arms and legs that open and extend by remote control and can repeat 21 different phrases spoken by original Haro voice actress, Sane Takagi."

A couple small OS X furry games.. a demo of a simple puzzle game, NekoPuzzle, and Alien Rat's Yagol. (The latter also offering Alien Rat t-shirts)

Esoteric Humor Time! If you've enjoyed Azumanga Daioh, and know who Ellen Feiss is, this video clip (1.5MB MPEG-4) will be hilarious. Otherwise, you'll just be left wondering. It's part of this anime music video (63MB MPEG-4/MP3 AVI).

Caption this. ^_^

Eternal Gaze looks like a promising source of general news on the CG movie front. Amongst other news, it's currently making mention of Final Fantasy: Advent's Children, Square Enix's first foray into the FF7 world since The Spirits Within, due to be released on DVD in Japan later this summer. Also noteworthy is a cute little PVR with a 3.5" LCD and 20GB drive, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 compatible, for £299.

marko_the_rat might like Squibb Squirrel's collection of rat-themed drawings for a local organisation.. very cute.

Hey stego_s_aurus! The Company of Wolves is finally out on DVD! And akira114 may be pleased to learn there's a two-disc 40th anniversary edition of Dr Strangelove being prepared, for release on Nov 2; no other details yet.

MirrorMask looks like it might be worth waiting for, with the designer of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth behind it, along with Dave McKean, and produced by Henson Associates.

A Linux system on a Compact Flash card. Very neat. Be warned, though: the page design is fairly eye-watering.

On a differently geeky note, I was pleased to see Tiger will finally offer OpenAL support. Some of the other goodies sound cool, too, though it's CoreVideo - analogous to CoreAudio - which caught my interest in the WWDC 2004 keynote, layering various complex video effects on each other, the application itself only being a tiny affair, with the heavy work performed by the graphics processor, rather than the CPU. (Hence the eye candy shown by the appearance and disappearance of desktop widgets, which gave a brief ripple on the screen around them as they arrived or left)

Quite a neat little look at flash mobs forming a musical audience: guerilla gigs. "The lifeblood of a resurgent London music scene, guerrilla gigs came to prominence when one of the capital's hottest new acts, The Others, last month commandeered two London Underground carriages to perform an impromptu set for 200 fans."

And amongst other films enjoyed during akira114's visit:

A drama/comedy set on the boundaries between Palestine and Israel, with more than a nod to Jacques Tati, Divine Intervention
Don Knotts not playing a turtle in The Private Eyes
.. and perhaps Alex Proyas' pinnacle, Dark City.

Not to mention, of course, the complete run of Angelic Layer and the somewhat darker Narutaru, more Papuwa, and a good little run of Nanami-chan; and, a particular treat for me, getting to learn of Ernie Kovacs for the first time. I don't know how well known he is, but I'd guess his mention would draw a blank with most folks - a great TV comedian from the early 1960s (and beyond, save for a car accident) reminiscent of a mellow Spike Milligan in style, though rather more debonaire in appearance. :)

Oh, toraneko will love this.. Verizon and Virgin Mobile (in the US) now offer a service that will ring you up on your cellphone, prompting you with dialogue for an "escape route" from a date gone bad. Sounds like something Matt Groening might come up with. Ye gods..

Wow. Rob Enderle seems to be overdosing on Dvorak's medications.. his SCO Forum keynote is quite wonderful.

This story requires a strong constitution.. at 4'10" and 480lb, and literally not having left the sofa in six years, "Unable to separate the skin of the 39-year-old woman from her sofa, 12 Martin County Fire-Rescue workers slid both onto a trailer and hauled her behind a pickup to Martin Memorial Hospital South."
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