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Um. Remember that line about "doing better next time"?

Lisa Simpson will deliver this year's alternative Christmas Message on C4, calling for Freedom for Cornwall. Cornish is spoken by so few, yet such an elegant tongue.

Oooooh. The next Coen Brothers movie, Paris, je t'aime will be an anthology, featuring multiple directors' work. Those involved include Mamoru Oshii (Avalon, Ghost in the Shell), Jean-Luc Goddard (needs no introduction), and Michel Gondry (Bjork "Bachelorette", "Human Behaviour"; Chemical Brothers "Star Guitar", "Let Forever Be"; Smirnoff TV spot; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, etc).

The classic adventures of MixerMan as he struggles with an inept band, high on advance royalties from a major label, are at long last continued here. Highly recommended - no knowledge of the music industry required, although if you're connected, you might enjoy trying to guess who Marv Ellis, Willy Show, and the rest of the gang are.

Ye gods, talk about ubiquity.. in Taiwan, you'll soon be able to buy iPod minis at 7-Elevens. And look, here's a genuine Panaphonics, and Sorny, and Magnetbox! (Be sure to check out the Poly Station, the Cannon camera (with "Beep Beep Sound", apparently), and the Pocket Money shirt)

Here - have a (very small) picture of a hat. Yes, it's made of what you think it's made of. ^_^

This week's Slow Wave dream has a furry twist.. (archive link here) And Speed Bump has the meat industry striking back. Yummy!

An interesting glimpse at Vedic mathematics: "The controversy arises because some people question how a cryptic Sanskrit verse that means several things can be safely interpreted as an arithmetic shortcut. For example, there is a verse in the Vedas (scriptures) that praises Lord Krishna in the Vedas. If the Sanskrit words are interpreted, the verse gives the value of pi to 30 decimal points. My point is that a verse may extol a god, but ... if it also gives the value of pi to 30 decimals, it cannot be a coincidence or desperate translation."

Gundam mascot computer case: "The life sized replica of Haro, features arms and legs that open and extend by remote control and can repeat 21 different phrases spoken by original Haro voice actress, Sane Takagi."

A couple small OS X furry games.. a demo of a simple puzzle game, NekoPuzzle, and Alien Rat's Yagol. (The latter also offering Alien Rat t-shirts)

Esoteric Humor Time! If you've enjoyed Azumanga Daioh, and know who Ellen Feiss is, this video clip (1.5MB MPEG-4) will be hilarious. Otherwise, you'll just be left wondering. It's part of this anime music video (63MB MPEG-4/MP3 AVI).

Caption this. ^_^

Eternal Gaze looks like a promising source of general news on the CG movie front. Amongst other news, it's currently making mention of Final Fantasy: Advent's Children, Square Enix's first foray into the FF7 world since The Spirits Within, due to be released on DVD in Japan later this summer. Also noteworthy is a cute little PVR with a 3.5" LCD and 20GB drive, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 compatible, for £299.

marko_the_rat might like Squibb Squirrel's collection of rat-themed drawings for a local organisation.. very cute.

Hey stego_s_aurus! The Company of Wolves is finally out on DVD! And akira114 may be pleased to learn there's a two-disc 40th anniversary edition of Dr Strangelove being prepared, for release on Nov 2; no other details yet.

MirrorMask looks like it might be worth waiting for, with the designer of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth behind it, along with Dave McKean, and produced by Henson Associates.

A Linux system on a Compact Flash card. Very neat. Be warned, though: the page design is fairly eye-watering.

On a differently geeky note, I was pleased to see Tiger will finally offer OpenAL support. Some of the other goodies sound cool, too, though it's CoreVideo - analogous to CoreAudio - which caught my interest in the WWDC 2004 keynote, layering various complex video effects on each other, the application itself only being a tiny affair, with the heavy work performed by the graphics processor, rather than the CPU. (Hence the eye candy shown by the appearance and disappearance of desktop widgets, which gave a brief ripple on the screen around them as they arrived or left)

Quite a neat little look at flash mobs forming a musical audience: guerilla gigs. "The lifeblood of a resurgent London music scene, guerrilla gigs came to prominence when one of the capital's hottest new acts, The Others, last month commandeered two London Underground carriages to perform an impromptu set for 200 fans."

And amongst other films enjoyed during akira114's visit:

A drama/comedy set on the boundaries between Palestine and Israel, with more than a nod to Jacques Tati, Divine Intervention
Don Knotts not playing a turtle in The Private Eyes
.. and perhaps Alex Proyas' pinnacle, Dark City.

Not to mention, of course, the complete run of Angelic Layer and the somewhat darker Narutaru, more Papuwa, and a good little run of Nanami-chan; and, a particular treat for me, getting to learn of Ernie Kovacs for the first time. I don't know how well known he is, but I'd guess his mention would draw a blank with most folks - a great TV comedian from the early 1960s (and beyond, save for a car accident) reminiscent of a mellow Spike Milligan in style, though rather more debonaire in appearance. :)

Oh, toraneko will love this.. Verizon and Virgin Mobile (in the US) now offer a service that will ring you up on your cellphone, prompting you with dialogue for an "escape route" from a date gone bad. Sounds like something Matt Groening might come up with. Ye gods..

Wow. Rob Enderle seems to be overdosing on Dvorak's medications.. his SCO Forum keynote is quite wonderful.

This story requires a strong constitution.. at 4'10" and 480lb, and literally not having left the sofa in six years, "Unable to separate the skin of the 39-year-old woman from her sofa, 12 Martin County Fire-Rescue workers slid both onto a trailer and hauled her behind a pickup to Martin Memorial Hospital South."
Caption this, huh?
I think the url does it well enough


Of course, I'm in a slightly bitter mood at this moment (See most recent entry).

4'10" and 480lb,

okay, I'm 5' 11 3/4" (I know, why not just say I'm 6' and be done with it?) and 265 (*pouts* I put 15 back on.) and that feels to fat for me. I want to start running (become the wind, much? I blame Haruka and Mune!) but after babysitting cretins for 8 hours, I'm not in the mood.

BUt that's just nasty.
No... I take that back

Unable to separate the skin of the 39-year-old woman from her sofa,

THAT is just nasty.
Not exercising, bad diets.. that's nothing uncommon, and doesn't usually mean the end of the world. But to literally not have left the couch in all that time, not even for the toilet.. gods. If she'd been forced into that condition, it'd have been torture, by anyone's standards. If there's an afterlife, hopefully she's faring better now.

Hmm. Is the weather good enough for hiking or suchlike? That might be a fun way to spend a weekend with Rabbitswift, ne? Especially with a good tent - could just pop it up somewhere, and make a full weekend of it, maybe even getting to see some more shy wildlife into the bargain. (Here, it's been - well, highly unpredictable, but with a fair bit of rain, so not exactly ideal camping or hiking weather - hardcore ramblers would doubtless disagree :)
True, but I still think it's nasty.

Is the weather good enough for hiking or suchlike?

Usually but when you've spent 8+ hours each and every day babysitting people older than you who have no common sence, you really just want to lounge on your day off. Like today. I was supposed to finish cleaning my room. What did I do? Read the entire Suburban Jungle archive.

That might be a fun way to spend a weekend with Rabbitswift, ne? Especially with a good tent - could just pop it up somewhere, and make a full weekend of it, maybe even getting to see some more shy wildlife into the bargain.

We;d have to make a week of it because I'd want to go back east (Appalacian Mountains and all... beautiful wildlife) and go there.
Oh, I want that 'Pocket Money' outfit!

Did you click on the link with 'NEW' beside it? Real live fluffy chicks, painted pink. Ye Gods.
It did catch my eye.. ^_^ Oh, to be able to roam around Hong Kong with a camera. (Pity it doesn't note where the pictures were taken - or maybe it does, but not in a way I can understand. The packaging shouts out "China" to me, though) Which pokemon would you be in that universe, then? I think I'd likely be Mew - or Mewtwo.

And I did stumble upon those chicks, yes! O.o I'm left wondering quite what's going on there.. that said, I think I'd like to give some of those colors a try myself. ^_^ (Once I'm in a slightly more metropolitan locale, I think)
Well, when verlaine named all his Sapphire Pokémon after members of his Friends list, I was a Zigzagoon. I see myself as more of a Growlithe really.
Gay's Lion Farm? No caption I think up is going to be adequate.

Watching 'Dark City' always makes me think of you :)
*giggle* It makes its own gravy, so to speak. ^_^

Hee! Okay, now I'm intrigued.. how so? Richard O'Brien? ^_^ Ahh, he's always such fun.

I had the good fortune of first seeing it in the perfect venue: the California Theater in downtown Berkeley, on the upstairs screen. It dates from somewhere vaguely in the 1930s, so the surroundings blended perfectly with the film. And, by chance, I missed the first thirty seconds or so, and thus didn't hear that irksome giveaway opening monologue by the Doctor - which Alex Proyas notes in his commentary was a studio imposition, as they feared audiences would get confused without it. **sigh** It's a fershlugginer mystery! Of course people are going to be wondering what's happening! Ah well. Guess that's why I'm not a Hollywood executive.. ^_^
> Okay, now I'm intrigued.. how so?

Just the general dreamlike atmosphere of the film. It puts me in mind of 'The City of Lost Children', or 'eXistenZ'. It's a movie I can readily imagine you enjoying.
Hehe! I can hardly deny La Cité des Enfants Perdus is one of my favorites, definitely (as soon as I showed it to him, farallon declared it the best film he'd ever seen, and promptly bought the LD), and I thoroughly enjoyed eXistenZ, yes. (Hm. Wonder what Mr Cronenberg's up to now?) Saw that as part of a double bill a friend and I agreed on - first, Virus, followed by eXistenZ. The cashier warned us against the latter, saying it wasn't much good.. *giggle* (Especially in light of the other film we'd chosen - ye gods, that was stinky)

Continuing the theme, maybe I'll finally finish off Paranoia Agent tonight.. I think I was at about episode 10 of 13. Then again, I've almost a week's backlog of LiveJournal to catch up on at this point.. ^_^;;

Did somebody say "Dark City"?

(Chortle chortle)

Okay, try convincing me you wouldn't have wanted to appear as one of the visiting race. ^_^
I was gonna say something about your icon the other day, but I didn't. :) Is there a larger version?
It is rather spiffy, isn't it? If there is a larger version to be found, that might be my next desktop background for a while.. currently, it's Umousedrousedrag.jpg by Ursula Vernon. Mmm, mouse-dragon.. so cute. ^_^
Wow, that's a lot of kewl links above ^.^

hehe, letters can be killed :P
*giggle* Part of me wishes I had cool dreams like that, and part of me's sort of glad I don't.. I know I'd be devastated at the loss of my partner in such a way. ^_^; It's always worth checking every weekend - some are better than others, of course, but never dull. (The Dog Wash remains perhaps my favorite of all, I think. tgeller has the pencils on his fridge ^_^)

Agh, I didn't want this entry to be so long! But, even after trimming a few away, it still seemed it might warrant an lj-cut, to be kind to dialup folks. ^_^ I'll try to be a little less infrequent, but sometimes things get in the way.

BTW, have you seen The Company of Wolves? It's somewhat under-recognised, not helped by it only being available on VHS until recently; I recall checking last October, and there was no sign of it on DVD then. Superbly atmospheric, it's vaguely a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, but rather more than that.. and with all the darkness of the original.
Yup, I've seen Company of Wolves a number of years ago - probably at a time when I was not able to appreciate it to its fullest. I really should see it again.

I remember reading the book, or short story or whatever that it was based on while in college. I was working at the library and our marketing teacher put it on reserve for some class of his. I read it and later brought it up and discussed it with him - hehe, discussing the sexual overtones of that book with a teacher = interesting :P
Mm, I think it'd weather repeated viewings well.. it's such a richly textured film, both visually and in the written and unspoken storylines. I think that's one I'm going to have to try picking up, despite the marginality of the *cough* budget at paw. Hmm.. wonder if there are any commentaries? Nope.. its Amazon entry doesn't make any mention of such, and it's from what sounds like a small independent, Hen's Tooth Video, so likely produced on a slim budget. Odd that its IMDb rating's a mere 6.4..

hehe, discussing the sexual overtones of that book with a teacher

Hee! Wonder what they thought about it? ^_^ (Actually, what came out of those discussions?)

Yep, definitely going to have to pick it up when I can.
I don't remember why he put that book on reserve for some class, I think he thought they could take something away from either that story or one of the other stories inside it.
heh, I just remember that he was amused by the sexual thing going on between "Red Riding Hood" and the Wolf. Suffice to say, I thought it was kinda "interesting" as well ;P The movie kinda hints at it but the book is a little more direct with teh hinting.

My caption would be ``Dave Thomas as Mister Magoo in Cowboy Magoo'', but that's a bit complicated.

I almost picked up a Panaphone telephone when I needed to buy one last year, but instead bought one with a built-in calculator feature instead. And while I haven't had much need for it, a built-in calculator is a great feature for a land-line phone to have. I'm surprised it didn't show up earlier.

Hee! Yes, that works. ^_^ (Come to that, just how bad was the recent Mr Magoo film? I recall it came out, and promptly vanished without ceremony. I'm not sure I've even seen it in the TV listings at all)

Actually, I think the feature I'd most like on a (cordless) phone would be a torch - a high-efficiency LED or two would be wonderfully handy in a blackout, and you'd (a) always know where to find it, (b) know it wasn't going to have batteries from the time of Faraday inside.

Any such source of illumination would have to be away from the keypad, I think, at the base or top of the phone.. as cool as it'd be to have a backlit keyboard with "backlight" and "torch" modes, I can just see confusion coming into play, and having half the users blinding themselves inadvertantly. Although that could be viewed as aiding evolution.
I hadn't known there *was* a Mister Magoo film. Pity. I miss a lot of stuff like that. It was just the other day I happened to see a Beverly Hillbillies movie on TV, with a completely new cast.

You didn't miss much; I couldn't pay attention to it. Roger Ebert gave it a delightful review, though (``The concept of a failed weinermobile is itself funnier than anything in the movie'').

George of the Jungle and The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle were a lot better than their trailers suggested, and Dudley Do-Right had moments of life, though the cartoon at start was the only useful part. George of the Jungle 2 was fan fiction. Otherwise -- hm. What were other cartoon-to-life movies lately?

Haha, that lion looks like he's about to snap. Literally and figuratively. =;)

I don't think I've told you this before, but I love reading through your posts. Where on earth do you collect all these links from?
*giggle* Aw, thanks. ^_^ They're all from quite a variety of places - some from newsgroups (a rich source of tangential goodness), some from various weblogs I check in on regularly, some from other friends' journals, and some just from just wandering around unsupervised with Google. You might guess I was quite pleased when I finally got DSL activated, and thereby gained permanent connectivity once more.. it may be but a humble 512/256 connection, but I do make use of it. ^_^

Hey, congratulations on making it to the 19 August As The Apple Turns storyline. They still won't acknowledge any of the points I've dropped about the Apple Centre on Orchard Road.

Hee! As it happens, your note was the first I knew of it. ^_^ Is that an actual Apple-owned affair? I know there are some Apple stores around, such as in Oz, which are independently owned.. still, seems odd not to recognise it exists. What's it like - anything like the US Apple Stores? (I've not actually been to one yet, horrors! Maybe once I've got some money again - going without any fear of temptation's really not the same :) And it looks like, as you've probably read, the London one, on Regent Street, is due to open on Nov 20th.. ah, to be able to lay my paws on a nice shiny fully operational 'book again. Though Bunny's working out nicely with Panther now - all it needs is a new battery or two, as neither of the old ones are even recognised any longer, rendering it as portable as Ocelot.

Maybe I'll write a letter to that nice Mr Gates. He seems to be quite the philanthropist these days.