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If you use any kind of media player, and especially if you ever use subtitle files, now would be a good time to check for any available updates, as one security outfit's identified a variety of flaws in their subtitle handling that could leave the host systems open to being compromised. Known to be affected are VLC, Kodi, Popcorn Time, and strem.io. (Of minor note is that VLC's internal version checking can't be relied upon to be current - I was running 2.2.4, and asking it to check only resulted in it claiming this was up to date, when in fact, is out now. Apparently the update servers need time) VLC and strem.io have made fixes fully available; Popcorn Time's currently has to be manually downloaded, and Kodi's fix is only in the source, not the executables. Links are in the article.

Rather interesting to see the Washington Post launching a Reddit profile. If they maintain it (rather than launch and run), this could be quite a cool means of interaction with one of the better journalism refuges.

So, at long last, I finally got to see Marjan Satrapi's "Persepolis" - and I'm so very pleased I did.

Doctor Who! Oh, it was good to see Moff really get to play again. Although, reflecting, I'm not really sure: would the revelation contained really be enough to destroy everyone with that knowledge? How would you feel?

Pony: started off very well indeed, but then took a bit of a weird direction, resolving in a manner I'm not really completely comfortable with. They did make it clear Dashie was understandably embarrassed by her parents' hyper-enthusiasm, but ended up not really addressing that, so much as her having to apologise (quite appropriately) for snapping at them. True, support is a very good thing to have indeed, but when it reaches that level, it becomes a double problem: the immediate awkwardness, but also when praise is offered too readily, it becomes devalued, causing issues down the line. Still, mostly a very good episode nonetheless, and perhaps the best of season 7.

Buns! Bunbunbuns! The weather's begun to improve, so I was finally able to get out on Monday for some useful rabbiteering, though it did cloud over earlier than I'd been hoping. At their peak, there were some eighteen around, and as far as I could see, all perfectly healthy. Better yet, quite a few juveniles, though they were mostly on the shy side, with a couple exceptions, especially one who wasn't going to let some human interrupt their lounging. ^_^

Worryingly, though, the lens played up again. =:P I tried cleaning the contacts on both the lens and body, but to no avail. There was no communications error signaled between the two, just no AF action, just a very quiet, rapid ticking if I put my ear to the lens while trying to focus. Ultimately, the cure came as last time - whilst trying to acquire focus, adjusting the focus ring manually somehow "freed" the motor again. It permitted enjoying the rest of the evening, but I'm concerned the AF motor may need replacing, which wouldn't be easily done at present - it's quite an expensive repair, at around half the used cost.

One to come from Tuesday's session was this, where the aggressor had been sitting not too far away, and suddenly felt they had to put the other in their place. =:P Thankfully, given it's nigh impossible to sneak up on another rabbit, they reacted in time, leading to a very brief chase, before peace broke out once more.

BTW, if you're within reach of London, Eurostar's currently holding a one day flash sale, ending at midnight tonight, with fares at £19 each way for St Pancras to/from Paris, Brussels, or Lille.
If they maintain it (rather than launch and run), this could be quite a cool means of interaction with one of the better journalism refuges.

I hadn't been back to Reddit for ages until they came up in a search tonight about deleted "Bambi's mom's death" scene. Er, I was answering a question my youngest had texted/asked after seeing some wiki/fansite article about burning hunters and actually got what I needed from the Bonus Features on the Blu-ray. Yes, I'm that sort of geek.

Maybe The Donald will move from Twitter to Reddit?

Beautiful bunnies as usual :o) We had a pair out front last weekend, at least until I mowed the lawn and took away all their buttercups :o( And there was one in the backyard this evening, and it hopped off and hid among the brambly bushes (floribunda).
Oo, I might have to check that out myself. That said, I'm not exactly short of films' special features I haven't yet watched, even including Zootopia. ^_^; But that's the kind of thing that lures me into actually buying a copy, rather than just watching it once ℅ the roomie's torrents, and never thinking much more of it again.

Sadly, Herr Gropenfuhrer is already well represented on Reddit, in one sub especially - much as you'd expect, sadly, either fawning over what he's done or would like to do, or indeed, blaming attacks on completely unrelated factions, altering the facts as necessary. Not somewhere I'd recommend, but Reddit itself - well, I can be very thankful to the site for what it's brought to me, but that's another tale entirely. ^_^

Yay! Mm, they won't depart unless they feel it necessary, but similarly, they're not minded to take risks - which is entirely fair enough, given they're a matter of a few pounds, versus most of those who'd wish them harm, at many times that. (As before, if only one of them might let me touch them, regardless.. impossible, I know, but at least I can get to the point where they're okay with going about their business whilst being observed)

Brambles are a bunny's best friend. ^_^ For them, fairly inconsequential - for anyone larger, rather uncomfortable. They're canny sorts, through and through. ^_^
Jungle Book and Brother Bear both had amazing background and insight to their development included in the Special Features segments. And if you have or can snag the Disney Treasures Oswald collection you'll find some great background on Ub and his little black bunny :o)

Thanks for the tips! ...btw, the photo is WOW heh... like that one in the back is ready to completely wrap its muzzle around the Entire cottony tail... :D
Hee! Thanks. ^_^ I really do derive such satisfaction, calm from observing "my" buns.. of course, I often wish one of them might come close enough to let me touch them, but naturally, I know that's as likely as Trump tossing his fortune (assuming he has one, versus debts - does anyone really get that deep in with Putin and his friends and have anything left?) out of his gilded tower.

Thankfully, that moment was very brief, even by bunny chase standards - it seemed more like a "you're where I want to be!", over with in a second or two. (Hence why I'm angling for a D500, when the time comes I can change bodies. Camerawise, that is =:) It's mercifully rare that pursuits actually result in chomping, though it does happen - not, I think, to painful effect, but potentially so. Mostly, rabbitkind's all about just "live and let live", modulo bucks occasionally insisting on treating others to Eau de Lapin.=:P
oooo... good luck with the lens coming in soon!... and heh, treating "each other" to Eau? :D ... Most animals don't douse each other, just objects around the territory... but I guess I've heard sheep (and now rabbitz) are exceptions...
Re Doctor Who: this was an episode where I was having trouble with my suspension of disbelief. [Huge spoilers for Extremis]

If I'm an alien species running a planetary simulator to fine-tune my invasion plans, I take a snapshot of the target as it exists now, and then immediately run my invasion profile. I don't take a snapshot from 2000 years ago, run 2000 years of simulated history (in a simulation program that isn't good enough to keep the simulated inhabitants from discovering their true nature, but somehow manages to accurately predict the arrival of an interfering alien time-traveler), and then hope it provides any useful information on the current state of the world's defenses.

It did inspire me to go back and watch The Thirteenth Floor again. That's a good movie.
I'll assume that wasn't better this time around. Oy vey! O.o Okay, I'm willing to accept silly "cover the whole screen" password dialogs, but.. a venting system that can't be overridden (!), and continues to do so even under lockdown (?!).. *sigh* That isn't even excusable as "oh, people won't notice the technical details".


Still, scrub those elements, and we're left with what's probably quite an intriguing outcome.
Of minor note is that VLC's internal version checking can't be relied upon to be current - I was running 2.2.4, and asking it to check only resulted in it claiming this was up to date, when in fact, is out now. Apparently the update servers need time

You gotta love it when software intentionally lies to you, eh? Especially when it lulls you into a false sense of security (or insecurity, as the case may be).

Thanks for the heads-up, though, a manual update's been performed. (Now I just wish that VLC would link to their 64-bit builds somewhere instead of hiding them on their FTP servers.)