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It's looking quite possible that Kris Marshall has been chosen as the next Doctor, as he's apparently been seen on set recently. I'm not really familiar with him, so I can't offer any real opinion. If it turns out to be true, I suppose we'll just have to see how it works out; TBH, I'm less concerned about the actor than the new showrunner, Chris Chibnall, whom I'd hoped would never darken the doors of Doctor Who again, following DW and Torchwood episodes on the level of the spectacularly awful Cyberwoman, which was to Cybermen what the standalone Catwoman flick was to all the role's predecessors.

Agh, I really wish I could rid myself of search engines' insistence on them "correcting" my meanings.. I just tried looking for an UNKLE track featuring the keywords "looking rain", and YouTube merrily returned results for another track, "Reign". =:P Thankfully, it was easy enough to remove those with "-reign", but you'd've thought the combination of the two words being perfectly matched would outweigh a homonym.

Doctor Who trivia: Knock Knock was filmed sort of in the same house as Blink. =:D

And, of course - I have to ask: who's going to be watching the annual Eurocheese Extravaganza on Saturday night? ^_^ I admit, I haven't been exploring the entries yet - I prefer coming into the contest mostly unfamiliar with the scene that's been set, other than checking who seems favored by the betting. The UK entry's one of those unfortunately perfectly nice ones that won't offend anyone, nor engage anyone. Oddchecker, in any event, suggests the current favorite is Italy at 6/5, followed by Portugal at 3/1, and Bulgaria at 5/1. (SatW offers up a Eurovision 2017 strip, and if you want an additional diversion whilst watching it, a game =:)

On that note, hastka found the original music video for the track used by the famous SamBakZa "There She Is" animation. =:D (If you've forgotten the love-smitten bunny after the cat of her dreams, the music will remind you immediately - or, click here. If you're actually unfamiliar with the work, I'd have to recommend it =:)

I suppose I ought to cough up my sentiments on recent Who and pony. ^_^ (There may be spoilers ahead)

Doctor Who:
- The Pilot: absolutely loved it, with the major exception of the obligatory Tragic Gay Ending™. I can sort of excuse it, given they wanted to reveal Bill isn't het, and having an assistant fall in love would make for an especially awkward form of LDR, but still - it's such a damnable trope. But, that said, they did establish Bill as one of the most engaging assistants in a long, long time, with some particularly enticing explanations from the Doctor. If the intent was to make a good impression for first timers, they succeeded very well.
- Smile: a sound premise and opening, if marred slightly by the rather ephemeral framing of "emoji" as core to the plot, for no explored reason. I'd say the logic in the motivation wasn't very sound, but as we know, thoughtlessness in programming is nothing new, and probably won't be new then either. The complete reset, though, felt rather an easy way out.
- Thin Ice: the motivation as revealed felt rather disappointing, even if not exactly beyond humanity. And why the grand finale? Still, the setup was all very enjoyable. Maybe there'll be elements from here figuring into a future story?
- Knock Knock: ooh, yes. Almost thoroughly loved this one, though the very ending felt a bit out of place - why would only the most recent be saved, not everyone? So, what could've been a chilling tale was rewound to being more "it was all a dream". =:P Still, plenty to recommend it, and David Suchet was excellent.

- Celestial Advice: I wasn't all that comfortable with this one - it felt quite lazy from a writing perspective, taking a central theme of "what to do with the protege?" and Twi's unpreparedness, and repeating the conceit for much of the episode.
- All Bottled Up: sadly, much as above. A good enough plot point, but not the entire basis for an episode.
- A Flurry of Emotions: *sigh* as before, unfortunately - regard the hilarity of unsupervised baby with uncontrolled magical powers, in multiple similar situations.
- Rock Solid Friendship: pretty solid. ^_^ It gave Pinkie Pie some very good moments, and helped show off a bit more of Maud, beyond the original rather unidimensional basis.
- Fluttershy Leans In: rather clumsily handled, really. Not a bad idea for an episode, but yet again, taking a single theme and repeating it doesn't make it funnier or more enlightening. Still, it did show off Fluttershy gaining in the rather necessary skill of assertiveness, which absolutely doesn't come naturally to a lot of folk, myself included. So, overall, a decent episode, redeemed by its final act.

And just out of random curiosity..

Poll #2067619 What TV do/did you watch?

Which of these TV productions do/did you follow?

Orange is the New Black
Mr Robot
Steven Universe
Doctor Who
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Max Headroom (Crysalis series: music videos)
Max Headroom (Lorimar series: drama)
Animal Kwackers
Babylon 5
Serial Experiments Lain
Paranoia Agent
Haibane Renmei
MasterChef (UK)
You can see the first half of the final episode of the original Crysalis series over here. ^_^ It was ~30 mins long, with him playing the part of VJ/interviewer, interspersed with music videos. Really rather good fun.

Matt Frewer's been bopping around a fair few shows since, it seems, though he'll pretty much always be Max, just as Tom Baker will always be Doctor Who. =:)

Mm, I'm putting Flurry down to being a deliberate attempt to aim at the intended core audience (I wonder what the proportions of the viewership look like, now? Is the audience mostly young or adult, or maybe even roughly equal?). It's all a bit disappointing, given we know the writing team has come up with far more creative, or simply funny, episodes. (True, the writers do keep changing, with some departing or taking a break - I see Flurry was from two newcomers; but Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco, of the first two, have been involved for a good while. Hey ho)

I suppose there's always the temptation to add new characters - which can, of course, be a good thing; Steven Universe has seen a few additions along the way, and they've played their own parts in developing the main storyline. On a thematic level, they can be an opportunity for an existing character to, perhaps, discover something new about themselves, or be roped into a situation they'd otherwise have been unlikely to wind up in. (Ah, to see a little more about love in the show, beyond just "couple gets together, marries, has a foal". If SU can be open about such matters, can't MLP as well?)

I definitely hope we see more of Gilda soon. ^_^ The visit to her hometown was a particularly good episode, I felt, managing to explain why she'd turned out as she had, prior to arriving in Ponyville.

And WTH is Disney going to announce a Zootopia sequel and/or TV series? *taps feet*
Gilda, or Gabby, or heck, why not introduce another random occasional character since that's so popular (and profitable, of course).

Obviously the target audience of MLP is a little different from that of SU, so I don't really expect to see ponies tackling the fine points of sexual orientation or coping together in the unyielding vacuum of space.

By the way, you also left out Pickle and Peanut. :)
And don't forget Matt reprising Max in Pixels! The movie was universally booed, but I liked it. Gotta add it to my guilty pleasures list.
Yipe! Well, if you can have Pixels, I'll keep Spice World. (Which I haven't watched in far too long. Though, TBH, maybe Jem and the Holograms now occupies that space)

Where was he in that? I know the roomie's got it on his server, as we watched it a few months back, but he doesn't come to mind in connection with Pixels.

Heh! Checking his IMDb entry shows he's certainly been getting some fun roles! Some of which I know I've seen, but probably never noticed. =:P (And Altered Carbon definitely sounds interesting..)
I think everyone deserves guilty pleasure movies. In Pixels, Max appears when D.C. is being attacked and the Gamers are doing a credible job of defending, Max beams them up to the mothership to fight Donkey Kong.

I showed Pixels to my wife. And while she says she didn't like it, she watched it, smiled occasionally, and didn't leave the room. I'm glad she tolerates me. She laughed at Nacho Libre, though she denies it.