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I absolutely have to promote this Easter ad from German supermarket chain Netto, being supremely adorable and leporine-themed. ^_^ It's a real joy, honestly. (And a really good Voight-Kampff test, too =:)

I must ask: did you enjoy chemistry or electronics kits as a leveret? (Or your species' equivalent =:) Any fond memories?

Steam Powered Giraffe will be playing live again on YouTube, entirely gratis, on Saturday, April 1, at 1pm PDT/9pm BST.

And coming on April 14 to Netflix: the new season of MST3K. =:D

I'll be trying this service out presently: 33Mail. They give you unlimited email aliases, which can be independently zapped; so, you might enter a competition or sign up for some newsletter, and if it turns out they begin spamming you or selling your address, you can then just kill that alias, leaving everything else unaffected. You don't even need to set anything up - just use whatever alias you want, and if anything's sent to that address, it'll automagically be set up and forwarded to your real address. The basic service is free, with a small 10MB monthly bandwidth limit; "premium" for $1/mo raises that to 50MB, permits anonymous replies, no ads, and use of your own domain (with the basic level, your email addresses will be somerandomname@yourusername.33mail.com). There's also a "pro" level at $5/mo, giving 500MB/mo and use of five custom domains.

Here: some sketches from /u/fxscreamer's graphic novel, a work in progress.

The Royal Mint has a site dedicated to the new £1 coin, brought into circulation on Mar 28 2017, noting the rationale behind its creation, how it differs from the existing coin, and so on. They note that currently, about 1 in 30 £1 coins is counterfeit. The Mint has a guide on telltale signs - often, fakes are fairly easy to spot, if you're looking to begin with, but who really notices much about pound coins in change, beyond their number? One that gives away a lot is simply that the faces on genuine coins are always aligned; beyond that, it gets down to quality, with the lettering around the edge often being rather ropey.

On which note - did you know that we're still uncertain as to where Earth's gold originated? There's a popular theory that it's the result of supernovae, but, that has certain factors against the current understanding, including the amount and distribution of such heavier elements. It may, in fact, be the work of neutron star collisions - or, indeed, a combination of the two.

It's quite fun, checking up on how far I walk during rabbiteering days - Monday especially, which was prefaced by popping into the city as well. Supposedly, I took about 13,300 steps, coming to a little over five miles. ^_^;

Huh! That was an interestingly different bit of spam.. it included my surname and address. Well, an address from about fifteen years ago, in the lovely county of Other. =:) Still, it's easy to imagine the response rate from that being a good bit higher than the usual "invoice for your attention". Interestingly, it registered not one hit on VirusTotal's scan. It's a .dot file, FWIW. I admit, I'm half tempted to open it in a disposable VM, just out of curiosity. If I did so, though, I'd definitely want to have some form of packet sniffer waiting to witness the hilarity, and maybe inject something along the way. =:) If anyone wants a copy, let me know - I'd love to hear what its payload amounts to. (It's not a field I've ever delved into, but I can easily see the fun in security engineering and pentesting!)
The ad is adorable, I am so passing that on to Bunny B :)

And lovely sketch work, thanks for pass that on too.

As a pup, I did indeed do chemistry kits and electronic kits. I failed to blow up the planet or electrocute my self, so the dangers of those being taken off the store shelves was all mythical.

I'm quite the fan of both Julian Ilett's electronics videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmHvGf00GDuPYG9DZqQKd9A

and Prof. Martyn Poliakoff's Periodic Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfS10ArXTBA

I'm definitely looking forward to that graphic novel being finished! Even aside from whatever story, just the artwork sells it to me. ^_^

I did manage to scorch the carpet once, when something went wrong with a mains-powered widget I'd constructed (on Veroboard, yay!), but other than that, nothing very life-changing. Curiously, even solder flecks in the eye aren't damaging, even if momentarily ouchy. At one time, I had a really nifty electronics kit, in a small wooden briefcase - open it up, and were two panels filled with components, all terminated in springs, so you'd patch up your circuit using short wires. (Resistors and capacitors on the bottom, active components on the top, like a transistor, LDR, relay, and even an integrated circuit, with features large enough to see =:)

I was always fond of the "snowglobe" experiment, producing that renowned precipitate. I'd love to see what kind of chemistry kits are available now - ISTR the ones the Science Museum sold were quite good, but expensive, coming in at the £70-100 mark for ones with any real number of compounds.

Ah, of course - YouTube! I'll have to check their work out. ^_^ I do rather miss the chemistry practicals I took at Uni - the gas spectrograph was quite cool. (The melting point viewers, less so..) Oh, and the tiny glass tubes! I used to love fashioning tiny sculptures using those and a Bunsen. =:D