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The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

Scallops and chorizo

In celebration of her story, 400 Rabbits, being nominated for the 2016 Ursa Major Awards, huskyteer has made it freely available for all to read over here. ^_^

Want to see what Steam Powered Giraffe is like live? They're streaming an hour long performance live today, Saturday, 1pm PDT/8pm GMT (only a 7h difference at the moment; PDT is now in effect, but BST not until the 26th). They'd like a tip if you can, but it's free and open to everyone. ^_^

Guy comes to remove an artful example of graffiti. Then finds himself in its place. So much to love about this. ^_^

Finally, we get to see an introduction to Sansar, Linden Lab's next-generation platform, aimed at VR usage. It's looking rather good. =:D It seems the SL and Sansar economies will be separate after all, and for a limited period (on the order of 1-3 months or so?) after opening, all SL names will be reserved within Sansar, before they're released for use with new accounts.

What weather apps or sites do you recommend? Ideally, I'm looking for great data visualisation and reasonably accurate forecasts. Paid is okay, though I'm slightly irked that WeatherPro has doubled in price in a couple years, now coming in at $10/year - which is, I accept, still not exactly pricy. I'm after a fairly comprehensive forecast - ideally, showing the kind of cloud coverage (high or low, thin or thick, etc), sunlight, and wind, given my main use is for gauging whether there might be a good rabbiteering day approaching, especially if I'm intending to travel some distance for it, such as the original spot, three hours away. High resolution visible satellite imagery and rainfall radar is very useful, too - I can often guess the afternoon outcome better than the forecast, particularly where it's a set of systems colliding.

So, how geeky is it to notice /r/furry was getting past the 32,000 mark, and that on Tuesday, it was around 32,760? Yes, I made an alt account and snagged the 32,768 spot. ^_^

w00t! I know nobody else cares, but I was delighted just now to see that MasterChef is returning on Wednesday, March 29 2017. ^_^

Huh! Bit of a change of tone.. I just checked out Shane Carruth's IMDb profile (Primer, Upstream Color), and he's apparently been directing some TV: The Girlfriend Experience, for Starz, on the life of a NYC call girl. Has anyone seen anything of it? Thanks to everyone who responded to the poll! I was quite surprised in a few places - I hadn't expected Cats Don't Dance to be so well recognised, and even moreso WoSaT. ^_^ And, whilst I knew it wasn't a hugely well-known release, I was also quite surprised to find myself (so far!) the only one who has seen Upstream Color. Perhaps needless to say, I would recommend it, but - it's an impossible film to describe well, moreso than even Stalker. So, I'm afraid I can't be of much help in providing reasons why you should give it a try; still, if you've seen and enjoyed films like Stalker, Solaris (Tarkovsky's), and The Fountain, you might like this; expect something more like the former - cinematic poetry - than anything linear. Also rather interesting, to me, was how many haven't seen Arrival, or Interstellar - but, I suppose that's probably simply down to one's level of interest in sci-fi.

Here's another Doctor Who trailer, this time from Australia's ABC. Notice one rather old, familiar (kind of) face? And, here's Coco's first trailer, coming from Pixar on Nov 22 2017.

Not that I've (still!) yet seen the show, but I noticed there's Orphan Black: The Game coming on Mar 23. Meanwhile, the renowned Botanicula is temporarily 80% off, at 99¢.

A long time furry, Gene Catlow, has died, at 59.

Elsewhere, I read of the death of Mildred Dresselhaus, "Queen of Carbon", author of 1,700 papers and eight books, and the first woman to become a fully tenured professor at MIT. '"When I came, we only had 4 percent of women at MIT, period, and fewer even in physics," Dresselhaus told NPR in 2007, recalling when she was hired by MIT's Lincoln Laboratory in 1960. "And today we're getting close to the 50 percent mark. That's an amazing achievement in one lifetime. "Of course," she added modestly, "I didn't have that much to do with making it all happen." Many would beg to differ.'

I see Jonathan Blow's The Witness is now out on macOS, at $40 - but! It's also, entirely coincidentally, the main billing on Humble Monthly's current offering, so if you were to subscribe for this month and then cancel, it'd be yours for $12.

Snopes recently offered up an interesting tidbit I hadn't been aware of: female mantises don't usually eat the males' heads. "In a research project whose results were published in the journal Animal Behaviour in 1984, entomologists Eckehard Liske and W. Jackson Davis made videotapes of the sex lives of thirty pairs of praying mantises. They discovered that mantises engage in elaborate posturing rituals before mating, but not one of the thirty males had his head eaten during the mating process. They also noted that other scientists had observed the same thing: Although female mantises sometimes ate their mates, the deadly act by no means occurred in every case. The behavior appeared to be influenced by captivity: Female mantises were either jarred into unusually aggressive behavior by the unusual laboratory conditions, or they were simply not fed enough by their keepers."

How's this for pre-fab housing? =:D Huf Haus.

Only a fan creation (for now =:) - meet the pony version of Jack Harkness. =:D

So, I experimented: iPad into the bottom of the fridge for 30 mins, all radios (WiFi, cellular, BT) enabled as usual. Result: a chilly iPad with 100% charge when it emerged from the fridge, and which shortly thereafter displayed the red "BRB I'M GOING TO SLEEP NOW" battery icon, and back to normal a few minutes later. Interesting! I know battery capacities are influenced by temperature, but I hadn't ever expected the disparity to be so extreme, even with a somewhat elderly battery. I suppose this explains what I've been observing - quite normal life when out but indoors, or on buses and trains, but seemingly magical loss when outdoors. Looking at the Battery Life app's "Raw Data" section suggests that the reported capacity is what's swinging up and down - a little after the fridge, it was reporting 100% of 4400mAh, and an hour later, 100% of 6800mAh. So, it seems to be some kind of oddity with whatever microcontroller's responsible for tracking battery capacity and charge (typically, these are embedded within the battery itself).

I do, of course, absolutely love this reply from Ursula K LeGuin, in the Times Literary Supplement's interview with her (h/t supergee):

"What will your field look like twenty-five years from now?"

"My field? What is my field, I wonder. My favourite field is the one below the barn at the old ranch in California. I hope in twenty-five years it looks just the way it does now, all wild oats and chicory and foxtail and voles and jackrabbits and quail." <3

Over on a forum far, far away, the topic veered into Taco Bell, spurring one Japanese correspondant into a new opening line for an old song, "If you love cheap enchiladas, acute stomach pain.." ^_^

Did you know mosquitoes prefer type O blood?
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