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Well, I finally got around to doing something I'd promised myself ages ago: sought out a good arts supply store, and picked up the necessary to see if I can get back into drawing. ^_^ Three pencils: 0.7, 0.5, and 0.35mm, plus B leads for each; a pack of pens, from 0.05 to 0.5mm; a nicely gummy rubbery thing; two solid graphite pencils, 9B and 6B; and a sketchbook. There was an acrylic paints set that was very tempting (with an eye to cel painting), but I felt I could leave that for another day - best to have things potentially worth coloring first. =:)

Also almost re-enacted Night in the Museum, when I was quite peacefully enjoying some exhibits at the Science Museum, only to find they'd apparently closed half an hour earlier. ^_^; I'd been wondering why the main doors were shut (well ahead of time), but went with the group entrance instead quite happily. Eventually, some staff asked if I was a visitor, bringing along a couple other folk who'd found themselves in the same position. Ah, if I'd only given a different answer.. =:)

I recently encountered a webcomic I'd like to recommend: Tamberlane. The artwork is gorgeously toony, in a classical way, and with appealing writing. And, as a bonus, it updates reliably, twice a week. ^_^ And as it's not quite up to sixty pages yet, it won't take too long to catch up.

Might anyone have a recommendation for a good place online to go sniffing for wallets? Amazon's fairly useless, given the rampant keyword gaming, but most other places seem to be exercises in frustration as well. Specifically, what I'm looking for: shiny! Must be shiny; can be black, but hues of red, orange, or blue would be better still. I'd like a bifold without a zip, so everything's easily reached. If there's an outside pocket, even better - I use the one on my current wallet for bus & train tickets, keeping them even more easier available. A good example of what I'm after is One Odd Bird's "Wren", though the price is a bit steep, and delivery would be something of a nuisance. Still, I suppose the cost isn't insurmountable, especially if this lasts as long as my current one has, which I picked up in 2001, whilst visiting austin_dern in Singapore.

rustyfox noted the publication of a study into what's been deemed "misophonia" - that is, the pronounced, innate adverse reaction to perfectly ordinary, routine sounds. The study itself is over here, with a New Scientist article and brief BBC report also available. He writes, unluckily, as one of the participants in the study.

Here, have an infinite chocolate bar. =:)

The new Snagglepuss comic looks like being rather interesting.

As a coda to my gripe the other day about Mail, I received feedback from the two bugs I filed on the matter, noting that the latest macOS beta should have fixed that, and to let them know what the situation is now. After a couple days, all indeed seems well so far. ^_^ That's quite a relief, as I use email a great deal, personally and professionally.

Game of the week: Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet, for which the trailer can be found over here. It's a very nicely written point & click adventure that doesn't take itself tremendously seriously, and with superb voicework, including Tom Baker. Out now for iOS (a bargain at $3/£3), Android, macOS, and Windows.

Hm! There's a dusting of snow on the ground, which has - unusually - actually hung around. Maybe it's worth a shot at some rabbiteering this afternoon.. it has been a week, after all. I might even remember to pick up a bag of raisins for them. ^_^
I might be slightly biased 'cause they're Maine-made, but you might want to look at what Flow Fold has to offer. My only warning is go with the low number on the number of cards they claim these hold. I received a Vanguard for Christmas a few years ago and continue to use it though it was a little too small/tight for all the cards I was carrying at that time (personal debit and credit, insurance, work credit (2-long story), and scouting ID cards/others). If they don't appeal to you, I won't be offended. However, they do have some bright colors in the mix.
Hmm! Nice looking, but lacking the glossiness I seek. ^_^ I suppose I don't really need mine to carry many cards - I could get by with just four, though the current eight would be more convenient.

So many of the shiny bifolds I've seen have a zip sealing the three edges, which I'm sure would prove rather irksome before long. And then the ones that otherwise fit my preferences simply aren't glossy. Welp, just have to fly back to Singapore. =:) (Oh, I'd love to get back. As and when there's a proper income again, I'd like to surprise my mother with a week there. If there's the budget, maybe carrying on to Sydney for a week as well, another place I'd love to revisit - and having checked earlier today, I see the Lord Nelson pub over in the Rocks is still going strong! Great house-brewed ales, but tragically, almost frozen, per Australian requirements - literally, uncomfortable to hold the glass)
I thought misophobia was the fear of Japanese soup.

It's 10am here and the temperature is already up to 50. The front yard is almost entirely brown, and it was warm enough that I was able to kick the blocks of ice off of the three top rear steps yesterday, the bottom two were still too firmly embedded. We're supposed to get a couple more days of snow this week, so it's going to get a bit of a renewal, and we're going to be going to Phoenix for a week on Wednesday, so we shall see when those lower steps can be cleared. But with the upper step being cleared, it's much more safe going out back now.
D'oh! What a difference a letter makes.. corrected, to "misophonia". ^_^;;

Reminds me, I've got a little jar of miso paste needing attacking in the fridge - it's lovely stuff, but I never seem to remember to get around to using it, whether just for soup, or in cooking, to lend a tangy glaze. (Salmon, of course, being a classic)

I do hope you've taken advantage of the weather to make some ice wine or cider. ^_^ Do you wind up salt/gritting the path to help ensure there's a lack of falling over, or are you adopting a more Minneapolitan approach of just being acutely agile? Has it been cold enough for any lakes (if there are any) to freeze over?
For the most part, traction isn't too much a problem. Good foot wear, and an outdoor tub of salt on our front porch when things are particularly bad. We end up salting our front walkway a couple of times a year. The path from front door to our covered car park, maybe 15 yards or so, is dirt and stone, so it inherently has pretty good traction. It's when we have warm temperatures and plunging nights that get really icy that things can get bad.

This winter hasn't really been cold enough to consider something like ice wine, not that I really know anything about it. We had about a week of nights in the teens, that was about it, and daily highs in the 20s. All in all, it's been kind of a mild winter.
Pity - you could sell Artisanal Arizona Ice Wine otherwise. =:)

Agh, that thaw/refreeze cycle gets to be a pain - perfect for leaving nice thin sheets of nigh invisible ice everywhere. As around here, when conditions are right, as the roads are nicely gritted, but they're careful to avoid wasting any for the sake of pedestrians. Bad enough anyway, let alone given there's a substantial quotient of retirees around here.

Is there ever any actual snow, or are you low enough for that not to happen? Though, maybe there's not enough moisture in any clouds to bring such precipitation? I'm afraid I'm much more familiar with weather patterns along the West Coast. ^_^;
We're at 9,000', literally on the top of a mountain. Look at Cloudcroft, NM in Google Maps some time.

I don't know how bad ice conditions get over there, you might consider looking at Amazon for a pair of Yaktrax. They're very inexpensive and fold up to nothing for slipping in to a backpack or whatever. You might want to carry them in a ziplock or similar for after-use storage so they don't get anything else in your bag wet. I've had a set for a couple of years now: I don't use them often, but they're a comfort to know that I have them!
Thank ya for the webcomic recommendation!

I hope all goes well for our pal RustyFox, in that the study may be able to lead to a helpful solution..

As for wallets, that's one of the things I tend to really prefer buying in person... it is so important to get the right one, and easy to overlook things online.. Are there no good such merchants near you..?

(ps... you've seen how they cheat on the chocolate, yez? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltqHJTY8Fhk .. ) .. *wingfuzzles ya*

Edited at 2017-02-12 09:46 am (UTC)
I feel DC has done HB a disservice in their frightening treatment of these beloved toons from my childhood, particularly Augie Doggie. At least when Robot Chicken ages and changes characters you know it's just parody. This alternative universe is like someone's bad dream.

Hope you got to see some bunnies! Ours are somewhere under snow-covered thickets.
Well howdy! Finally remembered to touch base with you here - Bunny's LJ helpfully reminded me.

I have a tri-fold biker type wallet. The chain is removable for when I need a formal look. Try a Google search for patent leather tri fold biker wallet see if anything catches your eye.