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Just a little splott this time around, I'm afraid.. I'll try to do better next time. ^_^

By way of queenofstripes, here's a positively nifty sequence of photos of someone being painted up as a robot. Sort of unsafe for work, though the onlooker would have to gaze quite intently, by which point I'd say they've forfeited any right to offense.

And if you're within reach of San Francisco, Hunter's Point sees a life-size game of Mouse Trap tomorrow. (And even if you're not, it's quite a cool poster image - be sure to click for the high-res version)

The Independent reports on Saddam Hussein's interrogation. Sort of. :)

Apparently, there's going to be a film version of The Onion, from the pens of Onion writers.

Here's a bike that will spray an SMS message received by it onto the ground, in chalk. A helpful illustration of the bike's workings is included. Wonderfully geeky.

Quotes for the day, from schwitters: "Whoever knew knitting would involve this much swearing?"
.. and from kaysho: "Classic cars seem to be like grandchildren.  They're delightful, because you can appreciate them at their best, and then at the end of the day you can give them back to someone else.  :)"

Films, meanwhile, over the course of akira114's visit have thus far included:
Blueberry, a somewhat unorthodox Western, "loosely based" on Jean "Moebius" Giraud's comic series, with some befittingly trippy CG, gorgeous cinematography, and fairly limp writing. Worth seeing, for its visual qualities and underlying message.
Enki Bilal's Immortel, brought to the screen in an unusual combination of live action, motion capture, and extensive CGI, on many of the characters, some of their faces, and many settings.
Casshern, visually rather too dense, with a storyline that aims too earnestly to be meaningfully philosophical, wedged in between many wirewalk fight scenes.
Heart of the Dog ("Собачье сердце").. I'll let the IMDb comments speak for themselves.
Buckaroo Banzai - definitely a cult classic, and deservedly so, with John Lithgow in perhaps his most enjoyable film role to date, plus some other great turns by Jeff Goldblum and Peter Weller, amongst others. I'm not going to even try summarising the plot. ^_^
The Impostors, a comedy in the style of some of the great Laurel & Hardy features, excellently executed by all concerned, and featuring some priceless lines by a famous tennis star, played by the inimitable Billy Connolly. Almost unknown, it deserves greater recognition.
.. and Fahrenheit 9/11, which some may have heard of.
The Independent reports on Saddam Hussein's interrogation. Sort of. :)

Hmmm... "sort of" is right. You have to pay to read it, so I think I'll give it a miss.
Really? Maybe they shuffle things over to a pay-archive after a couple days, in that case. Poop.

Hm. How very odd.. just tested it here on Bunny and Ocelot, and it's still coming up fine. Perhaps I'm seeing an ISP-level cache's copy?

It's also temporarily available as a 280K PDF here.
Funny that you should quote me on that, since thanks to Kay's possibly-pending layoff I'm going to be babysitting my grandchild for a little while longer. :)
Yay! Just need to get Steve Guttenberg on board, and you're all set for a sequel to Three Men and a Baby. It'll be the feel-good, heartwarming comedy hit of the summer!

That's troubling news about his uncertain future, though.. still, I suppose it's rather better than the sudden method apparently more commonly found, where you start the day like any other, and leave without the office key. Or with a vague one day warning by way of a mysteriously atypical widespread "meeting".. egh. Needless to say, I hope it works out well.

BTW, do you still have the two pups (to use Stegolingo) around?
Yes indeed we do! They wag at you!

Where the hell did you get a copy of "Immortel"?