The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit (porsupah) wrote,
The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

Southern Goulash

Here's a fun little bit of TV archaeology: the first episode of the UK version of Family Fortunes (née Family Feud), dating from Jan 6 1980.

Yay, Arrival is finally coming to downloads! iTunes US will see it on Jan 31 2017, for $15, extras included. ^_^ iTunes UK isn't showing a date yet, unfortunately. Amazon US is saying Feb 14 2017 for the physical releases, including a 4K BD edition, for $30 (or $25 for BD, $20 for DVD). I missed it in cinemas (well, TBH, more a matter of little motivation, with the local place being just your average multiplex, same anywhere in the world), so this is one title I'm especially looking forward to. Without any spoilers, please, how much rewatchability would you say it has? If it's any comparison, I thoroughly enjoyed Contact, which rests within the fairly modest number of DVDs I actually did play several times.

Speaking of DVDs, I actually bought a few on Tuesday, contrary to my strong preference for digital-only media, thanks to their very low price. ^_^; A friend had let me know the night before that a particular place had a cheap copy of Satantango (a film you need to set aside about seven hours for =:). Perhaps needless to say, I was unduly tempted, and also picked up a box of the Leningrad Cowboys, including their magnificent concert with the Red Army Choir; Code Unknown, which sounded quite interesting; A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, which looked much too strange to ignore; and The Night is Young. FWIW, if you haven't heard, or even heard of, the Leningrad Cowboys, YouTube can oblige: here's a playlist of tracks from said production. It is quite gloriously daffy.

Most cool! In an apparent first, the US Mint will be producing - albeit only as a high denomination collectors' gold coin - a coin with a black Lady Liberty. It's in commemoration of the Mint's 225th anniversary, with future designs exploring other ethnicities as well. ^_^ (h/t supergee)

And technology progresses.. Kingston's announced 1TB and 2TB thumb drives. =:D (Cue memory of the Mars University library on two tiny storage devices, per Futurama. Come to that, are we there already? I wonder how much storage you'd need to digitise an entire large library.. well, the British Library lays claim to 150,000,000 items, but that includes not just books and documents, but audio, maps, stamps, and more. Still, if you say roughly 100m books and magazines, stored purely as high resolution images - let's say 1MB per page, and an average of 250 pages (magazines and newspapers would be lower, books likely higher), so that's 250MB per publication. Multiply that by 100m, and you're at 25PB. So, using those 2TB sticks, you'd need around 12,000. They're 72x27x21mm each, so if you treble the volume to allow for cabling and ventilation, so about 120cm3 each. Multiply by 12,000 gives about 1,500,000cm3, or about 1.5 cubic meters. Wow)
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