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It would appear the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu are returning. =:D

We may well get to see two stars colliding in 2022, likely forming one of the brightest night sky objects. For now (as far as we can see), they're two tightly orbiting stars, approaching closer and closer.

Could be interesting: Hasbro's launching Hanazuki on Jan 12. "Starting with nine, 11-minute episodes that are a mix of colorful psychedelia crossed with anime influences, viewers will meet a girl named Hanazuki, who is gifted with powers that are tied to her many moods. In her orbit are bunny-like creatures called Hemkas, a sheriff of the moon named Dazzlessence Jones, and Kiazuki, who may or may not be a friend." I am, of course, entirely uninfluenced by the presence of bunny-like characters. The show's homepage is over yonder.

So, I finally got to see Max Max: Fury Road, as an old Uni friend's stayed for a few days over the New Year. It was.. interestingly feminist, though basically devoid of story. I'm pleased I finally got to see it, but also content I didn't go for it at iTunes' recent bargain basement price.

The full cast for Star Trek: Discovery has been unveiled. Breaking with convention, the lead isn't a captain, but a lt commander, referred to as Number One, apparently in homage to Majel Barrett's original role in the pilot. It'll debut in May 2017 with a 13-episode series. Summarising, there'll be:

Main cast:
Sonequa Martin-Green as Rainsford: lieutenant commander of the USS Discovery.
Doug Jones as Saru: A Science Officer serving as a lieutenant aboard the Discovery.
Anthony Rapp as Stamets: A Science Officer specializing in astromycology.

Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou: Captain of the USS Shenzhou.
Shazad Latif as Kol: Commanding Officer of the Klingons, and protege of T'Kuvma.
Chris Obi as T'Kuvma: A Klingon leader who is looking to unite the Klingon houses.
Mary Chieffo as L'Rell: Battle Deck Commander of the Klingon ship.

Minor PSA for UK peeps: there's a new central number to call if you experience a power cut: 105, which will put you through to your local network operator.

Saturday was magnificent fun, getting to finally meet up with an old Bay friend for the first time since probably 2005. We chatted about his motivation to leave the US for Rotterdam, happening in the coming weeks, my photography win last year, who indeed is Best Pony, and much more. ^_^ We wound up going to a pub that seemed to have quite an interesting menu, and reviewed well on TripAdvisor, and yes, from the moment I walked in, I had a good feeling, with seating including armchairs, benches, stools, and dining chairs, so you could make yourself comfortable as suited you. As for the food: well, yes. =:9 We started with cod cheek scampi with nduja aioli, and artichoke ravioli with truffle, but it was when our six-hour braised beef ribs arrived that we gasped. ^_^; We were defeated, but to good effect - the bones have been simmering for a couple days, for some very good stock, which'll be the basis of something delicious later this week.

A little one-shot furry anime: Buta, 24 mins long.

A few music videos, if you're up for them:

- Renaldo and the Loaf, "A Convivial Ode". Long-running surrealist music project, probably familiar to fans of The Residents, this is their first track and video since the 80s.
- My Russian Pony, "Happy New Year". It's a SFM-produced video, so to me, the faces never really look quite right, but the track's simply so buoyant that it's impossible to care.
- Marjan Farsad, "Khooneye Ma". Beautifully sung track, with an elegantly animated video.
- Elle King, "Ex's and Oh's". If you love the brassy stylings of singers like Shirley Bassey, you'll want to try this.

Blar. I really enjoy the Phoenix Wright (et al) games, but the latest iOS release seems to have skipped a Capcom QA stage or two, plus introducing some less than optimal changes, notably that previously, you could choose (if things went sufficiently wrong with your choices) to resume at one of a few midpoints in a case. No longer! Apollo Justice only offers resuming from the very start of each case. Which, having encountered a bug, looks like my only option in case 3. No huge matter, in the grand scheme of things, but still, it'll be a bit tedious, spending a couple hours winding through the case, only to reach Investigation Day 2, where things went awry. I've filed a bug report with Support, but given we're talking about Capcom, I suspect my only option now is to just start the case afresh, and grind through the first half again. (Or give up on it and request a refund, but I'd prefer to enjoy it all, despite an annoying hitch)
"likely set in four year Klingon war" -- you know, I can't tell you how little that line grabs me. As in Douglas Adams' line "An instrument has yet to be made that can measure my indifference to that statement."

That braised beef looks extremely good on my new 5K 27" iMac display.


It came in yesterday, finished the restore from my previous backup 7-8 hours ago. All looks well thus far.
Oh, I don't know - we might finally discover the reason for their forehead ridges. =:) I'm rather looking forward to it, actually- the showrunner's a Trek nerd, and also creator of both Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies. There's definite potential for a good show, especially if the cast manages to develop chemistry. Which may, of course, take time - remember s1 of TNG? *grin*

I imagine that'll be a really nice system for photography. =:D And with a Time Machine backup, there won't even be the palaver of getting all your prefs set just so, even if it does still take time. (Such a sad decision, learning of Apple dropping all their WiFi hardware development. They made some nice kit - and what of wireless Time Machine backups now?)
I've always used wired backups, so I'm not too concerned about WiFi backups.

Actually with Trek, it's the former show runner who was a Trek geek. He left the show months ago when delays with it pushed against other things that he was involved in. I don't know the geek cred of the people currently involved. See, I've never been a fan of the Mark II Klingons: I always favored the TOS Klingons, I thought they were a lot more fun. The Mk II's were too predictable for my taste, I just am not keen on them.

I'll watch it, I'm just not going to hold my breath. As I wrote to a friend of mine about this, "I am whelmed".

To totally change subjects, one thing that amazes me, switching from Mac to PC back to Mac -- font rendering. I had a good graphics card with 1 gig of memory running an HDMI cable to a good 28" ViewSonic monitor, and the fonts still looked like garbage. It honestly didn't look much better than the PCs that I was using 20 years ago when GUIs in the PC world became the norm. I don't understand why MS can't get their act together and present a nicely rendered font system, considering how long the GUI has been around, much less Postscript, they've had more than enough time.
Ahh, okies. I can do wired, and did, but these days, I tend to just have the iPhone on Hazel's left USB port, and the iPad on the right - and getting charging to work correctly on hubs doesn't seem universally reliable, unfortunately. (For now, if I want to use the external local drives, I disconnect the iPad, and plug the USB hub in, which has the two photography RAIDs and one general drive attached)

Backing up to the Time Capsule's proven almost perfectly smooth going, happily enough. It's not as fast as if it were ethernet connected, but when it's happening transparently in the background, it's barely noticeable, other than the fans sometimes coming on a bit.

The original guy's left? Eep! Oh, dear.. I'll have to look into that further. That's very unfortunate, as the guy definitely seemed like the right choice. I suppose I'd have to agree, much as I love Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and Worf's good fun - the culture's all rather heavily skewed toward being highly combat oriented and militaristic. It's as if even if a Klingon were to enjoy pressing wild flowers, they'd do so with a hydraulic press with flames shooting out. =:)

Thankfully, I don't use Windows much, and don't expect much of its aesthetics. With my 7 VM, I wound up just setting its HiDPI setting to yield fairly small fonts (I use macOS on the "more space" setting in Displays, so I'm used to quite tiny characters), so the difference wasn't hugely pronounced. I suppose it's an awkward challenge, scaling a UI well, let alone the fiddly decisions of what to do with bitmap assets. At least these days, it's easy enough to get the GPU(s) involved early and often to take care of things like scaling and compositing.
So, I finally got to see Max Max: Fury Road, as an old Uni friend's stayed for a few days over the New Year. It was.. interestingly feminist, though basically devoid of story.

A very apt description. It's not a bad movie if you like explosions and ridiculous vehicles, but as far as the old Mad Max movies go, it was a zombie — all looks and no brains.

Fortunately the political tint was not so strong as to ruin the explosions.

it was when our six-hour braised beef ribs arrived that we gasped. ^_^; We were defeated, but to good effect - the bones have been simmering for a couple days, for some very good stock, which'll be the basis of something delicious later this week.

That looks excellent, simply excellent.

I really enjoyed the feminist tone - it saved the film from being just a grunty collection of explosions and macho men. ^_^ Certainly, not what I'd been expecting! But, with such a skeletal storyline - whilst they hardly have anything in common, it sort of reminds me of The Good Dinosaur. All very well executed, technically, just rather missing out on the crucial requirement of a storyline. And yes, bonus points for the insane guitarist. But couldn't someone have called out "Freebird!" at some point? =:)

I'll be back. ^_^ It's not quite the easiest place to get to, being between stations, but it's also not really much more than a 10-15 min walk (or probably a bus ride, but at that length, it's easy to wait longer for quite a modest walk). It's a bit noisier than my usual port of call, but not uncomfortably so at all, and I'm quite sensitive to loud crowds. With that menu, I'd enjoy trying out more of their offerings, definitely. ^_^ Maybe I'll write up a TripAdvisor review..

As for the stock, I'm sort of leaning toward something vaguely goulash-y - plenty of paprika, onions, maybe adding some parsnips for fun; hardly a traditional element, AFAIK, but they seem like they'd go well with both the pork and the paprika, and both I and the roomie love parsnips. (Which, tragically, appear to be quite difficult to find in the northeastern US. I'm not even sure how easy in California - I get so easily distracted by all the wonderful East Asian supermarkets =:)
I really enjoyed the feminist tone - it saved the film from being just a grunty collection of explosions and macho men. ^_^

Huh, interesting how different opinions can be — I felt the opposite way. :) To me it was tacked on, no match for the film, an unnecessary distraction at best.

Parsnips, difficult to find? Who'da thunk — what a world we live in! ^^
I also found Fury Road to have story problems. Such as planning on driving half way around the globe in search of water (if not further, my calculation had something to do with speed and how long they expected to travel, with a touch of 'they don't have enough fuel'). Then there was the plan to just drive back the way they came. Worse still, they got welcomed as the New Boss the instant they got there. Otherwise, it was punk eye-candy.

Arrival, now that was a good movie.
Heh, yes.. there was rather a good deal of hand-waving when it came to any matters of distance or scale. Was the return journey explained away on the basis of their goal having some reserves they could all use toward such a final push? I thought that was how they explained it.

True, the acceptance was a touch overwhelming, though the old guy wasn't exactly a Man Of The People. Though as the current world all too often demonstrates, people will quite happily back those who have their worst interests at heart.

I'm disappointed I still haven't seen Arrival. *sigh* At this point, I may have to wait for its home debut in late March, though I might yet be able to find a straggler cinema. =:) I'm all for intelligent sci-fi, especially where the tone is optimistic, or at least, not innately fearful. FSM knows, we see so much "invasion of the week" fare - anything like Arrival or Interstellar is such a welcome change, even aside from the thoughtfulness of the storyline, and the nuanced characters, not necessarily flawless icons.

And then there are just wonderfully understated, borderline surrealistic journeys like Upstream Color and Stalker. ^_^
I'm not familiar with either Upstream Color or Stalker.

It's been a while, but I think the oasis was seen as a ready fit for their legacy seeds: water, manpower and technology. They just had to get there before the warrior caste...

Edited at 2017-01-12 01:50 pm (UTC)
I'd highly recommend both, with the caveat that they're very much not straightforward films. UC's very tricky to describe well - there's a lot of symbology and metaphor at play, somewhat akin to Solaris (the original, from Tarkovsky). It's probably fair to say it's not a film for everyone. Stalker - well, there the trouble is there's so much to think about in the dialog, of which there's quite a lot, often of a philosophical nature, again bordering on metaphorical. The camerwork's relatively simple, but quite beautiful, despite the rather bleak settings of much of it.

Literally! Water's always been pivotal in human civilisation, along coastlines and riversides especially. I suppose I'd've preferred more of a plot, for my mind to get attached to - explosions and cars don't really have appeal for me, so all that just passes me by, leaving me waiting for the next actual plot point to come along. (Hm. Maybe I should do a Fury Road: The Plot edit.. =:)
Fury Road: The Plot edit.

Fanfiction in a nutshell. Filling in the details and ironing out the wrinkles. 8^D

If they're recent, maybe the local fleapit will project them in the Thursday version original time slot.
Is it bad that I can't possibly think of "uni friends" without thinking of unicorns? :P
Oh, it's not just you. ^_^ I think I could quite enjoy a petite horn, providing it could wield magic. Nothing too pointy, though - that'd get really inconvenient really quickly.
Just catching up! Been away at the con last weeeeeekend... *peruses all the luscious links!*
Ooh, got photos? Any adorabubble leporines to be seen? ^_^