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The Plain English Campaign is 25 years old, and to that end, they've released a list of their prime examples of tortured writing in officialdom. The winner? From the 1989 National minimum wage regulations: "The hours of non-hours work worked by a worker in a pay reference period shall be the total of the number of hours spent by him during the pay reference period in carrying out the duties required of him under his contract to do non-hours work" The second and third place winners are equally deserving. ^_^

That was slightly unusual.. heard a gentle pop from the ceiling light, and the light grew very bright, briefly, followed by the sound of something hitting the floor. That was the entire glass of the bulb, neatly separated from the metal base. Glass envelope and base next to each other puts me in mind of a latterday ship-in-a-bottle.

A particularly good Fark potatoshop contest: other films Quentin Tarantino might have made. (Dialup users beware - it's image intensive)

PacketStorm Security makes note of a potential security vulnerability with AMD processors: it's possible for a user program to update the processor's microcode. They note similar mechanisms exist for Intel processors, but protected by encryption.

Courtesy of rabitguy, Audio Atrocities showcases "highlights" from the area of video game voice acting. There are plenty of quite exquisitely awful examples, oh indeed yes.. try this authentic Chinese accent from Last Alert, or this moment of drama from Tenchu.

And from Greg, Tech Talk Radio looks like a show that's actually worth listening to for something other than the announcer enjoying the sound of his own voice. Guests have included Dr. Feisal Keblawi, Information System Security (IIS) Manager for FAA; Alan Paller, Director of Research and Founder, The SANS Institute; and Bill Ball, Linux Guru and Author. Full archives are available, in both mp3 and RealAudio form. From the most recent show, a resource listing "magic codes" for many DVD players; these range from service menus to enabling all-region playing, depending on the model and manufacturer.

Heart of the Dog sounds quite intriguing. Not the worst IMDb rating I've seen, either. I'm afraid I'm woefully undereducated in Russian literature, and so my impression's purely gained from some net.searching, suggesting it's something of a 20th Century classic, finally adapted visually some sixty years after its composition.

The Magic 7, an animated feature starring a dragon, might be good.. or not. Certainly, not the worst of casts, but it's listed as a TV production, which isn't usually the best sign as far as US animation goes, although The Lion King 1 1/2 was surprisingly good, with almost cinematic quality animation, that annoyingly catchy song, and a general not-just-pushed-out-for-the-tykes look to it.

Quote for the day: Mr Morrison, a former deputy chief of defence intelligence, had commented on Mr Blair's claim that Saddam Hussein's Iraq posed a "serious and current threat" to Britain. He told the programme: "When I heard him using those words, I could almost hear the collective raspberry going up around Whitehall."

Amusing.. here's a sex chat log. What ChnsboyneedSEX doesn't know is that jenny18 is an IRCbot. Further examples can be found here. Obviously, not safe for work, and you can imagine the level of *cough* sensuous, eloquent discourse, but it's fun nonetheless.

Hm. The page for the new trailer for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow also includes a link to a free game, for OS X and Windows. A little more demanding of one's system than I can run, unfortunately.

Oh dear. Blame that rabbit for this.. Sunday's Game. It's an iFilm hosted short, so unfortunately, after going through the QuickTime/WMV/RM selection, you then have to "enjoy" some cheesy Flash ad before the streaming commences.. but, it's worth the effort. It's a very dark comedy. Probably not recommended if you're feeling very depressed.

And also on iFilm, 405: the Movie, a brief short on the theme of a jumbo making an emergency landing on I-405.

On the programming front, here's one or two links on Objective-C, nicely arranged, including some good introductions to the language.

Wasn't Reefer Madness some time ago? Apparently not.

For the consideration of huskyteer, a report that the Farnsborough B-52 apparently flew over the wrong airfield.. ?

A security guy sets up XP Home Edition, in as vanilla a condition as most would find it, in order to find out how malware comes onto a Windows system. It's for a tech audience, it should be noted, so it goes into explicit detail regarding the HTML and JavaScript involved.

Here's quite a neat potted biography of Richard Dawkins, perhaps best known as author of The Selfish Gene.

And this week's Vinci & Arty is about as cute as it gets. ^_^ If he follows me home, can I keep him?
(the Fark contest)

Oh wow, hehehe! :) I particularly love the Bambi, Willy Wonka, and Meatwad Kill Bill ;)
Agreed, no question. When I saw the Bambi entry, I nearly lost it. ^_^ And seeing the Oompa-Loompas in that context.. brilliant.

And not a film parody, but an artwork example here. Furry, too. ^_^

Oooh, nice! Hmm... kinda reminds me from that one scene near the end of The Last Unicorn, actually.
Aah! Oh, I was so pleased to finally get to see that a couple months ago.. although that does pale against at long last seeing Watership Down back in December. I'd known of it for years, of course, but it'd also always been indicated that it was rather traumatic.. then, with one thing and another, I simply never got around to it. Possibly Belleville's shown Hollywood that there really is space for animation that's not squarely aimed at the single-digit age group - like the golden age of Warner Brothers, the best can be enjoyed at just about any point in life.
Oh dear! It managed to find Fairford OK.

Worrying given that the crew have presumably been trained to find and bomb a specific target...
I'm concerned that their methodology may be more along the lines of "close enough".. ^_^;;

That must've been slightly unsettling for those unwittingly given a close-up view at the other airfield. Time for an improvised white flag, I think.
(Deleted comment)
Gods, I love that utterly inappropriate intonation in the Resident Evil clip.. he starts it so well, and her conclusion's such a great punchline. Somehow, I always thought the "we'll look back on this and laugh" phase began sometime weeks or months later..

But that Valis 3 clip.. *boggle* Did they record the audio at the local primary school and simply shift the frequencies down an octave or two? Very tempting to find out the names of some of the voice "actors" involved and see if they still list these titles on their resumé. ^_^

Needless to say, there's a lot of anime dubbing I can't stand listening to either, mostly for wooden delivery, or inappropriate emoting - the Tenchi Muyo dub was fairly painful, f'rex. Mercifully, the studios involved do seem to've picked up on their former inadequacies, and some produced now are actually quite good, such as Cowboy Bebop. I'll still always pick subtitles and the original Japanese dialogue, but now I'm far less likely to have to flee the room if someone chooses a dub. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Hee! Another trapped by the cuteness! I'm so pleased. ^_^

There are some great supporting characters, too.. hopefully the strip'll now be able to resume its usual weekly schedule. I think she should present a run of daily strips to make up for it. *grin*

Actually, another you might not have come across is Altermeta, on a dragon world.. very enjoyable, with some particularly nice artwork too.
(Deleted comment)
If only more lightbulbs gave a show when they burnt out. I had one everal weeks ago that, when turned on, flashed blue, made a pop, and three orange sparks shot out from the lamp, hitting the curtain, and rolling around alight on a DVD case before finally vanishing in an invisible *poof* of plasmoid condensation. No damage was done. Although I don't belive I could say the same if either one of us had been beneath yours at the time. Though it would have been terribly funny to see it splash-down in a glass of beer and fizz for a bit, before doing an Alec Guinness impression and sinking beneath the waves.

One of my favorites was the "Star Trek: Make It So" Reservoir Dogs poster, and the way they all had their colour-coded shirts. Priceless.

"Audio Atrocities"
Ye gods that is horrible! Take a listen to this one. The guy talking to Mega Man sounds like a mix between Elmer Fudd and Jason Robards.

I wonder for how many more pages that goes on...and out of sheer tediousness the bot kills itself in shame. ^_^

"Sunday's Game"
"Tea is hell to get out!"

"405: the Movie"
I love old people like that.

"Vinci & Arty"
before finally vanishing in an invisible *poof* of plasmoid condensation.

Wow! Did you give it a round of applause? That's one hell of a swan song.. and, after all, if one is reincarnated as a bulb, one really ought to make the best of one's final moments. As the sage put it, "It's better to burn out than to fade away". Perhaps people who fail to take this to heart return as imperceptive humans, explaining the omnipresence of dimbulbs.

Oh gods.. yes, that Megaman clip needed Elmer's trademark chuckle at the end. "Be vewy vewy quiet.. I'm hunting meteors! Huhuhuh" And this one Kiroo pointed out.. wow. This is what happens when you take a correspondence class in voice acting.

and out of sheer tediousness the bot kills itself in shame.

I tell you, a couple years from now, those bots'll be posting to customers_suck.

Oh, Sunday's Game.. Chris Morris would appreciate that, I feel, having seen most of Jam. (Have you seen some/all/any of that? He's not one to shy away from dark humor on occasion..)
"Wow! Did you give it a round of applause?"
Alas, no. I did bestow bulging eyes, however.
"...return as imperceptive humans"
I'll be a 3.5watt. Nobody can think of anything to do with me. ;)

"...needed Elmer's trademark chuckle at the end."
After that slurred word.
"And this one..."
:D "Do you want to go see a movie?" "I'm feeling fat, and sassy!"

"...those bots'll be posting to..."
Lazy ASCII faces, a cigarette in one hand, a bottle of rye in the other.

"Have you seen some/all/any..."
No, I haven't. But black comedy is always good with me.
Oh...that log is hilarious. If you really analyse it you can tell it's a bot but it's doing a pretty good job.
I'm quite impressed. ^_^ It does have quite a range of triggers and responses, and it's even equipped to make sense of AOLspeak, and respond likewise.

Welcome to #hotgurlchat! This channel costs $3.99/min.

.. wonder how much someone could make like that? *grin*
OOooh. I can't wait to see Sky Captain! That looks just like my kind of thing. :)

Oh, and aaaaaaaaaaaaaw!