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Music video for the week is easily Steam Powered Giraffe "Malfunction". It's a song with meaning, beside being a fabulous track in its own right. (h/t jenn_dolari!)

/u/marshykip very kindly drew me. ^_^

Chris Kluwe outdoes even The Rude Pundit, in this fabulous diatribe, so tragically warranted.

So, I finally became the last person on the planet to buy Kerbal Space Program. ^_^ The latest 66% off sale swung me over. (Of course, at a time when I can't actually take advantage of it, being down at my mother's for Yule, and consequently, reliant on cellular connectivity - specifically, 6GB at full speed, and unlimited thereafter at 256kbps)

And of course, whatever you're celebrating around now, I hope everyone has a wonderful time. ^_^ Here, the duck's coming out of the oven in a bit, with the rather too snug fitting roasting pan now laden down with parsnips (microwaved to prepare them), roast potatoes (where I admittedly cheated and bought pre-prepared ones - a little stupidly, I bought the ones in duck fat, not remembering what they were going to be cooking with =:), brussels, and stuffing (some good sausage meat, a couple extra herbs, and several portabellini chopped up finely). Then there's also some red cabbage that's been microwave simmering away, some carrot batons I'll pop into the micro when it's time to serve, and gravy, which'll be just some granules, boosted with some extra herbs, and - well, I thought a slightly boozy gravy would work well with the duck, and thought Rumbullion might be just the ticket.. oh, well, such a pity that leaves much of the bottle unused. =:) And to go with it, a bottle of 2014 Beyerskloof Pinotage Reserve Selection, which sounded just right to work against such a tasty bird.

[ETA] Et voilà! Oh, yes, that worked. ^_^ It's lacking in artfulness, but not in flavor. =:9

Gerbil? er, kerbal?? *sigh* count me out as well.

I like the video! It's quite fitting to social media folks. After the Glass Animals debacle I haven't watched any song related YouTube's. I am enjoying my trip back to the nineties, still: Soul Asylum has been duly noted and downloaded.

Parsnips *yum* You might take them for granted but I haven't had them in years! We had them every Thanksgiving and Christmas growing up, possibly due to my great-grandparents having emigrated here from England and my grandmother living with us after her husband passed.
Hee! It's really rather good, though. ^_^ (Said after having watched a good bit of Kerbal gameplay, that is, not personally playing) I do wish there were an iOS version, though.

Hm? That Glass Animals one was a bit of an odd video, true, and not one I'll play much, but surely, it's not worth sacrificing everything the site offers? I definitely enjoyed it, needless to say - I'll be checking out their other works, and am quite tempted to pick up one of their concert vids, conveniently available on Vimeo on Demand, with no DRM.

Woo, really? Agh, that's tragic! I admit, I don't use parsnips nearly often enough, but yes, they're quite a treasure! Such gentle sweetness, a mild spiciness - I can only suppose they don't like hot climates, else they'd surely be a favorite in India. Do you maybe have the option of setting up a little vegetable bed? (FSM knows, real tomatoes and peas far surpass anything in supermarkets!)
I haven't had them for years, but up in my neck of the woods, they are an early spring vegetable. You let them overwinter in the ground before harvest. They come out extremely sweet.