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mondhasen set me thinking over my last entry - how do folk add images to their entries? That is, how do you go about it, specifically? Do you upload to somewhere like imgur and add the URLs manually, or do you use LJ's rich text editor and let it take care of that? Or maybe a client app? Myself, I compose entries in a text editor, and add the URLs by hand. As for hosts, that's been imgur for a while, for general "images", and Flickr for my own photography. (Agh, I do hope Flickr's future remains assured, with Yahoo busily disintegrating. There are simply so many communities on Flickr! Hosting is comparatively trivial - getting people to establish communities is quite another matter, and seldom even touched upon in all the discussions I've read)

A Kickstarter to support: a David Bowie statue in Aylesbury Market Square, being the location he debuted Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust. They've secured the necessary permissions from the three councils involved, and even have a mask cast from his face, used in the filming of The Man Who Fell to Earth, so the likeness will be spot-on. The goal is £100,000, and they're at £17,505 after nine days, with 31 days to go. As far as they're aware, this will be the first David Bowie statue anywhere.

It doesn't matter if you're familiar with My Little Pony - this animation loop (as a GIF) is really quite nifty. ^_^ It's made of photos of fifteen carvings on eight pumpkins, each taking some seven hours to complete, with a total of 1000 photos taken before they narrowed the selection down. (h/t ungulata!) It's 3MB, so maybe best to wait if you're on a cellular piece of wet string.

I would be failing everyone were I to not highlight the trailer for Festival of the Spoken Nerd: Full Frontal Nerdity. ^_^ And you can buy the entire show, plus extras, DRM free, for a mere £τ.

I finally got to see Beyond Beyond, a Swedish animated feature, which I first encountered a couple years ago, but couldn't actually locate until recently. This was, unfortunately, with an autotranslated subtitles track, but nonetheless - I'd happily recommend it, if you might like a sort of modern fairy tale, animated, on a theme we'll all encounter sooner or later. The animation reminds me a little of Hoodwinked - they're perfectly aware they're not Pixar, and they're playing to that! It's quite a stylised look, but no less lovingly animated for that. It's available on iTunes, albeit with an English dub - but, with a cast including Cary Elwes and Patrick Warburton, that might actually be pretty good. ^_^

If you're sufficiently geekily inclined, here's a superb IEEE Spectrum article on the long path toward EUV lithography, which chip foundries expect to be crucial in going down to 7nm and smaller feature sizes in the next few years. It explains just how difficult progress has been - with the wavelengths involved being so much shorter than visible light, everything changes, with air being opaque, glass similarly, so lenses aren't an option, and even mirrors pose daunting challenges.

Just on the off-chance this'll show up in anybody else's searches on the topic: if you're having trouble with your Sennheiser headphones (the snappily named HD25-1 II, in my case, but it seems common across their range) exhibiting erratic loss of audio in one or both channels, fixed by nudging the cables around their entry point to the speakers, you may well not need to buy a replacement cable. Instead, try using some pliers to pull the connectors out, then plug them back in again. It seems the trouble is sometimes (often?) the pins making imperfect contact, not trouble with the cable. That's all but cured the problem here, though I have had to (literally) touch the right cable a couple times to restore perfect balance - otherwise, it's survived a normal cycle or two of being stuffed in the camera bag and taken out, and between rooms.

Might anyone have a monitor recommendation? ^_^ I'm pondering getting a small monitor to accompany Hazel, doubling as extension desktop space and TV. The catch appears to be that I don't really have space for anything big, and seemingly all the manufacturers dump fairly horrid resolution panels into monitors smaller than 24" or so - at 19", it seems to be a surprising challenge to find much at HD, let alone higher, with many at 1600x900, others not even that. Thin and light would be very good, and a wide color gamut would also be welcome. 17" would be ideal, 19" might be workable.. 15" might even be better. Internal speakers would be welcome, and I'd sort of prefer 16:9 (16:10 even better), but 4:3 would be okay.

Furry artwork of the week: The Quiet Forest, by Noben. (SFW) Such a delightfully serene, warmhearted scene. ^_^ (I haven't included an excerpt, as I couldn't really find a good crop - it needs to be viewed in its entirety)

Game of the week for me has to be PinOut, from Mediocre Games, of Does Not Commute. ^_^ It's sort of a pinball game, distilled into the game's essence, applied to a game that couldn't exist in the physical world. It's a little like an endless runner, in that the table is infinitely tall - your job, of course, is to accurately hit the ball such that you manage to ascend. It's all conducted in a gorgeously vivid environment strongly reminiscent of TRON, with a soundtrack to match. It's free, with a single IAP adding the ability to resume from checkpoints. I'll pay for that happily - this is much too good to simply enjoy for free!

Interesting to see the same flight I took a few weeks ago (the same plane, I believe) recently diverted to Vancouver when several staff took ill with some suspected ventilation fault. The investigation's ongoing, so few details have emerged, but it seems there was no lasting harm caused to any crew or passengers.

When life gives you a ginormous wildfire, make unique whisky. =:D (Originally typed as "wildlife"..)

These salt lamps are rather lovely. ^_^ Basically, a big chunk of Himalayan pink salt with a bulb inside, on a wooden base, so they give off quite an unusual, warm glow. Only downside is they ship with 15W pygmy incandescent bulbs, so I'd want to see if there are LED equivalents available, as they don't seem to last that long.

Doubtless inspired by the Mean Tweets series, here's Developers Read 1 Star Reviews.

Egh, I'll never understand publishers/labels/studios. How on Earth is it reasonable that The Art of Zootropolis is £20 as a physical hardcover, and £19 as a Kindle edition? Does the book really only cost £1 to produce, distribute, and deliver (free)? Bah.

The self-hosting seems to be working out - transfers, so far resulting purely from my previous entry, have cost 0.82¢. ^_^ Next, I think I want to get a simple gallery up, probably drawn directly from the previous site. If it turns out I need shopping cart functionality, I can always hop back onto SmugMug.
I use LJ's Scrapbook and insert the URL from there, or share from Flickr if I think the pic deserves a wider audience.

I've seen similar salt lamps (and they do look pretty!) at Christmas markets, so maybe you could check one out in person before committing.
Yeah, I also use Scrapbook and copy the URLs from there for my Monday/Friday image posts. Scrapbook's kind of a clumsy way to do it --- way too many clicks needed for the task --- but the only real catch is that it'll by default give you the URL for an 800-pixel-wide version of your picture. I change that to 'original' and then hack the URL to add this to the img tag:

style="max-width: 95%; margin-left: 2%; border:thin black groove;"

This way pictures don't overflow anyone's page horizontally (I guess unless they have inline stylesheets turned off) and they look centered and bordered. Not ideal but it works for me.
Ahh! Handy! Now, if only you could personalise the image URL generation to automagically add whatever style you wanted. I just use float:left; padding:8px (or right), but thus far, for ones intended to fit across the width, I've been rocking it old school with center-aligned single row tables. ^_^;

And yes, your postings have always rendered nicely for me.
That's very kind of you to be doing that, Austin!... It's nice to know that you go to the effort ^v^ ...any chance you wouldn't mind setting them to 50% instead? As long as they are clickable, one can always zoom in on the super-splendid ones :9 (tho I understand if you wish to stay 95%)
50%? ... I can do that, certainly, although I'm curious why you'd rather that. I don't believe it'll save on the amount of data being downloaded unless LiveJournal's servers are cleverer than I imagine. Is it to keep from needing to scroll vertically, especially for the taller-orientation pictures?
Wow, cool! Looking forward to see if it actually works as hoped (sometimes there's LJ-fail) ...
Yes, it's not a data issue... tiz more of just a layout preference... I'm used to a nice bit of border when reading the Friend'sPage, and when there's no limits to the photos, the entire screen-across fills up. Not a super big deal really, but when I heard you might be able to adjust that, thought I'd g'wan ahead n ask :}
I figure the vertical scroll will be there no matter what.. not a big deal really... just maybe some improvements on the horizontal scroll, which would be great if it was nil.... Thanks, Critter!
I'm surprised you're getting a horizontal scroll! If I had the CSS right it should make sure the whole horizontal width of things was less than the browser screen. I'll run some tests though and see what I can make better.
No probble :} ... tanx mucho! No matter what, it's not a huge hardship ta read ^v^
PS ! ... when looking at your feed directly, rest assured there is no horiz scroll, and it's very rare in mine too... *earfuzzles*
Ah, yes! I really ought to've thought of that, especially for LJ entries. I did use it a couple times, notably to share some Hurricane Katrina satellite imagery, but I think I then took to serving them from home, buffered by CoralCDN, before moving to space kindly provided by timberwoof, on an Xserve in one of the same colos as Second Life, at the time. Funny how SL's also managed to be something of a crucial thread in my life.. ^_^

That could be a good idea! Though I'd probably have to go to another burg to find anything like - the local one isn't exactly Bath's, let's say. =:) Have you plumped for one, I wonder? I do feel inclined toward one, as I'll routinely turn the bedroom light off well ahead of actually going to sleep - it would be rather convenient to have a soothing light readily at paw. Well, on top of the dresser, which also doubles as headboard. ^_^