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The gods have heard akira114's innermost pleas, and brought forth Krispy Kreme's doughnut glaze drink. In each large (20oz) serving, you'll find 117g of carbohydrates - ie, 1/4lb of sugar, for 710 calories. (By comparison, the article notes each of the actual doughnuts is a svelte 220 cals) Now, if they can only find a way of working peanut butter into them too..

Here's a particularly detailed page on my kin. (Yay! We're the state animal of Sikkim, India. Maybe I can be an employee of the tourist board there? ^_^ And the mascot of choice for the International Tea Festival in Darjeeling)

Taking advantage of what is promised to be a string of sunny days, I took a circuitous wander back from town today.. first down a winding road leading to the stream in the valley, avoiding being run down on the way. Then, past the boulders serving as a hint to uncertain drivers, and then, by the riverside itself.. so quiet, surrounded by nothing but saplings and grasses, ambling along the riverbank, then through a neck-tall field of ferns, before embarking on an accidental voyage of inverse archaeology. That is to say, evidence of future civilisation, such as perfectly level, lightly grassy fields, nothing else around - or a small pond, leading to a concrete channel running the height of the hill, some eight feet wide, with a procession of regular concrete blocks in a staggered pattern, bracketed ornately by a traditional slate wall reaching past the edges at the top for about four feet either side. Similarly, nothing else nearby, aside from a path walkable in single file. Clear proof, I contend, that the area will be home to an advanced race of hominids at some point.

Why should horses get all the attention? Rocking Lambs offer a variety of carved works, including rocking rabbits. Not cheap, but rather nice.

That was a little unexpected.. in the car the other day, I discovered some random video they'd picked up: "The Big Bad Wolf". Except.. the wolf looked, even in the traditional cheesy rendition required of all bargain basement animation releases, a little familiar. Large schnoz, black tufty hair, playing a guitar.. and indeed, on the back, a couple actual stills. It's (one or two episodes, anyway) Nu Pogodi!

Don't suppose anyone knows Polish or Czech? Kingsajz, a Polish film, looks like it could be a lot of fun (even without understanding it), but some English subtitles would be nice to have. Closest I've come is finding a Czech set, which isn't all that immediately useful, but perhaps I can demunge the witterings of an online translator. "A comedy. The story follows a young scientist in the contemporaryworld, who actually came from the world of dwarves, thanks to a magic potion, held by the Big Eater, ruler of the dwarves. The dwarf kingdom, Shuflandia, exists in a cellar of a library, and only the most obedient get the chance to grow to king size and inhabit the larger world. Once there, nobody wants to return to Shuflandia. Also, there are no women in Shuflandia." You can guess it's a satire on the nature of Communism, yes?

From the UN, ten stories they feel warrant greater attention.

I thought ysengrin might like this werewolf, one of two new pics from Kemono Inukai.

A picture of rabbit training?

An interesting publishing venture in Bakersfield: a community-run newspaper "in which nearly all the content published in a regularly updated online edition and a weekly print edition is submitted by community members."

On that note, a most interesting article entitled "My Beef with Big Media", by.. Ted Turner. (He may have inflicted CNN upon the world, but Turner Feature Animation produced Cats Don't Dance, so I'm cool with him) It's quite a lengthy and particularly well-considered piece, giving many specific examples of how the rules have altered in the course of the latter half of the 20th Century, increasingly against smaller broadcasters and show creators.

Still - whilst it's certainly extremely expensive to try setting up as a traditional broadcaster, I'm left wondering if the future might not hold entirely new distribution media as the basis for widespread exchange (not necessarily just transmission) - high capacity pipes, such as fiber to the home; and even now, DSL and P2P, effectively overcoming the constraints of a given server's available bandwidth by decentralising the process.
Has turner animation put anything else out Since CDD?
Sadly, as I understand, the merger brought TFA into the clutches of Warner Brothers.. you can see what became of them from the way CDD was handled. It suffered from the Not From Around Here syndrome, and got pushed out into the cinemas for a week or two's circulation.

Animation seems to be as stable a field of employment as programming, but even after TFA's absorption into Warner, I don't think that many staff stayed on - but that's more the realm of knowledge of folks like Peganthyrus and Nerfcoyote. Still, the director did go on to make The Emperor's New Groove for that old SoCal animation house - you can see those similar directorial touches here and there. Now, IMDb's saying he's working on Chicken Little, which had been gaining a fair few naysayers, but I've not really been following the endeavour. Unless they really throttle him back, I can't see it won't be fun, but Eisner's sense for what projects to push heavily (or skewer) seems to've been going a little wonky since TLK, I'd say.
I'll believe that participatory journalism will work when I see it. It's good for people with axes to grind (hence blogs and Indymedia) and it's good for micronews like school fetes. See also OhMyNews.
I'm fairly neutral on the prospects at this point, as it seems the nature of reporting's undergoing fairly significant changes with the coming decade, and it seems unclear how things will ultimately pan out. Clearly, the costs of hiring legitimate reporters on real wages, and providing them with the resources and travel required, aren't soon going to be met by casual browsers of a website, leaving those primary sources in the hands of institutions like the BBC (all too rare a creature, flawed as its internal organisation is, though I've certainly no objections whatsoever to the concept of the license fee; would British viewers really prefer the PBS pauper knocking about its tin cup every month or two?) and the various commercial entities.

At the moment, web commentators, weblog ops, and so on almost exclusively draw from these sources. Still, that oughtn't underestimate the significance of editorial influence, for better or for worse, particularly in the very act of bringing together various facts for presentation, even if it's but secondary "reporting".

Certainly, the net offers local news a superb forum - as with that Wired example, the stories then come from locals, for locals. Even if News Corp were interested, it'd be next to impossible for them to compete.

Perhaps, the question's not so much whether a specific example such as this can scale, so much as what forms people's news sources will take in the future. Or even now, for that matter - newspapers are still commonplace, but, on a personal level, I seldom actually buy them, preferring their online presence, in addition to the vast range available on the web, from the local county papers to ones from the other side of the planet, with all the diversity of opinion that can entail. (Of course, the diversity is sometimes illusory, when looking at how widely used news agencies like AP and Reuters are, sometimes mildly touched up by the publisher)
That's the cutest LJ icon....EVER!!!!

...brought forth Krispy Kreme's doughnut glaze drink.

Or if you don't have a Krispy Kreme in the area, 4 tablespoons fulls of sugar, half a pad of butter, and a glob vanilla cake frosting, mix with a little skim milk in blender until desired thickness. Turkey fat can be added for additional flavoring. Mmmm-mmm, good! >;p

Clear proof, I contend, that the area will be home to an advanced race of hominids at some point.

Or an enterprising clan of tanuki, maybe? Look for the tell-tale marking under the eyes. :)

...the wolf looked, even in the traditional cheesy rendition required of all bargain basement animation releases, a little familiar. Large schnoz, black tufty hair, playing a guitar.. and indeed, on the back, a couple actual stills. It's (one or two episodes, anyway) Nu Pogodi!

I love 'Ну, погоди!' and I shall post some favorite clips from it to spread the love! It's so different than the animation I grew up on. Disney reduced animation down to a set of very silly rules while Russian animators seem to see animation as a way of getting away from rules. At first glance it might appear as a cheaply made rip-off of Tom & Jerry, but the characters eventually seem more 'human' and believable, and ultimately more likeable. And the music is really, really catchy! :)

The wolf's gravely voice saying 'I'll get you, Rabbit!' in Russian, and the bunny's absolutely cute innocent giggle cracks me up.
I'm going to have to show Akira that and dare him to make it. ^_^

It's a good thing there aren't any Cinnabons nearby. Ye gods, those things are dangerous.. so, so tasty, and that frosting's downright evil. And it can all be yours for a mere 1000 calories per bun - ie, in the vicinity of half one's daily needs. *chuckle*

I do like Nu Pogodi quite a lot. It's not to everyone's tastes, of course - the animation can seem crude, if you're expecting Spirited Away or The Lion King, but if you look at the level of attention given to some of the details, and the fluidity of the animation, you can see it's more a matter of different priorities. Which isn't to say the golden age of Soyuzmultfilm wasn't producing works Walt would've been envious of.. oh, gods, the luscious animation I saw! And annoyingly, I don't know the titles of any of them.. ^_^;; One featured a great deal of furry wildlife, and the attention given to, for example, the motion of the rabbits' ears, expressing emotions remarkably subtly.. not to say you won't find that at all in Western animation, but beautifully done nonetheless.

And the rabbit is utterly adorable, yes. ^_^ I do love the way their relationship's got such toony complexity.. supposedly, he's trying to eat him, in many cases, and yet there's that episode later on where he brings roses and champagne to his apartment..
I'd rather have a rocking husky.
Oh my gods, that's so adorable. ^_^ If you've actually managed to refrain from indulging, I hope there's a very good reason.

A rocking red panda just wouldn't look quite right, I don't think.. which is not to say I wouldn't happily give a home to one. Maybe posed on a branch, one hand gently dangling rhythmically.
OMG! Douhgnut drinks! *Hastily makes off for Vivec to make hefty donations to various Tamrielic Gods*