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When just a local train ride brings a beam to one's face, you know you're home.

And so it was on Saturday, heading from San Leandro to Balboa Park. ^_^

I have also been discussing the merits of North Coast's exceptional brewmaster (Brother Thelonious, Rasputin's Imperial Stout, and many more), the wonders of swashbuckling woofs in space, and revisiting my sake bento and its custodian and chef.

As I said: home. =:D
Just so. ^_^

Damn, it's so good to be back at the Magnolia.. and they have a couple new beers in their portfolio, including rather a good spiced Belgian blonde, weighing in at a substantial 10.5%. Went beautifully with their ham & egg sandwich, with a thick layer of ham, a couple small fried (but not greasy!) eggs, and the perfect tang provided by some onion marmalade and rocket. =:9
I remember it well, and its pomegranate cider ^.^