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When just a local train ride brings a beam to one's face, you know you're home.

And so it was on Saturday, heading from San Leandro to Balboa Park. ^_^

I have also been discussing the merits of North Coast's exceptional brewmaster (Brother Thelonious, Rasputin's Imperial Stout, and many more), the wonders of swashbuckling woofs in space, and revisiting my sake bento and its custodian and chef.

As I said: home. =:D
Our continent is graced by the return of your presence!  Now go take a job away from a old-white-guy American!
*grin* Oh, I'm more in the business of fulfilling quite particular, unusual combinations of skills. =:) Growing up with innately resource constrained systems that are eclipsed by even the most humble embedded MCU has its benefits, as you can appreciate - I'm perfectly used to getting the absolute best out of even a few MHz processor, and 64K of SRAM is positively luxurious. ^_^