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Some more tidbits regarding Star Trek: Discovery have emerged, notably that it'll be set some ten years before the original Enterprise's five year mission, it's in the original (not Abrams' reboot) universe, and that the central character will not be the captain. And, "Fuller also wants to have more aliens on the show and to have those alien races look more like aliens and less like humans in heavy makeup." And more.

Via shatterstripes, the 1980s Rozz-Tox Manifesto. "Back in the early Eighties, underground cartoonist Gary Panter wrote an artistic manifesto. Originally published as a series of free personal ads in the LA Reader, then later spread through places like the catalog of the Residents’ album label, the Rozz-Tox Manifesto was a DIY middle finger to the worlds of fine art and corporate content. Among the people it supposedly influenced is Matt Groening, creator of a couple TV shows you might have heard of.

Copies of it online are few and far between, and slowly vanishing – at the moment, the only site with a text version is down; I had to transcribe this from a scan of a tattered, yellowed page that some guy tore from the Ralph Records catalog and kept folded up in his wallet for a few years. So I’m taking the time to present it nicely here on my website. I do not agree with every item, but I keep on returning to some of them to meditate upon as my Internet-boosted art career slowly advances."

Here's rather a quietly fascinating essay on the meanings of names, but more, the relationships between generations of a family, and the nature of love: What's in a Last Name?

I still haven't seen the new Ghostbusters, but this review helps fuel my desire to do so. ^_^ (Not sure where, though - in town, it's down to one screening a day, at a time that lets out after the last bus has run. It's a perfectly manageable walk, but I think I'd be more inclined to find a more fun cinema anyway than just another multiplex) It's worth reading, whatever you think about the film.

lovingboth offers up a less mainstream, and more accurate, summary of the origin of the new Duke of Westminster's ludicrous wealth.

I found this little excerpt from austin_dern rather insightful, in his typically dry style: "bunny_hugger needed to make trophies for the Rocket Robin tournament. Her reputation's grown to the point she can't just give out plaques anymore. We went to a thrift store looking for suitable trophy bases that could be put to her purposes. And there is something really poignant about finding the trophy that someone got for whatever in 1998 turning up nearly twenty years later to be picked up and pried apart by strangers to be given to someone else entirely. The things have to have meant something to someone, and now they don't, and if that isn't the tragedy of material possessions then what is?"

Commercial food du jour: Waitrose's spicy sausage and tenderstem broccoli pizza. I think I'll have to remain neutral on this, as despite adding quite a bit - five slices of chorizo, and a few bits of chicken, plus a healthy addition of basil, rosemary, pepper, and garlic purée, the final result was merely good. As bought, I fear it may well have been rather bland. Not something to seek out.

On the other paw, one item I noticed on an Argentinian steakhouse's menu sounds highly appealing: rice pudding with dulce de leche and caramelised pecans. That could be a positively heavenly combination - I can see DlL working beautifully with rice pudding, and the pecans could be these little crunchy, sweet gems upon the palate. I'm not sure I've ever made rice pudding, and certainly not dulce de leche (simple enough, though the traditional method of simmering an unopened can of condensed milk is as hazardous as it sounds), but I may have to give it a try.

For beer geeks: Bath Ales has been acquired by St Austell. Which actually sounds like a remarkably good thing for everyone - the intent is, apparently, to leave everything running basically as is, just with greater funds available for expansion. I'm very fond of the work of both breweries - having both able to grow further can only be a good thing. ^_^ (Speaking of Bath Ales, I finally opened the last bottle of Rare Hare from the delivery in 2014. It was quite sublime. ^_^ It's one of my favorite beers anywhere, and that aging lent it just a pleasant extra depth)

How's this for a sublime turn of phrase? "John Randolph, the eccentric Virginia aristocrat, invented this phrase in the 1820's and used it against at least two of his Congressional colleagues. Henry Clay, he complained, was so brilliant, so capable and yet so corrupt that, 'like a rotten mackerel in the moonlight, he both shines and stinks.'"

The second Rogue One trailer came out, but.. I'm left rather apprehensive: it's feeling like so many other cold-blooded action films, here with a Star Wars skin. Meanwhile, there's also the new Pete's Dragon trailer, which.. does seem to be doing its own thing. ^_^

You all know I love food. ^_^ Sometimes I cheat, yes, and just go with something pre-prepared - Saturday night was a good example, as I'd found a half Peking duck down to quarter normal price, which we appreciated wholeheartedly. =:9 Now, the remnants are simmering away with a few herbs, releasing an annoyingly delicious aroma through the house. =:) (I need to make up a herbs and spices poll..)
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