The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit (porsupah) wrote,
The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

Telescopes in the desert

A little tidbit on ESO's Very Large Telescope: "The light beams are combined in the VLTI using a complex system of mirrors in underground tunnels where the light paths must be kept equal to distances less than 1/1000 mm over a hundred metres. With this kind of precision the VLTI can reconstruct images with an angular resolution of milliarcseconds, equivalent to distinguishing the two headlights of a car at the distance of the Moon." And the facility's attached underground residential quarters were used as a backdrop in Quantum of Solace. =:)

One student in Montana took on the Boob Police. (h/t supergee)

How did I miss this? The Tick's reboot is a Go, courtesy of Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television. And the star, this time around, is Peter Serafinowicz! And, it appears Wreck-It Ralph 2 is also proceeding, pencilled in for March 9th 2018. ^_^

Now this is pretty neat: the Blackbird, a fully reconfigurable car rig that can adjust its size and riding characteristics, which they then use to overlay photorealistic CG texturing. It's much better seen than described. ^_^

Some researchers have apparently established some rather uncomfortably widespread shortcomings in fMRI processing - specifically, three packages commonly used: SPM, FSL, and AFNI.

Here's rather an interesting concept for a star drive: use a black hole. It's well beyond current engineering, but, "In 2009, Alexander Bolonkin and Louis Crane, Shawn Westmoreland offered and published a paper and book investigating the feasibility of this idea. Their conclusion was that it was on the edge of possibility, but that quantum gravity effects that are presently unknown will either make it easier, or make it impossible."

For a long form article on the whole sorry Brexit affair, have a look at lupestripe's EU Referendum Statement. (Regrettably, he's disabled comments on that entry, but I can sympathise)

Elsewhere in politics, The Canary's been taking a look at Portland Communications, one of the parties involved in ginning up the current efforts to displace Corbyn from the Labour leadership.

Still, there remains happiness in the world. ^_^ Here we see two police officers at this year's Pride parade in London: and one has just held up the entire parade to make a proposal. =:D (Actually, another officer also seized the moment. Both said yes =:)

I got to go rabbiteering again on Monday! The lighting wasn't amazing, but there was still enough sun for okay results, and no risk of sudden showers, so I leapt at the opportunity - and my, they were feisty. ^_^ Of the real action, only couple came out semi-acceptably, as they were, in fact, too close for me to fit the action in. ^_^; (I use a 300mm f/4 prime, so the angle of view is what it is, nothing else. The upshot is it's a stop or so brighter than zooms of that price, and very sharp indeed, permitting even quite tight cropping) I still don't think the warren's yet done with the scourge, but only one seemed affected this time, with a peak of twelve or so, similar to a month ago, so hopefully they're stable at this point.

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