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You're a Flute. Cute, but vicious.

What is your inner musical instrument?
brought to you by Quizilla

The other possible results are fun, too. ^_^

Here's a good contender for Ultimate Star Trek:TNG Geek. Quite impressive. ^_^

Here's the sound (2.1MB QuickTime) of Cassini passing through Saturn's rings, accompanied by an animation showing its position at the time.

Why should only humans be able to enjoy lycra? Good to see a company doing something about the matter. ^_^ (Thanks to rabitguy!)

Quite a cute trailer for the game Black and White 2 (4MB QuickTime) for the wuf lovers. ^_^

Simple drawing from DealsOnTheWeb for an iPod mini; enter once a day, drawing on July 31st 2004. Refreshingly concise privacy policy: "We value our privacy just like you do. Your name and email address will only be used for the purpose of this contest and for the mail lists that you signup for."

(NYT, free reg req'd) Very good little interview with Sacha Cohen, aka Ali G: 'Part of the idea of Borat is to get people to feel relaxed enough that they fully open up. And they say things that they never would on normal TV. So if they are anti-Semitic or racist or sexist, they'll say it. [...] We were in a private gentlemen's club in Jackson, Miss. And all the serving staff were black. There's this unsaid racism; there's still segregation there. I can't remember the actual line, but I asked if he had slaves, and he said, "Slavery's over now." And I go, "Yeah, that's right." He goes, "It's good." And I go, "Good for them!" He goes, "Yeah, good for them. Bad for us."'

Atom Age Vampire.. with an IMDb rating of 2.4/10, how could I refuse?

More NASA niftiness: X-43A is set for another run - this time, taking it to Mach 10. 7,500 mph, or about two miles per second. (The current budget has the program terminating at that point, with no continuation)

The Miniscule of Sound, "the World's Smallest Nightclub": "It's basically a converted horsebox kitted out on the inside with disco ball, coloured lights, day-glo fluffy roof, light-panelled dancefloor, and a dj (usually) dressed as one of the vilage people playing something cheesey on a tiny pair of decks. The door staff on the outside advise us they are "'avin it tiny!" on the way in. Club capacity is about 8, maybe 9 at a squeeze. As clubbing experiences go, it's one of the best and it's free."

Laptop owners in the UK looking for a DVD-R might do much worse than peeking at SVP's current specials, including a 5.25"/3.5" Firewire/USB case for £25, and the Pioneer DVR-107 for £50. (Or, what looks like the same two items put together, for £90)

If you work for the US government, be sure not to be seen to dislike Bush if he comes to visit, lest you lose your job. Wouldn't want the beloved leader to be offended, would we? (When did these "exclusion zones" begin? I thought they were older than Shrub's regime; I don't care who instituted them. They're an abhorrence. Any legitimate democracy absolutely must accept criticism and dissent as a vital element, not consider it a threat)

From the "Slow News Day" department in London comes the revelation that tube noise "could damage hearing".

Cute owl photo. (And in that vein, not cute, but a really good piece of photography)

Now that's handy.. Jascii's reviews of new anime series now drive an XML RSS feed. His are always worth a perusal, being decently literate, and always including several representative stills. (Even if, for the moment, there's not all that much coming out of particular interest. Still, I do have those final three Paranoia Agent episodes to enjoy, and Anime Expo provided the usual slew of licensing announcements, finally including the wonderfully offbeat Jungle wa itsumo Hale nochi Guu - more or less, "The jungle was fine, and then came Guu")

In other anime news, the bizarre Cromartie High is apparently going to be a live-action movie. O.o Studio Ghibli's website for their forthcoming Diane Wynne-Jones' Howl's Moving Castle is now up - all in Japanese, of course, but the poster image is typically restrained.

CLAMP, the team that brought us the wonderful Card Captor Sakura (and many more), have a new series airing shortly: Sweet Valerians: 'Instead of receiving a moped license they acquire a "Valerian License." As Valerians they will fight the evil "stress group", but for some reason they transform to cute little rabbits.' Looks very silly. I'll be waiting.

Not a bad impression of Control Room here: "The main consultants for the film are the president (I believe) of Al-Jazeera, a freelance journalist (who primarily works for Al-Jazeera), and a sweet-looking USMC correspondant at CentCom. It's very well put together, and I admire the director for honestly removing political agenda from her work."

I have to admit, this Kenyan story involving pigs and dogs is amongst the more peculiar (and gruesome, though that's not illustrated visually) I've read in a while.

In the headline Jobs spruiks Apple's Tiger.. is "spruiks" an Australianism? What's its etymology? It has an Afrikaans/Dutch twang to it.

Pic for the day: a dragon, Koirin, by Rea.

There's a newscomer to the X-Prize race: the Canadian da Vinci project, with their Wild Fire craft, which they hope to launch in September. "Wild Fire uses a hybrid rocket engine like SpaceShipOne. It will start its journey beneath a 200 foot helium balloon, firing its rockets when it reaches 70,000 feet."

An article, offering a few of the Union of Concerned Scientists ("UCS issued a previous complaint in February with 62 signatures but has amassed over 4,000 signatures for its latest report released this month. The signers include 48 Nobel laureates, 62 National Medal of Science recipients and 127 members of the National Academy of Sciences") report's specific criticisms, on bad science in US governmental policies.

Webcomics Collector looks like a handy utility for downloading one's favorites.. it claims to know of various page layouts, and can navigate them correctly. It can download an archive, or simply catch up on ones you already keep track of, but haven't looked at in a while. It can also run in the background as a cron task. (Requires a Posix compliant OS, OS X included)

The Red Cross, finding that some detainees listed by the FBI or in media reports can't actually be located, is wondering where these people are.

Inconceivable! A Slashdot comments page on the "renewal of the browser wars" with some genuinely thoughtful replies? One mentioned this site, which includes some good CSS stress-tests, as part of a grander intent to explore the possibilities offered by CSS. And indeed, the rendering is elegant, as claimed. I'm pleased to see how well OmniWeb performs, but with KHTML at the core, that's perhaps to be expected. At the core of this affair is the WHAT (Web Hypertext Application Technology) working group, an informal consortium, presently involving folks like the Mozilla group, Apple, and Opera.

And those in the UK might care to glance at one of the central pages in today's Daily Mail (eep!), with a large b&w photo in a mini-feature on someone's "superbunny": some 3.5' long, weighing in at 35lb, and looks meltingly adorable.
O.K., I give up. Why does the link for "Sweet Valerians" go to my Friends page?

There.. fixed now. I forgot to actually paste the URL into the link, so it was just linking to the page you were currently viewing. ^_^; Mightn't be a bad thing for the LJ code to catch, perhaps - it seems difficult to envisage a case where one would actually want a null link.
Thanks. BTW, valerian is the herb from which Valium is manufactured. I used to take it in capsules occasionally.
Hm! Was a direct route, do you know? As in, it was observed that valerian had certain properties, and the active ingredients were then isolated and synthesised (or even just refined)? Certainly, we've seen many a medicine come down that route.

Curious.. looking at this page, I noticed a claim that wild oats can be helpful in "optimising" testosterone levels. So maybe it's not just a euphemism about the spreading thereof? (I wonder if that's part of the term's origins?)
Whoops! In trying to respond to you, I discovered that I'm guilty of spreading a falsehood. According to this page, "Valium is not derived from valerian. There is no connection between the two, except that their names sound similar."

I stand corrected.
Murrr... lycra ;) *hugs*
*giggle* Truly one of the great inventions of the twentieth century; and for that reason, a friend and I created alt.lycra, which persists even now. ^_^

I trust you've perused AndyE's site? No question, a luge suit shall be mine, when the pennies come gushing (or even trickling) back in..
a mini-feature on someone's "superbunny"

Heh, for once my geographical location helps - that's Roberto, a Continental Giant (see http://britishgiantrabbits.co.uk/ for more on the breed) from Bunnyland in Worcester, and there was both a picture in the Worcester Evening News and a short feature on BBC Midlands Today a few days ago. No need for me to sully my paws with the Mail! =;)
Wow. Next he'll be on Parkinson, at this rate. ^_^

from Bunnyland in Worcester

Bunnyland - the bunniest place on Earth!

I have to ask: are you fortunate enough to be able to give a home to a rabbit or two? I could easily be interested, I think, but obviously, things would have to be rather more settled than at present. Ideally, they'd be fully at home with using a litter box - it'd be lovely to allow them free roaming of the house/apartment/cardboard box.

I did get a chuckle out of the Mail leading with their story on the BNP leader, railing against racism.. I may have to make a point of picking up next week's Private Eye to see if there was any comment thereon. ^_^

BTW, if you have some of the music video channels available, it might be worthwhile catching Counting Crows' "Accidentally in Love". The track itself's entirely forgettable, but the CGI bunny acting as lead singer is quite nicely done - likely by PDI, as the animation "feel" has a very Donkey (the track features in Shrek 2) quality, as it were. rabitguy managed to locate a 38MB downloadable version, which he'll hopefully be able to make available.

Would you know if the Continental Giant was based on a wild species? The British Giant Rabbits site (definitely worth checking out, despite the occasional spelling or punctuation flub) doesn't seem to go into the breed's history. (I wonder - are they faster than more "conventionally sized" rabbits?)
I have to ask: are you fortunate enough to be able to give a home to a rabbit or two?

Sadly not; I neither keep predictable enough hours nor, really, have the money, and I think it would be cruel to have a rabbit under those conditions.

Would you know if the Continental Giant was based on a wild species?

Well, originally yes, since all domestic breeds are Oryctolagus cuniculus and descended from the wild European rabbit. (I don't know why cottontails haven't been domesticated.) I've no idea of the CG's specific history, though.