The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit (porsupah) wrote,
The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

Eurovision 2016!

So, here are my notes taken during broadcast. ^_^ Nothing overly insightful, so much as intended to remind me which was which, hence the visual cues.

1. Belgium - nicely bouncy, funky pop number. 19 yo in silver jacket, white jacketed troupe.
2. Czech Republic - quite a large sounding ballad. Solo performer, white dress with peplum skirt. Good, but doesn't stand out.
3. Netherlands - sort of Country. Erk.
4. Azerbaijan - rather forgettable Euroballad. Nice enough. Lovely braided bodysuit!
5. Hungary - Interesting! Difficult to describe. Hell of a stage show! (Monk with drum)
6. Italy - nicely medium paced poppy number, mostly acoustic. Garden themed set - amazing show. Very nice.
7. Israel - slow paced solo ballad by Israel's only Goth.
8. Bulgaria - really fun, high energy pop. Amazing costumery!
9. Sweden - nice enough, but rather dull. Sort of mid-tempo, solo male, quite minimal.
10. Germany - Tim Burton meets Harajuku! Nifty stage. Decent song!
11. France - nicely bouncy, catchy poppy number. Solo guy. Worthwhile, but somehow not a favorite with me.
12. Poland - downtempo dramatic number. Solo guy, nifty scarlet longcoat.
13. Australia - into power ballad territory! Cool stuff. Solo girl, amazing silvery glitterdress. Very good!
14. Cyprus - rock act, members in cages. pretty good!
15. Serbia - downtempo, solo singer. Powerful number! Killer black dress. Deserves to do well. Bit Bond theme-ish.
16. Lithuania - upbeat solo male. Dull song. White jacket.
17. Croatia - incredible Japanese dress! Solo. Decent song, but isn't grabbing me.
18. Russia - decent song, *very* good stage show indeed.
19. Spain - nicely upbeat, energetic number. Pretty good. Female lead, golden long dress.
20. Latvia - solo guy in biker jacket. Interestingly minimal synth number, strong vocals. Good stuff.
21. Ukraine - *stunning* solo number.
22. Malta - decent dance number. Golden sequin dress.
23. Georgia - bit lukewarm rock act, four band members.
24. Austria - cute, peppy number. Very pleasant, though shouldn't her dress have been darker for that stage?
25. UK - not a bad arrangement, but nothing special.
26. Armenia - fun one! big number, reminiscent of a pomp/glam rock number.

Me? If I had credit on the phone, I'd go with.. Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Australia. ^_^

(And the self-referential "how to win Eurovision" act was absolutely hilarious)

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