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So, here are my notes taken during broadcast. ^_^ Nothing overly insightful, so much as intended to remind me which was which, hence the visual cues.

1. Belgium - nicely bouncy, funky pop number. 19 yo in silver jacket, white jacketed troupe.
2. Czech Republic - quite a large sounding ballad. Solo performer, white dress with peplum skirt. Good, but doesn't stand out.
3. Netherlands - sort of Country. Erk.
4. Azerbaijan - rather forgettable Euroballad. Nice enough. Lovely braided bodysuit!
5. Hungary - Interesting! Difficult to describe. Hell of a stage show! (Monk with drum)
6. Italy - nicely medium paced poppy number, mostly acoustic. Garden themed set - amazing show. Very nice.
7. Israel - slow paced solo ballad by Israel's only Goth.
8. Bulgaria - really fun, high energy pop. Amazing costumery!
9. Sweden - nice enough, but rather dull. Sort of mid-tempo, solo male, quite minimal.
10. Germany - Tim Burton meets Harajuku! Nifty stage. Decent song!
11. France - nicely bouncy, catchy poppy number. Solo guy. Worthwhile, but somehow not a favorite with me.
12. Poland - downtempo dramatic number. Solo guy, nifty scarlet longcoat.
13. Australia - into power ballad territory! Cool stuff. Solo girl, amazing silvery glitterdress. Very good!
14. Cyprus - rock act, members in cages. pretty good!
15. Serbia - downtempo, solo singer. Powerful number! Killer black dress. Deserves to do well. Bit Bond theme-ish.
16. Lithuania - upbeat solo male. Dull song. White jacket.
17. Croatia - incredible Japanese dress! Solo. Decent song, but isn't grabbing me.
18. Russia - decent song, *very* good stage show indeed.
19. Spain - nicely upbeat, energetic number. Pretty good. Female lead, golden long dress.
20. Latvia - solo guy in biker jacket. Interestingly minimal synth number, strong vocals. Good stuff.
21. Ukraine - *stunning* solo number.
22. Malta - decent dance number. Golden sequin dress.
23. Georgia - bit lukewarm rock act, four band members.
24. Austria - cute, peppy number. Very pleasant, though shouldn't her dress have been darker for that stage?
25. UK - not a bad arrangement, but nothing special.
26. Armenia - fun one! big number, reminiscent of a pomp/glam rock number.

Me? If I had credit on the phone, I'd go with.. Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Australia. ^_^

(And the self-referential "how to win Eurovision" act was absolutely hilarious)
I really should look into this a bit more.... *rubs beaky chin* .... ^v^
Do! ^_^ It's always good fun, with entries ranging all over the place. This year saw the introduction of a new points scheme, with the national juries' results announced first, in the traditional way, but now with the public votes split out, and announced as one final, potentially huge points bundle at the end. Which indeed led to something of an upset, with the leader displaced at the final stage.

The Eurovision site has loads of extras, and I see from their Web TV page that they've got not only all the individual entries available, but even the entire final up on YouTube! (7GB at 1080p, so, time for a good cup of tea in the meantime =:)

The intermission entertainment, BTW, included a hilarious spot on "how to win Eurovision", where the presenters riffed on every single ESC trope. =:D (Sort of ESC meets The Intro and the Outro..)
oooo.. thank ya ultra-muchly for the details too! ^v^ ... Just got back from the BLFC convention and catching up wif lotsa stuff here there n everywhere too..... :D ... *beakblush*

I did go to the page and peruse it.. will try to check back laterurrrurrurr! *squeezes the bunny ears*
Oh, cool beans! Will you be writing up a verbose and richly illustrated con report? ^_^ Did you manage to take some/many good photos and/or video? And how many Judy Hopps were there? =:)

(So looking forward to watching that again! I've got a reasonable cam, but I think I'll wait until the actual release, and enjoy it in its full quality. Oddly, still no UK release date on iTunes or Amazon, so I may have to (somehow) try getting some US iTunes credit and get it off that store, then strip the DRM to make it playable downstairs)
I didn't (and won't) see the show, but I did see the 'How to win' bit.

It missed out 'have the song / performer that will most annoy Putin'...